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Graphic Design vs UX Design A Comparative Study

UX design is the designing of the interface that is designed to ensure the capability of the digital products to deliver a delightful user experience. In short UX design ensures improving the usability of digital products. Using UX design to increase the engagement with the help of the product is essential. Under the UX designing, the user journey is analyzed and observed, then changes are made accordingly, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the targeted group of audience. The analysis is done on grounds of resolving the issues and enhancing the user experience in order to gain more and more customers.

Graphic design services are those services in which the designers, skilfully collaborate the pictures, texts and add other visual elements that help in the promotion of any business in the way of advertisements or website content. Graphic designing mainly includes solving the problems of the audience and conveying the message of the brand to them in a visually designed manner. How? Using the art forms like typography, colors, visuals communication, layout, that convey or resolve the problems of the audience. It can be said that the graphic designer, portrays the concept or the appealing idea, using the visual design.

What is it all about?

Firstly, the process of enhancing user experience starts from researching the requirement of a particular product. Secondly, then the UX designers define the problems, goals, and needs, how the users would be benefitted from the product. Thirdly, the designers then design the most feasible design solutions to the problems that crept in earlier. Then they prototype and refine the solutions. Lastly, they test the solutions that they think can act for the betterment of the overall user experience. Here, the collaboration of the UI designers, data analysts, stakeholders of the business, and web developers play a key role in suggesting the changes required.


Needs of graphic design services for a business:

As seen above, graphic design services provide a lot of services that blend the photographs, illustrations, motion graphics in such a way that attracts the minds of the audience and helps in the conversion of the audience into customers. Let us have a look at why does a business needs graphic design services:

  1. Graphic design services help in laying the foundation of the business. They help in creating the logos, posters, business cards, mobile applications, web pages or banners, etc.
  2. Helps in creating the positive first impression
  3. Depicts professionalism
  4. Helps in creating the recognition of the brand.
  5. Establishes effective and efficient communication.
  6. Helps in attracting more and more customers.
  7. Helps in generating.

Requirements of UX design for a business:

The UX Design services help a business in a long way. Let us look at the ways how UX designs can help in building a good amount of revenues:

  1. UX designs help in imparting an ever new look and feel to the product. This also helps in focussing on the needs of the user using the interface.
  2. Helps in communicating the message of the brand to its customer
  3. The use of animations, buttons, links, drop-down menus helps in creating the visual identity of the product.

Explore the difference between Graphic Design and UX design:

  • The graphic design services or designers, implement details using some critical factors. Factors like color palettes, typography, and visual effects which provide an artistic direction to the features of the product. However, UX design change the look and feel of the product after researching the products of competitors & needs of the customers. They, the UX designers, conduct the interview and generate prototypes of the product. They also run workshops to get a version of the product that is more convincing and enhances the experience of the user
  • In graphic designing, one needs an important skill to create the digitalized picture of the product and makes it a bit more interactive. Whereas, UX designing would ensure the best possible experience of the user keeping in mind the requirements of the business.
  • Before the publishing the product on the webpage, one can work upon the graphic designing. It is the complete picture of the product before execution. Whereas, one can do UX designing after the consideration that is based on the research of the needs and requirements of the already complete and published product. It can be said that UX designing is particularly based on making the necessary revisions based on the data that is being gathered by the users.

Similarities between graphic design and UX design:

  • Both of the fields require coordination with the stakeholders of the brand
  • They also require storyboarding, design skills, programming knowledge, and excellent communication skills.
  • Both the fields would require previous knowledge regarding coding, copywriting, and SEO.
  • The developers of both fields require an understanding of the technological, analytical, and creative aspects of their respective fields.
  • Knowledge regarding computer systems as well as software is a compulsion in both fields.