Logos have been a very common part of our lives without us actually knowing or adhering to the fact that they decide most of our daily-life decisions. Whenever we go to the malls or surf online for something to buy, our focus mostly lies on the brand of the product we choose, but mostly not on the necessity. The term Logo was derived from the Greek word “Logos” which means “reason” or “motive” somewhere around 1300 AD. Ever since then, famous logos have been the deciding factor for most of our spending, one being why we have a cupboard filled with Nike Shirts! Here we’ll see a set of 10 famous logos- but here’s the catch. Every logo has a mistake, from the difficulty range of SPOTTABLE to NEEDS SUPER VISION. So, without further ado, let’s have a hunt for mistakes in these famous logos!

 Google – SPOTTABLE 

Google famous logos humritha

Google! Who doesn’t know one of the world’s best search engines, if not the best! Estimates suggest roughly 3.5 billion Google searches happen almost every day. Some stats like this can only say it’s not unlikely that the average person might go up to look at the Google logo anywhere from one to 30 times per day. But I hope you aren’t doubtful about something you’re bound to look to almost every day in your life! Can you find that small error in this logo? Here’s a small hint for you- “It’s in the colours”

If you told that the second letter “o” was meant to be red, then give yourselves a mark! That was indeed the right answer. Google’s very first logo, which has almost the same canvas as the current logo, was designed by Larry Page himself, while others say that Sergey Brin designed it with a free image editor called GIMP. Whomever it was, their design wasn’t the most polished. The choice of colours for the famous logos was an idealistic approach by Page to choose the primary colours. Yet, he wanted to show his peers during his university’s project submission that this duo doesn’t stick by rules and made the “L” in Google green, which is a secondary colour. Page also sneaked in an exclamation mark “!” at the end of the very first logo to show their presence to rivalling search engine “Yahoo!’ at that time.

 Samsung – SPOTTABLE-ish

samsung logo humritha

Samsung is a brand that we all know of. Starting from being a grocery store at a war-inflicted city following the production of black-and-white televisions. For the independent countrymen to enjoy, to becoming one of the world’s leading electronic applications company. Sam sung is a name almost everyone knows. You can have a look or two at your electronic appliances at home that are of Samsung. Let’s see that if you can crack this one! Here’s a hint for you yet again- “The letters don’t look familiar this time”. If you said that the letter “A” must not have the horizontal bar that connect the slanting sides. Then you got yourselves a point! Samsung’s first logo dated way back in 1938 where the company held a three-star famous logos!

For most of the company’s history, the differential element of that logo was a three-star pattern. It showed the origin of the brand’s name, Samsung which means “Tri-Star” in the Korean language. As time passed by, the name of the brand was quite necessary for any developing company to climb the ladders of success, which that initial logo lacked. Hence, they bought in a circle-shaped logo that held the three stars within it, placed beside the company’s name. Years later in 1993, the current Samsung logo was designed, but with the classic ellipse symbol. You could see the familiar bold Sans Serif letters in a blue ellipse. Even today, when you see the company’s logo, you will be taken aback to that classic audio emblem that plays along with the famous logos. The scales of the quad-tune were E♭, A♭ – D♭, E♭. (Tan-tanan-tan)


GitHub famous logos humritha

Almost every technically-sound person must have an idea about GitHub, or maybe even use it in their day-to-day life for their usual tasks. GitHub is an American-based corporation that uses its services for sharing and delivering codes and solutions for the software development sectors. One uses this website for finding reusable codes and datasets for the software/project they’re developing. If you use GitHub regularly, this can be easy for you. Have a look at the logo and find the error. Here’s the hint- “You must go hand in hand with the software, or should I say, TAIL in hand!” If you managed to find the missing tail on the cat to your left-hand side of the logo, then it’s a plus one point for you! GitHub’s logo hasn’t had a very diverse development in the course of its running.

It featured only two logo versions created for the brand since 2008. Both these famous logos were developed in an effortless monochrome colour palette, with a simple and elegant black logotype in a white background which was convincing. The famous icon, which featured a damp black circle with a white cat’s silhouette on it wiggling its tail, became very recognizable pretty fast. GitHub’s mascot is named “Octocat”, a creative development that joined the incarnation of a cat’s body and an octopus’s tentacles. It significantly meant the diverse set of coding platforms that the corporation can deliver, and the speed in which the processes are done in GitHub. So, it was a tentacle after all!!


Burger King Logo humritha

We all crave for some burgers now and then. At those instances, one such place to get those lip-smacking burgers is indeed, Burger King. It is a world-famous fast food company based in Miami. Started back in 1953 with the name Insta Burger King, the company had reserved itself a great fanbase as years progressed. And here’s a test for you to check if you’re a diligent fan of Burger King. Can you find what’s the small error in this logo? Hear this clue out- “The shapes have taken a strange turn of tides”

If you found out that the blue curvature that surrounds the Burger-like logo of theirs, has been inverted exactly opposite to its initial position, then you’re spot on! The looks of this world’s popular fast-food chain have had five redesigns throughout the company’s history. After the successive run from the fast-food chain in the year of 1969, the chain only made small changes over that initial symbol periodically, and modified that iconic emblem. They had mostly kept the colour palette and compositions almost untouched. The blue circular lining that surrounds the burger-like stature was indeed a symbolic representation of the flame broiling that was promised by the company’s motto used during initial years – “You can have flame-broiled burgers in any way you like at your local Burger King.” 


Android: famous logos Humritha

Android is an invention we have all been known to for almost a decade and a half now! To talk about this in technical terms. Android is a Linux-based software platform that is commonly used in tablets and smartphones to run the devices on the android’s OS. It’s one of the most popular Operating Systems in the market. Having a total of 54.6% usership of mobiles under its belt. Android has always been under tremendous pressure to deliver the best out of its drawer for its customers. However, now it’s you who is placed under quite some pressure to find a very minute mistake in their logo! A hint for you- “You don’t always see what you HEAR”

If you spotted the error in the antennas on the head of that mini android only and spotted no errors in the wording “ANDROID”, then you’re having a higher sense of perception to spotting errors! The famous Android Logo was first designed in 2007. By a graphic designer of Google who goes by the name of Irina Blok. Her decision was collective with her organization that the logo. That will be released as an open-source scheme, which meant that any other company running at the present industry was given the rights and access to customize it. 

Blok spoke a few words about shaping her creation in an interview. Stating that developing the Android was like giving birth to a new life, and now it has to live its own independent life. The initial logo was made green in colour to depict motion, a continuous process. That Android uptakes to keep on progressing and updating its features. Since it was an open source logo, it has appeared in a variety of shapes. For example, different facial expressions, new clothing appearances, etc.



Web Design Tactics To Build Long Lasting Connections With The Visitors: Best 7 tactics

Have you ever seen catchy web design tactics on your feed and jumped right into that web page to know more about it? After which you went to similar news pages to know more about the same? This is something everyone experiences at least once. It is a great task to make the website attractive and to maintain a consistent bounce rate.

While designing a website, one should be aware of all kinds of optimization that draws back the user to the website repeatedly. Nobody prefers people who stay on the website only for a little period and never come back. A few regulars are always better than a few new people who don’t revert. That being said, these are the seven tactics to build long-lasting connections with the site visitors.

Make the website attractive

Nobody prefers a boring website. Even if the site doesn’t contain plenty of pop content make sure to keep the entire page user friendly and appealing. Everyone has their preferences but nobody dislikes elegance. Classy is never out of style. Create alluring designs on the page to attract users. Images, fonts and colours usually catch the consumers eye as soon as they enter the page.

Fast response website

Everybody despises to wait. The last thing that your website should be is slow. Just like time, users don’t wait for a web page to load. As they always have an option to jump to another page which is substandard but quick. Speed is the key. Make sure your site has it.

7 Web Design Tips - humritha

Use multiple platforms to keep in touch

Just think of how many social media networks you use. Instead of thinking about the cons of these social networking sites, think about how you can use the same platforms to keep your users connected to your site. Instead of the contact forms like email address and phone numbers, try keeping in touch with your consumers via these networking sites.

Create a mobile-friendly website

The studies have shown that mobile phone usage has grown 504% higher since 2012. While making your website look trendy for the PC users, make sure you also consider the mobile view and its UI. The percentage of mobile users in today’s world is far more than a laptop or computer users. 

Avoid complicated redirects

First of all, redirects are the main cons of a website. Do not make the user hop from one page to another for your website service. The more intricate your site is, the fewer users tend to return to your website.

web design tactics - humritha

Market using website subscriptions 

While using different platforms to keep your consumers updated, don’t forget the good old subscription method. The joy of receiving newsletters about favourite topics can’t be a bad thing at all. Include coupons, offers and much more to keep charming the users.

Customize the page for your user

What’s more special than feeling special? Value your consumer by using your web design tactics. Make them feel exceptional and happy. Make sure that your web design tactics display the contents concerning the users’ recent searches. Keep the trending contents next to the optimized visuals one of the most important web design tactics. This way the user will be delighted and will surely come back for more personalized input. 

Web design tactics - humritha

Over To You

In a world with quite 654 million websites on the web, it can feel impossible to face bent customers as a particular site with great things to supply. That’s why every website must build a private presence that caters to its specific audience.

Focus on finding a distinct segment industry where your website can thrive, then optimize the location to supply tailor-made content. Get to understand your audience on an emotional level through an internet site that’s designed and made with surveys, user-generated content, easy communication, and individualization.

At the top of the day, customers want websites to supply an experience that works for them. Achieve that, and they’ll keep returning for more.

best drawing tablets

The Best Drawing Tablets of 2020

In today’s tech-savvy world, there is extensive variety of best drawing tablets is available in the market. Before making the proper buy selection you need not to forget the factors which impact the quality and functionality of the best drawing tablets. Screen size, resolution, pen pressure level, the color accuracy of the screen, these are some of the very crucial factors that affect your choice and working experience.

Best drawing tablets can be categorized into three categories namely graphic tablet, pen displays, and tablet computers and each category accumulate its importance which provides great drawing experience to their users.

Either you are a total noob or a professional to the best drawing tablets, here is the list of Best drawing Tablets of 2020 which highlight the features of some very popular drawing tablets and will guide you in making a right choice.

List of Best drawing Tablets of 2020

Wacom Cintiq 22HD touch pen display

best drawing tablets

Wacom Cintiq is one of the most popular drawing tablets of the year. With multi -touch support, all in one display, it is Wacom’s one of the most innovative pen displays and comes in bundled with pen pro 2.

Technical details

  • Active area required: 19.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Pen pressure sensitivity: 8,192 levels
  • Computer memory type: DDR3 SDRAM
  • Price: Rs. 1,45,000

This drawing tablet can run either Windows or macOS. To smoothen your work process, it has developed features to customize hotkeys and shortcuts to save time. It has a DVI port and a USB 2 port. Although cheaper alternatives are also available in the market, it is one of the worth buy products of Wacom level of quality at this price. Click here to buy now.

Samsung galaxy tab S4

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 drawing tablet

When it comes to design and looks, Samsung galaxy tab S4 is the best tablet of Samsung to date. It is one of the most expensive one in the Android tablets.

Technical details

  • Active area required: 7.65 x 5.04 inches
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1600
  • Pen pressure sensitivity: 4,096 levels
  • Connections: USB-C, Bluetooth, wi-fi
  • Price: Rs. 48,848

Samsung galaxy tab S4 gives extensive variety of flexibility to the users. It has an operating system Android 8.0, through which you can install many drawing apps on the device. Its dex software is designed to imitate a computer desktop, which means that it is also beneficial for regular working.

Wacom Intuos Pro

Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablet

Wacom Intuos Pro, comes in three sizes. They are small, medium and, large. Pen pressure sensitivity of all drawing tablets is 8,192 levels. It has feature of multi-touch fingertip gestures, so that you can easily zoom around your current document.

Technical details

  • Active area of Wacom Intuos Pro (small): 6.2 x 3.8 inches
  • Area of Wacom Intuos Pro (medium): 8.7 x 5.8 inches
  • Active area of Wacom Intuos Pro (large): 12.1 x 8.4
  • Operating System: Windows or macOS

It provides a great drawing experience. Each drawing tablet of Wacom Intuos Pro has its importance, small drawing tablet is best for beginners to develop their skills, a medium drawing tablet is best for designers and a large drawing tablet is best for artists and illustrators. It can be used wirelessly in addition to with a cord.

Huion H430P

Huion Inspiroy H430P: best drawing tablets

Huion h430P is a low-cost but very usable drawing tablet. It is affordable and provides you all the basics, hence it is a good option for the beginner to start practicing their skills without a big investment.

Technical details

  • Active area: 4.8 x 3 inches
  • Pen pressure sensitivity: 4,096 levels
  • Operating software: windows or macOS
  • Price: Rs. 2,599

Although the working area is small, the pen is sensitive enough to provide a creative user experience at entry-level.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch): best drawing tablets by Humritha

Apple iPad pro is one of the best drawing tablets for iOS. You need to pay more for an Apple pencil, but the drawing experience is great and artistic. apple pencil is tremendous and just perfect with the pressure sensitivity curve.

Technical details

  • Active area: 10.32 x 7.74 inches
  • Resolution: 2,732 x 2,048
  • Pen pressure sensitivity: not specified on the official website
  • Price: Rs. 1,34,900

The screen of this drawing tablet is LCD liquid retina and the right tone makes it gorgeous to see and work on. It has all screen and no longer have a trademark apple home button. The charging cord is although short, but if you have a budget then the Apple iPad pro is worth to buy and it is a drawing companion like no other.

Microsoft surface book 3

Microsoft Surface Book 3 by Humritha

In current scenario Microsoft surface book 3 is the best window tablet for drawing, but it is quite expensive. It is a premium product and impressively flexible.

Technical details

  • Active area: 11.25 x 7.5 inches
  • Resolution: 3000 x 2000
  • Pen pressure sensitivity: 4,096 levels
  • Operating system: windows 10 pro
  • Connections: wi-fi, Bluetooth, USB, USB-c

You have to pay more to buy the surface pen, but this will be a fantastic drawing tool and improve your productivity. The build quality and look of Microsoft surface book 3 is gorgeous.

Over To You

We tried to put a spotlight on some of the options. If you are new to this market, just be aware of that there are three different categories of a drawing tablets.

  • Graphic tablet, which you draw directly onto with stylus
  • Pressure-sensitive pen display, which is hooked up with computer monitor
  • Tablet computer, this can be adapted for drawing with an app.

You can use any of these drawing tablets to develop your skills and to produce incredible artwork.


Web Design + Psychology = Satisfied users?

Psychological Elements Of Effective Web Design

The Human Element

Users are merely like to be engaging and connecting with the application/web design if the designer empathizes with the user. The human factor is that becoming more and more important in the designing world. Often the designer keeps guessing about the users and hence produces something which doesn’t consider the user’s needs. One trick to ensure that we are designing for humans is to create a user persona. The designer can use fictional identities composed from researching about the users. We are required to create things people want.

The Comfort Of Usage

Here, the ‘feel’ needs to be taken into consideration. For any design to feel right, we have to ensure that it is comfortable to use. The design should be such that it is equally convenient for the user to operate the web page or application across all devices be it a PC, a laptop, or a mobile phone.

Graphic web design

Things To Consider

  1. Typography
  2. Contrast
  3. Colors
  4. Thumb patterns
  5. Real-life like motions

People are more likely to engage and continue using the product created by the web designer when it is comfortable to use and navigate.

Emotional Connect

The majority of designers get caught up in trying to strike multiple emotional chords with one product. A smarter thing is to do is, to focus on one emotional aspect and develop the design around it exceptionally well.

What Does The Web Design Need To Achieve? 

  1. Should create a relationship between users and the product.
  2. Should create relationships between the users.

One of the most popular ways of evoking emotions in the user is by using the color theory. Colors have such a massive effect on our moods.

Web Psychology

Color psychology and its emotional effects

“Color psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior.”

  1. Red: encourages appetite(hence often used in websites related to fast food), high in energy, and creates a sense of urgency, raises blood pressure, and increase heart rate.
  2. Blue: provides a sense of security and promotes trust in the brand, curbs appetite and stimulates productivity, calms the mind, and provides a sense of tranquility and space, associated with maturity.
  3. Green: stimulates harmony in the brain and encourages the balance between body and emotions leading to decisiveness.
  4. Black: It associated with authority, power, stability, and strength, can often overwhelm people if used too frequently.
  5. White: Associates with feelings of purity, cleanliness, and safety. Can spark the sense of creativity and since it acts as a clean slate.

Color, the one aspect that goes into nurturing an emotional bond. Copywriting and visuals also play an important role.  Emotional connections are established in a variety of creative ways. Brand loyalty, one such example that stems from an emotional connection. The type of emotion determined by the tone, message, and design choices that the designer makes.

 Psychology of web design

Web Design Have Mental Triggers

Few concepts can be correlated to how design has a strong connection with the user’s psychology. Let’s talk about them briefly

  • Do something for other people i.e the users and their communities and they will return the favor.
  • People look at the behavior of others to figure out how to act.
  • Inclusion of a social stream in our design to make users feel like part of a bigger group or community.

Users desire what they can’t have or what is difficult to get. This scarcity principle, the reason behind limited-time deals works so effectively. Users usually tend to confused when it comes to making choices. Most people usually drawn to the option that falls somewhat in the center. According to Hick’s Law, more choices leads to decision paralysis or what is popularly known as the paradox of choices, so the designer must be careful.

People are drawn to what is relevant to them at the moment. For example- beacons, notifications, or check-in tools are the in trends at the moment. People remember the elements which stand out. The use of contrast creates focus.

Over To You

The website and user experience designs need to feel real. Every aspect, from aesthetics to interactions to motion (both perceived and real) to emotional connection needs to have a human touch to it. The humanistic design creates engaging experiences that the users connect with both physically and emotionally. Bottom line is that the designer must always aim to strike the balance between the simplicity of usability and aesthetics of the product to keep the customers engaged and satisfied.


Graphic Designing For Menu Cards And Banners

Owning a restaurant or any business related to food and beverages can be hectic, especially when you need to expand your business. The best way to grow in the food and beverage industry is to have exposure among the people and advertisements – Graphic Designing may help. While starting from scratch, you have to know your target customers first. In case you own a fast-food plaza, students or office employees would likely be visiting to grab a burger or fries. However, if you are up to set for a fine diner with a terrific aesthetic, then it is more likely to get visits from families or couples.

What To Do?

However, the fact remains that if you do not advertise your business adequately, you may not achieve your target growth. Since your growth depends heavily on the number of people you can attract despite the competition, your business must reach out to the maximum people.

Other than television and newspaper advertisements, it is advisable to opt for graphic design services. Illustration for advertising is gaining momentum in this digitized world day by day, and it is best if you can make the most out of it!

Let’s look at how you can use graphic designs to grow your business in restaurants and fast food corners!

Your Banners And Signs

Let us think very practically about this. What is the first thing you notice when you go out to eat, other than the ambiance? The banner and name, of course! Even if you are not aware of the meals they produce, the nature of their service, or any reviews, but you might get intrigued by the banner they use!

However, you might not enter a few based on the signboards or name headings. Therefore it is essential that you take care of the signboards bearing your name.

How To Do It?

It is recommendable not to use very bright or loud colors for your signboard. In case you are using neon lights, try to keep the colors to a minimum, using only up to two colors. It helps to declutter and appeals more to the human eye. Graphic designing can help you create and analyze various styles and combinations digitally before applying the perfect one!

For special events such as anniversaries or foundation day, you might want to create banners to promote your business. Banners make use of designs and different typography to impress the viewers. Moreover, special events can attract several customers if you can present them out adequately.

It is recommendable to make your banner as appealing as possible. Use images of your food items to attract customers.

Menu Card Graphic Designing

Menu cards are the first thing your customers will see once they enter your restaurant or food plaza. Since they will be placing their orders based on the item descriptions or the appeal of a written format, here are a few things you might want to check out!

What To Do?

• It is advisable to have legible typography on your menu card. Even if you use plenty of curves or fancy styles on the cover page, it becomes essential that your customers can understand the item names and their components properly.
• It is recommendable to use visual images alongside your food description. Proper editing of the pictures can make your dishes look more salivating and appealing to your customers. You may even enhance the colors and texture with graphic design.
• Even though it is not mandatory, it is advisable to have a kids’ menu as well. Children may not have the same aesthetic sense as adults, and therefore you need a differently styled menu card to appeal to their tastes. It is advisable to use colorful texts and pictures and catchy food names for a kids’ menu.

using close-ups of your food images can make it more interesting for your customers!

Social Media Advertisement

For expanding your business further, it is advisable to indulge in social media advertising. Since social media is used by a large number of people all over the world, your restaurant name can spread far and wide.

However, to make your advertisements stand out, it is recommendable to consult graphic designing services. They can give you consultancy regarding the use of minimalist yet effective designs!

Having an official Facebook page or an Instagram page can also allow your customers to provide feedback. It is advisable not to get disheartened with any negative review or feedback, but to work harder on your shortcomings!

let your business grow across the world!

In case you require consultancy regarding the best types of graphic designing and how to apply them effectively, you may visit the official web page of Draftss. It is a company that provides unlimited graphic design services at a reasonable price.
So go ahead and start working on your food business!


Collaborating With Other Designers

Sometimes, in the designing world, the need can arise when required for a collaborative project. Of course, you may be an individualistic person who works best when left alone. However, with the rise in demand for content designing for companies, you might find yourself unable to pave a successful career in graphic designing jobs if you cannot work with other people!

Working with other people has different pros and cons, just like everything else in this world. However, you need to think of the best ways to transform the cons into something beneficial for you at a certain point. Collaborative projects with other designers can help you to learn more, share perspectives, and gain more knowledge in your work field.

Whether you are designing for promotional content for a client or merely engaging in the joint production of digital illustrations, there are some hacks to help you to maintain professionalism along with a warm sentiment.

It usually helps when you are a communicator or diplomat by nature. However, if you are an introvert or often find it difficult to express yourself adequately, then here are some tips crafted especially for you.

Understanding the aim of the collaboration

Every collaborative project has some specific purpose or goal. It is the very reason you are jointly working. Hence, it is essential to identify them and cultivate interests that suit the aim of the project.

It is essential to maintain transparency regarding the understanding of both. If you already know the people you are working with, then that helps a lot. However, the chances are that you may not know your team members personally. In that case, it is advisable to talk and understand how they have understood the purpose of the project.

Find a standard schedule

Even though it is not mandatory to always work simultaneously, it is still better to find a typical schedule to allocate at least an hour or so to discuss your plans and progress.

It promotes team spirit and professionalism. Holding frequent meetings, keeping tabs on each other’s progress, helping out with the problematic parts can engender trust and understanding among your team. After all, teamwork is not just about working together; it is also about co-operation and mutual help.

It is better to take some time of your busy schedule an make time for the team to discuss issues face to face.

Compromising on ideas

In case you are a freelance artist who works alone, you might find this point a little less comfortable to undertake. However, you might have to give up on some small creative ideas to incorporate others’ wishes for successful project management.

No doubt, you must be great at your job. However, collaboration with other designers entails that you need to respect their ideas too. Of course, you can have everything without compromising either, but sometimes that can lead to a jumbled mess.

That is not to say that your ways are inferior. When incorporating ideas, you need to test and check, which works best for the ultimate aim. Just in case your opinion or method falls slack or seems to be lacking in something, it is recommendable to have the courage to step down.

A group venture often means that your style gets diluted with different other styles, and their ideas can often seep into your mind. While you can consider it as contamination of your originality, it is also viewable in a positive light as expanding your artistic horizon.

You can try and analyze which design structure works best. If an idea simply seems inappropriate or inadequate, it is advisable to dispose of them.

The points mentioned above can help out if you collaborate with another or several artists for the first time. However, with more experience, you will be able to master your communicative skills and work with ease. Even unlimited graphic designing services can be achieved through your team! Accommodation of creative ideas will come spontaneously to you, and you can handle group projects better!

However, as you keep up with collaborative projects, you are likely to meet different types of designers with a different mood and work ethics types. No two people are the same. Hence, you need to deftly give respect to their originality and creativity, while at the same time, have them co-operate with others.

Being a skilled designer doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a natural communicator. It’s okay if you fail in your first attempts. Keep trying and working on your social skills alongside your designing practice. Proper communication is often the key to a blossoming career!

tenor (11)

Catching Up With Design and Gaming Trends

Someone who is a professional gamer would surely love to know more about games. Online Gaming is an industry that is a billion dollars one. Online games have covered a huge time span. And over this time period, they have encompassed revolutionary changes. From the online Mario game, we all played as kids; to the modern Pokemon Go, we have played. And then Pubg of course. Gaming has used graphics in different ways. The audience keeps demanding more and more unique content, owing to which gaming and designing are both quite dynamic. Let’s look at these amazing gaming trends that the industry has gone through or is going in terms of graphic: 

  • Realistic Backgrounds

Graphic design is a key component in gaming. The technology used in the graphic design of games is undergoing drastic changes. 

Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard explains how gaming benefitted his franchise. He has rolled out games franchises like Call of Duty, Candy Crush etc. Without developments in graphic design for games, it would have been impossible for them to create the game’s environment that tapped the attention of the gamers. The excellent background of games is quite sensational. They used a realistic background to evoke realistic sentiments in gamers too. For example, a setting like a jungle or a sea looks adventurous. 

  • Virtual Reality

Now, this is the most important trend that is visible in games today. Today, everyone wants a tinge of realism in whatever they see. This has induced graphic designers to resort to virtual reality designing. A good example of virtual reality games is Minecraft that can be played via a medium like Gear. 

Besides that, you have Cards of Humanity that can be played on Zoom. All these games have been carefully designed keeping in mind that users have wholesome experience. For this, graphic designers are now working on honing their art in the field. A lot of designers can be hired for this purpose who provide unlimited graphic designing services. 


  • Animation 

Besides that, the animation as a genre in gaming has become quite important today. Those days are no more when characters in games would be still and dull. Animation has brought life in games today. In modern games, the graphics make characters feel more like real, living people. For instance, in Mario, the character only used to move and run. But today they can speak as well. For example in the game GT San Andreas, the chief protagonist can do business and then talk like any normal person. The graphics have assumed a sophisticated character today.

  • Diversification of Games 

If you ask yourself a question that were game graphics homogenous around 5 decades back? The answer would be yes. Earlier the games were largely containing one kind of graphic and didn’t offer anything unique on the platter. Also, games back then were more children-oriented. Yet today we have graphics catering to all age groups and backgrounds.

 Video games are a great way to reach audiences of all kinds, especially young people.

Thus games like Pubg are today catering to the Generation Z and older population both. Besides that, cute games with beautiful graphic designs like Angry birds are catering to children. 

  • Complex Art in Games 

What are the games? They are obviously a good source of entertainment and relaxation. However, if looked at closely, games can be a powerful source of knowledge and a medium to convey certain things too. One can be glad and equally surprised at the same time to know about this trend in the gaming industry. 

There are many games that have been solely designed to spread awareness regarding social issues. One such game is Darfur is Dying. This game is available on PC and here the participants have to find water while escaping military. Thus, the game throws light on water scarcity. Another game Nightmare: Malaria spreads awareness about Malaria disease. 

Thus, graphics in games have evolved. They now are designed to create awareness too. 


  • Emotional Graphics Era

Who doesn’t want to play a game in which there are sweet couples making love? Or a game that’s emotional conveying love, hatred, anger etc in all intensities. Today the work of a graphic designer has evolved into the role of incorporating ever minute detail in gaming graphics. 

Sony first introduced its PlayStation console platform in the late 1990s. Sony experienced a hugely successful launch after giving priority to feelings in the games. 

Besides that, you have love games for teenagers today which contain beautiful graphics. The mechanised part of games has now become more human-like so that audiences can connect with it. Thanks to the amazing graphics! 


All in all, something “simple looking” like games have been going through a lot of changes lately. As we all know, graphics can make a huge difference in the way something is depicted! 





Promoting Your Business Even During COVID-19

The COVID-19 has been an unfortunate situation globally. Apart from the destruction of human life and resources, this pandemic has also smashed millions of dreams and hopes. The economy has suffered a massive setback and new forms or startup companies have suffered the worst hit!

However, the lockdown situation had made use of the digital world of virtual reality more than before and this has opened up a lot of different avenues.

Promotion of a business doesn’t always have to be in print or television. Digital marketing or e-marketing have proved to have a lot more potential than previously estimated!

E-Commerce marketing has grown significantly during the lockdown period.

There is no lockdown on advertisement

Advertisement during lockdown is difficult with human actors, as this pandemic States that you stay away from other people! However, this is where the digital illustration comes into the picture!

Virtual advertising can take place with the aid of visual stories, or animation. This definitely has its shortcomings but has perks too! Promotion of business during lockdown now depends on the content more than the people in an advertisement!

Advertisement now focuses more on the content that you can provide.

Oftentimes it so transpired that brand values were built on the actors or actresses who were paid for advertising. The ‘face’ of the brand started getting built on the success of the actors.

However, this pandemic deterred much of this due to lockdown and discouragement of human contact. So inevitably, marketing through content remains the sole method of competing against other companies.

Digital advertising

The Internet has been the source of information and entertainment during this period. Most of the home quarantined individuals look up to this to stay connected with their friends and family.

Advertising through this medium is advisable as it would reach out to a large number of viewers online. Facebook ads have received the largest number of viewing. Even Instagram pages have shown simultaneous growth over the last four months. Social media pages have proved to be a great way to boost your startup business!

Social Media is what connects people, and advertisements posted here are likely to be seen by a loathe number of people.

What if I don’t have designing skills myself?

It is quite understandable that as an entrepreneur you can’t do every single thing on your own. Advertisement requires a lot of brain-racking and compelling story writing and editing skills. It is advisable to consult firms that would be willing to give you consultation and planning.

Draftss is a company well known for its unlimited graphic design services at reasonable prices. They can help you with web graphic design services such that you can maintain a proper user interface that enables smooth navigation for all your users and viewers.

You may consult companies providing graphic designing services for promotion.

In case you wish to try the services without making any long term payments, Draftss has it covered by providing one of the best monthly graphic design services. What’s more? They would create unique and creative logo designs for startups and provide advice for unique digital advertisement ideas. They have a wide range of graphic design packages so make sure you check them all out!

Have faith in yourself!

No matter what, have faith in yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are not earning the revenue you had planned. It is wise to be transparent regarding your shortcomings to yourself, your clients, as well as your employees. Since this is an emergency period, you should try your best without putting too much pressure on yourself!

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Why Make Websites on The Famous WordPress?

“Yes! I do have a WordPress blog”

“Ohh yes, I created my own website on WordPress”

These are some of the most common statements one must have heard around them . WordPress is something we all have access to. Especially for writers and bloggers, it’s a boon. Owing to the flexible nature of WordPress, almost everyone can create their own writing blog. It also provides many other amazing features like customization, themed sections etc. The only steps you have to follow are :

Go to the official WordPress site

Click on create a new site

Choose a domain name and then go ahead to choose if you want a premium version or not.

After that, following a few procedures like adding your email etc. , the site becomes yours! You can then go ahead and adorn it the way you want to!


However, a dilemma that one may face is – Should I use WordPress or some other medium to make site? It’s true that there are other media, like private site creators etc. too who can do your job. Yet, today we are going to look at some reasons that will tilt your support in favour of WordPress!

Reasons you should choose WordPress


  • Very trustworthy

First things first : WordPress is a very reliable source to go for! You should never choose a medium that becomes a pebble in your site creation way. Till date, WordPress has maintained a very positive image in front of its users and customers. Sometimes, looking at how many people use a platform is the best way to determine its reliability.

One can look at few facts and figures as listed below to look at how safe and secure it is:

  1. According to a recent study from Kinsta, WordPress dominates the CMS market share.
  2. WordPress fuels 34% of all websites worldwide.
  3. WordPress is used by about one-third of websites across the globe.


  • Tutorials and Guidance

Now as soon as you become a newbie on WordPress, you will be spoon fed. Laughingly, it means that you will get a tutorial thing that will guide you how to use it. It will say how you need to complete these many steps to design your site. Besides that, there’s always enough material available on Internet and YouTube to know how to use WordPress. Since WordPress is used by so many people all over the world, there are countless guides, tutorials, and resources that can be found online. You can take advantage to get help from the WordPress support team too.


If you have a paid WordPress plan, you’ll have access to live chat support 24 hours per day, Monday to Friday. For those of you who have business or ecommerce plans, you can even reach live chat agents on the weekends.



  • WordPress is SEO-friendly

Search Engine Optimization is important for any site. And you will be glad to know that WordPress has that feature too!

WordPress has some built-in tools that tell you how SEO-friendly your content is. This will include telling things like:

Your content is not readable

It has these many words that were repeated a lot of times.


  • Beautiful content creation tools


What is a content without graphic? In today’s times, no one wishes going through your monotonous content. What customers/users want is a good friendly experience of knowing about your content, team etc. through your site. And miraculously, WordPress does it! You can add any template or theme in it. Once your site gets published, you just need to experiment with different graphics and designs. You can add your own too.

You’ll find text editors, formatting tools, and ways to upload media files.

Besides that, you can use WordPress in tandem with a graphic designer too. This means that once you are done with creating a basic site, you can hire a good designer who provides you unlimited graphic designing services. That way you will be adding a professional touch to your site.


  • Moderate price plans

WordPress is free and comes with basic features. That’s the reason, many kids are today using it too .

WordPress is free for anyone to download. It’s an open-source project that’s been around since 2003. Open-source projects are typically free, with large communities.

But if you want to use it in a more professional manner, you can go ahead with premium version. There are around 6 subscription plans for WordPress, and you can use any. These range from $3 per month to $45 per month.


  • Comes with many languages

Can you believe that WordPress works in languages other than English too? It miraculously supports more than 160 languages worldwide. So you’ll be able to create a website to reach your global audience as well.

So you need not feel alienated if you don’t know English. If you are a regional content creator, you can go ahead with WordPress too!


So this is how we sum up our advantage counting session of WordPress! Needless to say, WordPress is self evidently quite famous. Thus apparently, any user would prefer going for it!