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Fusion of Graphic Designing and Digital Marketing

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We have all seen the endless queues outside the Apple stores whenever a new iPhone is launched in the market. The single hour sales figures of millions of dollars at shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. But the question that arises here is “Why?” Why do people online or offline, rush to buy certain products or services in huge numbers these days and what drives their urge to do that? The answer to these questions lays in the way these products or services are marketed. The digital marketing world of today has very well mastered this art of customer persuasion and attention grabbing. People today spend most of their time online and it becomes a digital haven for the marketing behemoths to try and test unique ways to attract customers to their products.

So, in a sense these different industries are not so far away from each other as it was in the past. 

Any successful marketing campaign on the internet is influenced by its graphics.

Graphic designing could also be defined as ‘visual communication’ for telling a story. This is done by the use of illustrations, designs, images, cartoons, graphs, fonts, and colors. The chances of success for a marketing strategy increases exponentially when the visual aspect of graphic design is embedded with it. With the 4th Industrial revolution going on, the times are changing at a much faster rate than before. Now the previous print and paper advertisement industry has been totally consumed by the online advertisement industry and is making it go obsolete. Therefore, it becomes necessary to understand the importance of graphic designing in the new age of digital marketing.

Importance of Graphic designing in Digital marketing:

 1. Logo design:


To create a brand online today, one needs to create an effective logo of their website/product because that is their identity with which people can relate. An effective logo takes the brand to the farthest and the remotest corners of the world. The best example of logo designs could be taken from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube. 

Their logos contain monochromatic colors and simple design for their users to understand it without effort.

This gives the marketing team a great head start to present their brand to the world which has a unique and visually appealing logo. The logo of any company is the first thing that their visitors notice when they arrive on the website and therefore is the most important component of graphic design.

  2. Communicate your message:

Communication is the key to your brand image. An effectively designed website with the right colors, fonts, images and icons communicates a great deal, the message that your brand wants to convey. The more people can relate to your website/product, the more chances of success your brand has. Apple’s website which tries to portray the cutting edge design and futuristic vision of its products has done well in this regard. The seamless design of its products- iphone, macbook, ipad, etc is justified with the graphically aesthetic design of the website. To achieve such objectives, the marketing and graphic designing team brainstorms with ideas.

 3. Social media Influence:

social media influencer

Alot of online marketing is being done by social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These platforms provide a great place for branding your website and product with the help of images, illustrations, icons, and color. These factors can help create a strong and effective marketing pitch for brands. 

Recently, as the male grooming industry is booming all around the world, we can witness new and upcoming brands that have taken this trend seriously and have focused their attention on creating a visually appealing brand for this wide customer base. New brands like Beardo and Ustraa were able to take away the customer base of big and established brands like Nivea, Axe, Old Spice and Garnier just on the basis of their Graphic designing and storytelling abilities. 

 4. Trust build-up:

Library of trust clipart royalty free library png files ...

As the attention span of the audience is reported to be diminishing day-by-day, it becomes even more important for companies to come up with rich graphical oriented content and interface which is attractive so that their customers and audience can imbue them with a level of trust. 

The more people see the brand/website being active and creative in engaging their audience with content, the more trust they will tend to place on the brand/website.

This will prove to be a long term goal accomplishment for any company. The ultimate marketing strategy which makes legacy brands/companies. Brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma are constantly coming up with attention-grabbing, customer-engaging and graphically-vibrant content on their websites and social media pages which has created a level of trust in their brand.


In this fast paced, competitive world of social media marketing, it becomes quite essential and often inevitable for the marketing strategies to collaborate with graphic designing. It contains aspect of cliparts, color palettes, design, images, and infographics to achieve even the minimum level of success. The best way to go forward with the designing of the websites, if they do not have a graphic designing team, is to hire the services of an already established graphic designing firm on the internet. Their past collaborations and experience in design creation with different brands can bring to the table great strategies and tried-and-tested ways and means to achieve the best possible results. Some highly popular and in-demand services and packages of Draftss have played a critical role in making of several brands and their designing.