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Exploring Some Wonderful Infographics for Startups From Around The Web

Infographics Designing and Pivot of Start-up

How about beginning a new startup? Well, businesses don’t grow big just in a few days. They all have their respective journeys and growth. What today may look like the fruit of instant success, maybe the fruit of tiresome effort too. Thus, what is trying to be implied is that businesses are risky. Every day when you wake up in the morning, you may read some bad and good news alongside. Be it the shares of business growing or be it a business going bankrupt. It all depends on some dynamic factors and it’s something not really under control. All you can do as a new startup is trying new strategies to grow yourself. One such strategy is using infographics. Well, graphic designing can actually perform miracles if you use them carefully.

 Also, you may come across one term in the start-up world. It is called ‘ pivot’. This basically refers to a drastic change in the business strategy of a startup/ company. This may be done to induce and catalyse growth. Infographics also have played the same role as a pivot in some startups’ growth. So let’s check out some amazing infographics of startups from around the web! 


Top examples of Infographics ( creative)

  • Music and Productivity 

This Infographic was developed by a company by the name of WebpageFX. The infographic was basically concerned with providing details regarding music. So the company actually used it to spread awareness about the scientific reasons for listening to music. For example, it said that music helps to release dopamine. It then went on to explain how music and business are interrelated. Besides that, the Infographic was just beautiful with the proper mixing of colours. And it provided all the information in a concise and creative form. So kudos to WebpageFX!



  • Vacations are a must 

Who doesn’t wish to travel? Well, we all are travel enthusiasts. And this idea was employed by the travelling related company Quill to be used in its Infographic. When it launched its Infographic, it basically contained a mix of everything. It had information about how in earlier times also Americans travelled a lot. They then explained further that travelling is very therapeutic and relieves us of stress. By using some cute images and data, they created a lovely Infographic. Do read it! 


Top examples of Infographics for start-ups

Let’s now head to some best Infographics that largely contain some technical information. Usually, startups are always in search of ideas and growth techniques to boost their growth. So there are some famous companies that provide information in a comprehensive manner. Here you go! 


Now when we hear the name of IBM, we realize that it’s a very famous brand in itself. So it created an Infographic to help the new entrepreneurs in the market. The infographic is green in colour and contains very accurate information. It explains how combining both analytics and data is important to become a successful CFO. Thus in a brief form, it has explained everything well! 



  • Adioma

Do you sometimes wonder how much money your entrepreneurial venture will take? Or you worry about the investment. Well, if you do, then stop doing it. Adioma’s bloggers created an Infographic to help you resolve your queries. It created a template in which it has used a graph cum bar to convey information. The bar moves from lowest to highest. And one can keep a track of how many dollars are required for every industry. For example, the minimum investment is shown to be around $500. And then it keeps increasing.



Now this one is an interesting story cum Infographic. We all know that there are umpteen companies that provide unlimited graphic designing services. You can easily hire designing companies near you. However, on Pinterest, a user made this Infographic. The infographic is very arresting and sweet in outlook. It instantly taps attention! 

It talks about how those startups who wish setting up in Los Angeles can perform their work. The infographic gives us an insight into what does it take to set up a company. It also provides statistics like there are more than 789 startups in Los Angeles.


So we have seen how Infographics play an important role in any venture. They streamline very bulky information and help you know things at a quick glance. So don’t just keep reading. You need to go and check out some amazing Infographics!