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Essential Tips for Growth Hacker Marketing

growth hacking tips and tricks in 2020

Growth Hacker Marketing (or Growth Hacking), simply put, is an umbrella term for all the strategies that focus primarily on growth. It is mostly used for small startups that aim to attract massive growth using a minimal budget. This form of marketing allows for a lot of experimentation, monitoring, analyzing and tweaking for yielding the most desirable results.

Growth Hacking is a relatively new, but very widely discussed strategy. When used in a creative yet logical fashion, it generates great success. Here are 12 Essential Tips for Growth Hacker Marketing that you need to know before you venture into this field.

1) Conduct A/B Testing Frequently

The importance of constantly conducting A/B testing cannot be stressed enough. A/B testing is a randomized experiment that includes the variants A and B. If something isn’t going right, the best way to identify and fix the problem is to test it against a variation. Ideally, you should test everything, but you should specifically attend to your landing pages, the home page, contact page and sales pages. These are the most conversion-heavy parts of your website; make sure your testing is targeted so that there is no chance for the results to be skewed or faulty.

2) Offer Discounts For Social Shares

Don’t ever ignore the potential that could be generated from millions of social media users from across the world. Promoting your brand through various social media platforms can definitely boost your progress and generate new leads for you growth hacking initiative. This can be done through social shares. While putting out a request may draw in people, others may expect some kind of profit or payoff at their end. Offering a discount on your social shares will resolve this issue. 

3) Gamification Of Onboarding

A great tactic to develop your growth hacking initiative is to make onboarding a game. This can be achieved in two ways. One, you can reward your customers for completing a milestone. This gift could be catered to what your business is offering. As a result of this method, you’ll make it more likely for customers to revisit and hence lead to greater profits and an established audience. Two, you could offer a gift for customers who bring in new visitors. This approach will increase traffic and ultimately generate more leads.

4) Making Use Of Web Scraping

Some may remark that web scraping is an old-technique, but it can be extremely helpful in growth hacking. Essentially, web scraping is a method of extraction of data from any given website. While this may be quite a dated technique, the extracted data could help a lot in the future for the decisions taken for your business. As long as you adhere to copyright and privacy laws, this is a great method to find an edge over your competitors.

5) Take Up Social Media Automation

As mentioned before, social media is crucial in the development of your growth hacking initiative. However, being an active and all-encompassing entity on social media is extremely exhausting and time-consuming. This is where the magic of social automation comes in. With the help of social media automation apps and software, you can schedule your posts in advance. These tools will also monitor your account when someone mentions or comments on your brand.

6) Focus On Your Numbers First

The aim of growth hacking in itself is to reach the wisest possible audience in the shortest amount of time. A smart growth marketer, therefore, will focus on building this dream numbers first. Qualitative data like user feedback and costumer reviews are definitely important in the long-run but focus on these aspects after you’ve built enough traffic on your websites. The quantitative aspect ensures that you’re reaching new audiences, your product is being purchased and letting people know you exist. 

7) Break Down Your Goals

A very important strategy you can adopt is to break down your primary growth goals into smaller, more accessible and achievable ones. It is definitely tempting to plunge yourself and your team into a huge milestone goal. However, a better idea would be to turn those into single, short-term but ambitious goals. This approach will allow your business to grow in a strong and steady fashion.

8) Get Creative With Your Funnel

You are free to bust out any and all creative methods to optimize your lead generation funnels, develop relationships with customers, or create brand awareness. Your techniques may be innovative and completely new in the growth marketing arena. Nonetheless, you can use a few established techniques. These include implementing SEO, allotting budget for online advertising, optimizing landing pages, investing in remarketing, and optimizing your marketing emails.

9) Test Everything!

It is essential for growth hackers to test every possibility across every field. It may be different for different businesses. Your experimentation should be logical, and the social media platforms you use to promote your brand should earn you those leads you want. Make it a point to test all your marketing strategies and hypotheses before choosing which ones earn the best revenue and which ones to dump.

10) Redesign Your Landing Page

If you’ve A/B tested everything and your conversions are still low, maybe it’s time to rejuvenate and redesign your landing page. Think about it — your landing page is what the audience associate you with. It has to represent your brand and be coherent with its theme and layout. Think about what would make customers stick around, and implement your ideas in a clean and focused style.

11) Get Interactive

An interesting and fun way to keep your audience both hooked and entertained is to create interactive content. You could achieve this by means of quizzes, questionnaires, infographics, animated videos and several other options. People absolutely love interacting with online content, and this strategy will definitely draw in new users.

12) Offer A “Freemium” Option

If by any chance you run a software or SaaS company, think about offering a free option. The benefit of doing this is that people get a taste of what you’re offering. A real experience is more likely to make visitors opt for the paid version. Nonetheless, there will always be a few costumers that remain rooted to the free plans, but that too will eventually benefit you. Offering a free plan will not only attract more paid customers, but it will also make it more likely for new people to try your services.