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Hire a professional graphic designer for your startup

professional graphic designer

The more we think about what determines a good designer, the more we realize that identifying a true professional graphic designers at the core is an ultimate aim of any startup’s expectations of hiring the right designer for their brand.
Understanding the differences between ‘Amateur graphic designer’ and ‘Professional graphic designer’ is essential for any startup to minimize their risk of wasting time, effort and money. Therefore, here are a few key points worth noting:

  • Amateur graphic designer stops performing after completing a design project.
  • Professional graphic designer understands that initial achievement is a beginning of a long-term relationship.
  • Amateur graphic designer has a goal.
  • Professional graphic designer have a process.
  • Amateur graphic designer thinks they are good at everything.
  • Professional graphic designer understands their circle of competence.
  • Amateur graphic designer value co-incidental performance.
  • Professional graphic designer value consistency in performance.
  • Amateur graphic designer procrastinates the odds of achieving good outcomes.
  • Professional graphic designer understands what improves the odds of achieving good outcomes.
  • Amateur graphic designer focus on being right.
  • Professional graphic designer focus on delivering the best outcome.
  • Amateur graphic designer sees feedback as criticism.
  • Professional graphic designer knows their weak spots and seeks out constructive criticism.
  • Amateur graphic designer gives up at the first sight of failure.
  • Professional graphic designer sees failure as part of the path to growth and mastery.
  • Amateur graphic designer thinks knowledge is power.
  • Professional graphic designer pass on wisdom and advice.
  • Amateur graphic designer focus on the short-term utility of design.
  • Professional graphic designer focus on the long-term utility of design.
  • Amateur graphic designer focus on criticizing other designers.
  • Professional graphic designer focus on teaching other designers.
  • Amateur graphic designer thinks the reality is what they want to see.
  • Professional graphic designer knows reality is what’s true.
  • Amateur graphic designer considers disagreements are threats.
  • Professional graphic designer considers disagreements as an opportunity to learn.

Conclusively, we think of these traits as a differentiator between a professional graphic designer from the rest. These traits are very crucial in determining the expected output as well as minimizing the risk taken by the startup.