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Catching Up With Design and Gaming Trends

Someone who is a professional gamer would surely love to know more about games. Online Gaming is an industry that is a billion dollars one. Online games have covered a huge time span. And over this time period, they have encompassed revolutionary changes. From the online Mario game, we all played as kids; to the modern Pokemon Go, we have played. And then Pubg of course. Gaming has used graphics in different ways. The audience keeps demanding more and more unique content, owing to which gaming and designing are both quite dynamic. Let’s look at these amazing gaming trends that the industry has gone through or is going in terms of graphic: 

  • Realistic Backgrounds

Graphic design is a key component in gaming. The technology used in the graphic design of games is undergoing drastic changes. 

Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard explains how gaming benefitted his franchise. He has rolled out games franchises like Call of Duty, Candy Crush etc. Without developments in graphic design for games, it would have been impossible for them to create the game’s environment that tapped the attention of the gamers. The excellent background of games is quite sensational. They used a realistic background to evoke realistic sentiments in gamers too. For example, a setting like a jungle or a sea looks adventurous. 

  • Virtual Reality

Now, this is the most important trend that is visible in games today. Today, everyone wants a tinge of realism in whatever they see. This has induced graphic designers to resort to virtual reality designing. A good example of virtual reality games is Minecraft that can be played via a medium like Gear. 

Besides that, you have Cards of Humanity that can be played on Zoom. All these games have been carefully designed keeping in mind that users have wholesome experience. For this, graphic designers are now working on honing their art in the field. A lot of designers can be hired for this purpose who provide unlimited graphic designing services. 


  • Animation 

Besides that, the animation as a genre in gaming has become quite important today. Those days are no more when characters in games would be still and dull. Animation has brought life in games today. In modern games, the graphics make characters feel more like real, living people. For instance, in Mario, the character only used to move and run. But today they can speak as well. For example in the game GT San Andreas, the chief protagonist can do business and then talk like any normal person. The graphics have assumed a sophisticated character today.

  • Diversification of Games 

If you ask yourself a question that were game graphics homogenous around 5 decades back? The answer would be yes. Earlier the games were largely containing one kind of graphic and didn’t offer anything unique on the platter. Also, games back then were more children-oriented. Yet today we have graphics catering to all age groups and backgrounds.

 Video games are a great way to reach audiences of all kinds, especially young people.

Thus games like Pubg are today catering to the Generation Z and older population both. Besides that, cute games with beautiful graphic designs like Angry birds are catering to children. 

  • Complex Art in Games 

What are the games? They are obviously a good source of entertainment and relaxation. However, if looked at closely, games can be a powerful source of knowledge and a medium to convey certain things too. One can be glad and equally surprised at the same time to know about this trend in the gaming industry. 

There are many games that have been solely designed to spread awareness regarding social issues. One such game is Darfur is Dying. This game is available on PC and here the participants have to find water while escaping military. Thus, the game throws light on water scarcity. Another game Nightmare: Malaria spreads awareness about Malaria disease. 

Thus, graphics in games have evolved. They now are designed to create awareness too. 


  • Emotional Graphics Era

Who doesn’t want to play a game in which there are sweet couples making love? Or a game that’s emotional conveying love, hatred, anger etc in all intensities. Today the work of a graphic designer has evolved into the role of incorporating ever minute detail in gaming graphics. 

Sony first introduced its PlayStation console platform in the late 1990s. Sony experienced a hugely successful launch after giving priority to feelings in the games. 

Besides that, you have love games for teenagers today which contain beautiful graphics. The mechanised part of games has now become more human-like so that audiences can connect with it. Thanks to the amazing graphics! 


All in all, something “simple looking” like games have been going through a lot of changes lately. As we all know, graphics can make a huge difference in the way something is depicted!