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Different Types Of Graphic Design For Businesses

The graphic design industry is merely a digital counterpart of designing, with its different subtypes. Although there are instances of category overlapping, ordinarily, different types of graphic design services are meant for various purposes.

Art and illustration have managed to capture people’s minds more than words or any other form of expression. The media, film, and advertising market has been growing exponentially through graphic content and imagery of a different kind.

“Art speaks where words are unable to explain.”
—Threadless Artist Mathiole

Let us take a look at some of the typical graphical designs that we see around us:

Identity Providing Graphic Design

Some designs have the sole purpose of branding. An audience views a business the way you do its Branding. For establishing a “face” of the brand through logo design or other designs, the graphic illustration has its usage.

It helps to convey the goals of a firm for the growth of trust among the consumers.
Typography designs, color usage in posters, graphical libraries, business cards, stationery designs help in brand promotion and create an identity of any firm. They are mostly to communicate with clients and potential clients.

Branding helps to communicate with the audience and establish a trust.

Graphic Design in Advertising Field

The very thought of advertising nowadays brings us to digital marketing. It is observable that visual marketing is more effective than anything else.

Designer use Graphic designs and illustrations strategically and effectively to promote content over the internet and outside. Website landing pages, brochures, newsletters, templates used in email marketing, printed fliers, menu cards, event posters, newspaper advertisements, magazines, e-books, social media advertisements, and banners all fall under this category of graphical designing.

They have the sole purpose of reaching out to various people and make them aware of the brand they are promoting. Most of the designers start from this level as it allows plenty of room for exploration and creativity.

Advertisement has seen a huge revolution with the advent of graphical designs. Digital marketing has boomed!

UI/UX design

The UI or user interface refers to that part of the machine or algorithm which interacts directly with the users. The user experience or UX refers to the user experience.

A good UI is desirable to ensure smooth navigation and control. In case the interface is not optimized or efficient enough, the user experience will deteriorate. Therefore, it becomes essential to have technical expertise and an aesthetic to suit the viewers’ appeal.

The UI designers work on different application software, games, thematic designs, app layout, and UI developers or coders to run the programs on multiple devices.

It becomes the responsibility of UI/UX developers to check if the programs are not crashing or if the apps are being unresponsive.

Setting up an effective user interface requires effort and diligence so that users can have a smooth and easy navigation.

Illustration used in packaging

The packaging design is also considered a type of graphic design for marketing. Despite using the package to safeguard the content inside, most brands use packaging as a tool to influence their customers.

Most of the brands use logos or other typical images that have a direct link to their company. However, some package designs consist of concepts, or agendas, or motives, that a company wishes to impart to its audience.

Photography, print, and industry knowledge are required to excel in this type of design services. You have to know the specific kind of design that would work on canned drinks but not on tetra packs or pouches. Labels, too, need to be conceptual and require an effort to figure out the most ingenious ways to catch the consumer’s attention.

Production packages differ for different objects. It becomes mandatory to identify which type of design suits which package.

Motion graphics

Animated visual stories, video clippings, gifs are all a part of motion graphics. They are an amalgamation of audio and visual effects most of the time. Since moving objects, motion graphics entice the human mind more, they have achieved massive popularity among the masses.

Animated presentations, video tutorials, DIYs, animated banners, and trailers serve the purpose of motion graphics and have enormous contributions to the field of graphical designing.

Moving objects and video clips have the power to capture human minds more than still objects.

Art for art’s sake

Last but not least, one cannot merely ignore the pathway graphic designing has opened up. It is also a platform for artists worldwide to express themselves. It is a high-quality digitized version for fine arts, comic books, graphic novels, picture books, and conceptual art.

Using different mediums and techniques have enriched the field of art like never before! Artists are now collaborating with composers, writers, social media marketers, architects, like never before!

Graphic designing jobs have skyrocketed over the last two decades, with the growing demand for digital artists worldwide. With new startup companies and production houses, graphic designers can now utilize their proficiency and creativity at both personal and commercial levels!

graphical design and illustration services are employed for representation of ideas and collaborative ideas.

It becomes mandatory to understand the type of graphic design service you require in this multi-universe that is growing every day! Understanding these differences in services can help you select the right person for the right job!

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