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Graphic Design For Founders | Effective Designs For Startups

A picture often expresses more than a thousand words could. Sometimes the design you portray has a greater impact in the minds of the viewers and it creates a longer and lasting impression. This fact has been taken advantage of by many popular brands, advertisements, NGOs, and even movies! Do you want to find out how to use pictures and designs to improve your business?
If you are a new founder of any manufacturing company or business organization then you must be aware of the level of impact your logo or your website page is going to create!

In case you are still wondering why is it mandatory to invest in designing services, then the answers are right here! The top reasons why you should invest in graphic designing services and how to improve on them:


Come to think of it, what is a company without a logo? A logo is short and can be easily identified with and can create a far greater impact if made properly. A logo should have the following features:

• It should be memorable. No matter the design or the color here, the logo should be something viewers can remember your company name by looking at it once. If your logo is too bland then it won’t attract the masses, and they won’t be able to tell you apart.

• Set up a unique identity, please. You should never crib your logo off someone else’s company or startup. This is why you need to see experts who can guide you in this matter. You might consider getting custom logo design services in case you have trouble getting unique designs. Sometimes it so happens that you love a design but unfortunately it’s taken. But maybe you loved its shape or texture. Draftss can help with graphic designing services to new and budding companies in creating unique designs just for you.

• Trademark your logo. This is important, peeps! You don’t want someone else to use your logo design and defame your company.

You really should take care of your logo design as it represents your company where you won’t be physically present, plus it should reflect your ideology and what how you wish to portray yourself.

It is very important to select the kind of design that is easy to reproduce, and remember!

Be careful of the colors you choose to incorporate.


Not to forget, nearly everyone has internet services these days. You are reading this blog using the internet. Now, whenever your company name is mentioned, making a quick Google search is what people will most likely do to find out more about you! So what do they find is up to you! If your blog contains a lot of words and explanations you may not attract a lot of readers. On the other hand, if your blog has extremely bright colors and loud designs that do not quite suit the mood you wish to evoke. In that case, you will lose out on your customers. Therefore you need graphic designing for websites.

Moreover, you have to keep in mind that less is more nowadays. People prefer minimalism in graphic designs that add meaning and purpose to your designs. Therefore you need to be careful about the usage of your graphic design colors!

This is another reason you need competent and expert graphic designers. You may consult Draftss, who provides unlimited graphic design services, have ample graphic design packages for small businesses at reasonable prices, and they will be able to guide you if you need advice regarding up-gradation of your designs and styles.

Make sure your web page design is minimalist and enticing.

Even with two colors you may create rich designs!

It is understood that being a founder, you have a lot of headaches right now, and you need to work on many things at once. But graphic designs for logo and websites are something worth investing in after all, for they increase your level of reach to the masses and speak volumes for your production or service. So use this tool wisely and for maximum benefit!