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Brand Visual Identity Why Does It Matter

Brand visual identity is a very important component for a company to establish its identity in the market.

Every business has a message or a story to give. Creativity, development and management of the brand all happen because of a particular reason. To tell about the history of its product or the story of the brand, the company has to develop an identity in the market. The first step is corporate culture. It refers to the implementation and strategies of the company to get the decision-making process. The second step is visual identity. It refers to giving people knowledge or anything which makes them remember the company. Apart from this, many things have to be considered here: brand identity, digital marketing strategies related to this. 


Visual Identity as a term 

Brand Visual Identity 1

To function properly in the market, the company has to be known by all the people. It means that the company should have an identity that can be based on any of the criteria such as unique design, good graphics, etc. All of these aspects are a necessary part of brand visual identity. Generally, visual identity is the story of the company which can be told by using names, logos, font, colour, signature and many other things. These all things are very much important for brand awareness and brand recognition. From all these items, the most important thing is the logo. Logos not only make the company known but also shows the uniqueness of the company. This is the best way people will recognise and remember the company just by looking at the logo. Logos differentiate a company from its opponents in the market. 

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Necessary items for brand visual identity

Brand Visual Identity


    1. Graphics

      It is related to the logo and graphic design of the company. Simple formats and designs should be used. You must have seen the coca-cola logo. It is very simple but appealing to customers to buy. 

    2. Typing

      Typing looks very easy, but it is not. There are different processes and fonts available that can be used in tuning techniques. So, companies have to choose the best one for them. 

  • Colour Description

    colour is used to describe the identity of the brand. The company needs to choose the best suitable colour for its product design. Generally, no more than three colours are recommended but it also depends upon the design.   


Advantages of Good Brand Visual Identity 

Brand Visual Identity 2

Nowadays, a company can just sell their products in the market. They have to convey what the products are and how they are better than the products sold by other companies in the market. So, for this first, you have to identify strategies and create goals for the product which you are selling in the market. 

The brand visual identity should have three main features:-

  1. It is identifiable to the people. The product should have a minimalist or simple design. 
  2. It should give business targets. 
  3. The product or brand should stand out from the competitors. 

If you can develop all these functions then your company will get many benefits. Some of them are:- 


  • Revenue

The most important aspect for a company to generate revenue is sustaining in the market. And also to pay their employees. Designing and digital marketing strategies which are related to brand visual identity will save a lot of money if done correctly and as early as possible but here one thing the company has to take care of is that they don’t have to change the logo and graphic design every time. 


  • Bonding with the customer 

This is another important aspect that will create understanding because of the brand visual identity. If the product and brand which company is promoting is known and easily accessible to customers then it will create a sense of belonging and reliability in them. 


  • Control & Power 

This benefit is immortality for a company. As if because of brand visual identity all the necessary information is conveyed to the customers then it will give strength to the respective company as people will love to buy their products. So, the company will be able to control the market and this will give them the power to change the marketing strategies. 

Nowadays, not only promoting the product or creating the identity of the brand in the real world but also companies lookout for potential customers on different social media sites. Some of the social media sites companies can consider are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. These sites are the best way to convey the idea and values of your company. 

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Brand Visual Identity


It is clear from the above paragraphs that brand visual identity is extremely important to cess for a company to be a success in the market. Also, these things are not easy to achieve. It takes a lot of commitment and dedication. For brand value identity and its components, There is a very beautiful website – Draftss. All these brands which are trying to start a new business or trying to get an online presence Draftss can help them to achieve that. They have many services which can help them to create an online presence without any brand failure. And also, they help to make advertisements and blogs.

Brands from different genres are using social media for marketing purposes and graphic designing for more up-gradation. 

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