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Designing With Environmental Sustainability

One thing the current global pandemic has proven to the world is that we need to take better care of our environment to ensure lasting benefits.

While it becomes essential to use different machines, it is recommendable to consider new and improved methods that do not compromise the quality of the environment around you. We should all contribute whatever we can, even if it something trivial. Do you know how many trees are cut down for paper creation? Yet the paper is used for a variety of purposes. Although some of the uses are unavoidable, we should try to limit our applications as much as possible.

Books already have a famous digital counterpart known as the e-book! It is freely downloadable in some cases and has proven its benefits in terms of movability and transferability. However, what about art and design? What about the thousands of advertisements that takes up newspapers and posters? Minimization of paper use is required.

So what is the next best alternative? How to go digital or go green in the designing sector? The answer lies in Graphic design!

Graphical designs are not a compromise on art

No doubt, artists need a lot of practice and patience to reach their mastery. However, it is not a reason to think that digital artists do not require any effort!

Digital illustrations need learning and understanding of different artistic concepts and techniques. While it is true that AI has benefited a lot of new artists to learn and get ideas, but even then, incorporating new insights and understanding of what works best has to come from the artists themselves!

It requires time and effort for both, paper designs and graphical designs.

Changes in the advertising firms

Most of the companies are opting for digital advertisement nowadays. This shift in preference has many reasons. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

• Social media has become something prevalent and accessible. Even high school students can see digital advertisements more than they would see in a newspaper. Going for digital ad campaigns would maximize your outreach!
• Since the

global pandemic COVID-19 has endangered human physical contact in any form, it is advisable to use digital illustration instead of actors playing out in advertisements.

• Marketing through emails is also trending nowadays. Willing subscribers often receive newsletters and other promotional content in their emails, which helps them stay connected with particular companies. This technique has proven to be more effective than placards!

• Startups in home decor or similar businesses find it easier to advertise through digital content. It allows them to use different photos and videos of their products to appeal to their target audience.

Digital marketing is what most of the companies are opting for.

Commercial art

Digital paintings have become an excellent medium for creative artists and comic writers worldwide. Different art software allows various shades and textures that are quite difficult to afford for struggling artists.
Digital art and illustration have become an excellent way of exploring talents and creating different works involving art. Artists are getting jobs, and collaborative project offers like never before!

Comic artists and commercial artists make use of graphical design software.

Conservation of natural resources should be a priority for most people, yet this is where we lack at the moment. Using digital medium as a substitute for paper canvases may not bring about much change in the damage already made, but it is bound to cause some changes and create awareness.

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