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Flat Design – Failure by Brands and Re-branding of Logos


The flat Design is a moderate plan language or configuration style regularly utilized in graphical UIs (GUI) and in graphical materials like banners, expressions, direct records, and distributing items. Moderation, in this sense, implies planning frameworks that utilize the least equipment and programming assets are conceivable. A design language is an overall plan or style that manages the plan of a supplement of items. 

Flat Design Explained

Flat design was raised and advocated during the 1950s and 1960s which are viewed as the beginning stage of Flat Design, in spite of the fact that it would not show up in the computerized world for quite a while from thereon.


A Two Dimensional Illustrations With Skeuomorphic Style

The Happening Criticisms 

Flat Design has been condemned for making UIs unintuitive and less usable. By making all design elements (menus, catches, joins, and so forth) it is difficult to understand the functions of the elements or components, and also it is difficult to decide as to which component functions as a catch or a marker.

An examination has shown that Flat Design is more young and robust and functions as the most experienced ones. Investigation showed that the Flat Design appears to be quick but experiences difficulty with understanding the UI.  In 2013 Jakob Nielsen, a specialist in UI plan and convenience, named Flat Design as a “danger to tablet ease of use”. Nielsen likewise proposed another option, to be specific a center ground among skeuomorphism and Flat Design. Nielsen bunch led research in 2017 that showed that utilizing Flat Design interfaces was 22% slower overall.


Skeuomorphism is a process that means “a real management or plan on an article made to take after another material or method used in flat design”. 

Most noticeably terrible Rebrands of Famous Brands 

There are a lot of dangers related to upgrading a logo of a setup organization humiliating because there’s a value that the organization has worked over the long run, absolutely inverse to the startup logo plan in the field of flat design. 

Rebranding is typically done when there is an adjustment of the business system, a change in center, an adjustment of the objective portion of clients, or only a blurred and repetitive brand picture. At the center of all great brands are the essential comprehension of the intended interest group’s desires, convictions, and fears.

Many significant organizations do a rebrand to reexamine themselves and persuade somebody, anybody, to buy their administrations or items.

1. Pepsi’s new Logo Design

In 2008, Pepsi delivered the most recent cycle of their logo, pivoting the round symbol and joining a “brassy grin” into the plan. 

The new logo cost Pepsi $1million and is maybe the best illustration of a logo upgrade turned out badly. 

Introducing new logo

The planning group that led the mission discloses that they should be “grins,” however we don’t see it. Notwithstanding, you need to offer credit to Arnell Group for having the option to sell that logo in a, particularly uncanny manner. The planning office built up Pepsi’s illogical logo upgrade archive you need to see.

Arnell Group connected the new logo to: 

  • Hindu custom 
  • Parthenon 
  • Mona Lisa 
  • Earth’s gravitational field 
  • Sun radiation 

The assessed cost of the absolute rebranding of Pepsi cost the organization $1.2 billion more than 3 years in addition to 1million to Arnell Group for the logo configuration. 

Results: Instead of recovering the piece of the pie, Pepsi drops. To stand separated, and move into the twenty-first century convincingly Gap ought to have picked something less conventional and with a smidgen greater character. The square inclination is awful because it’s unnecessary, similar to a bullet toward the finish of a word, besides there is no commentary.

Pepsi's New logo

Failure of the new logo

Reliably all around made and simple to wear. It’s moderate complexity. Their past logo and promoting efforts have consistently shared those characteristics. Nothing excessively extravagant except for nothing to be humiliated about all things considered. 

The new logo is humiliating and it’s difficult to see how the customer and configuration firm showed up at this choice. They returned to their unique plan, only six days in the wake of putting their new logo out to people in general.

2. Xerox Logo with Flat Design

Xerox as of late reported that they were changing their corporate logo, dropping the celebrated ‘X’ symbol for the X-square-shaped design. Richard Wigan, VP of publicizing, old-Xerox-image new calls the new plan: A brand personality that mirrors the Xerox of today.

Fixing infirmities of logo

However, if you worked anyplace with one of those performing multiple tasks machines, you realize that Xerox can accomplish more than make high contrast duplicates of your bookkeeping pages. However, clearly, barely any individuals understand this. Furthermore, nothing fixes infirmities like these better than a rebranding. 

For Xerox, the logo may flag another period for the organization. However, all things considered, it simply flags the full hug of the silly three-dimension process of the corporate world. The Xerox wordmark was in genuine need of an update and, letter for letter (aside from the “r”), this new wordmark works hard.


Xerox-Before And After

Value Of new Logo

An astute move would have been to just push ahead with the wordmark, setting accentuation and significance on the word Xerox, which has a lot of value. Be that as it may, all things considered, Xerox took the marble-lowercase pattern to the limit. The new Xerox 3d logo looks the same as a specific game framework. 

3.PizzaHut Logo using flat design

Alongside the new menu, Pizza Hut additionally acquainted an amendment with its logo back in 2014. The principal components of the logo, the notorious cabin rooftop, and content wordmark, stayed set up. Notwithstanding, in the new logo they’re set inside a smear of pureed tomatoes. 

Pizza Hut As Fast Identifier

It’s ideal to see a more straightforward rendition of the logo without every one of the slopes and various tones and it functions admirably in a solitary tone. However, there is something fairly odd about the blend of those two notable components with the new holding shape. It very well may be one thing too many.  I’m not persuaded it’s off-base or awful as it currently gives Pizza Hut another realistic component to use as a fast identifier. The cottage rooftop in the pizza roundel looks odd. 

The rooftop kind of requirements the content under to resemble a cabin else it looks more like a tagine top or a hat “We have not been content with the exhibition of the relaunch of Pizza Hut,” Greg Creed, CEO of parent Yum! Brands Inc.


Rebranding Of Pizza hut

Imperfections in Rebranding

There is a solitary essential imperfection in the Pizza Hut rebrand. I will not utilize terms like separation, situating, or marking since organizations like Pizza Hut befuddle them and inappropriately characterize what they mean. 

The issue is that Pizza Hut’s inability to change client conduct (i.e., get more clients to pick them) was because its interfaces if neglected to change.

Branding fails from large companies

Hers is a list of Large companies explaining their failures in branding and relaunching or rebranding of their logo design.

1.London’s Olympics Logo Design

At the point when London won the bid to have the Olympics in 2012, they felt free to start planning a logo for the games. The fashioners for the London Olympics logo went a different way totally. They dismissed the customary rings and soaking the logo with innovation. 

Authoritatively, the new logo was noticed as:” Our token is straightforward, particular, intense and humming with energy. It feels youthful in the soul. Not reluctant to shake things up, to challenge the acknowledged. To change things.” Everyone else clashed. For $800,000, London and the Olympics viewed the logo as rude.

Changes in the Logo Design Of London Olympics

2.Burger King Logo Design

 Numerous individuals eat at inexpensive food binds because of the moderateness of the items, not the dietary benefit of the items.

To contend with lower-calorie alternatives in different eateries, Burger King built up a lower-calorie fry. Accordingly, What seems like a transition to make the chain a better choice fizzled as clients didn’t have the foggiest idea what satisfiers were or why they ought to pick them over customary fries. After a year of their presentation, most chains quit selling this item (even Earlier).

The brand is a higher priority than any actual resource on a monetary record.  When managing emergencies that can’t be expected, deal with those situations with various aspects directly. They are practicality, lowliness, lucidity, and a veritable, public and straightforward street to recuperation.

Burger King-Rebranding


By designing brands and logos in a way that should give a greater long-term positive impact on consumers. The brand is more important than any asset. In addition, there are competitions between brands. Sometimes the brands may lead to failure in the era of competition. The designer has to analyze the causes of the failure. Evaluate the cause of the failure. Allowing open innovation models to every individual. Criticism and feedback also play a vital role in the process of designing. The business owners and co-workers have to embrace criticism and act on the company’s feedback. If the designers have overcome the bad impact of failures, lessons can be learned from failures.