Why Hire Professionals For Your Landing Page?

As an entrepreneur, you must be aware of the impact your web page makes on your potential clients. In this digitized world, it is not surprising to have people who would check your company out on search engines before opting to make any purchase.
Your landing page might be the first thing they see, and that constitutes the make or break point for your customers.
In case you are of the opinion that a decent landing page design is sufficient and you do not require a professional designer then you cannot be further from reality.
Web graphic design services require an in-depth understanding of what can work in a specific environment and what will not. There are variations in different landing page layouts that can either attract more viewers or drive away your potential customers.
So, what are the things that distinguish between a landing page designed by professionals and something designed by amateurs? Let us find out.

Structural layout

One of the first things to catch the attention of viewers would be the layout of your landing page. The page should be easy to navigate and information easy to find. Even a layman who has no understanding of graphic design would prefer an accessible layout better.
Apart from this, your structural layout should speak volumes about the type of product or service you are providing to your customers. In case your website is meant to provide medical services, make sure you keep a minimalist outlook.
The minimalist outlook is applicable for those products and services which require professionalism and to create a sense of urgency and importance. Products such as wheelchairs or oxygen tanks do not need a cluttered website. This enables the viewers to search for their requirements in a smoother and faster manner.

A minimalist landing page is essential for having a spacious and professional outlook.

On the other hand, if you are selling products like home decor or paintings, it is advisable to engage in a more aesthetic outlook for your website. After all, these products are targeted towards a special group of the audience so you can afford to make them classier and tasteful.
There are certain landing pages that require attention from various age groups and targeted towards a wider set of audience. Vacation spots, for example. Hotel advertisements, tour packages, or car rental services are some services that use creative and bright landing pages.

It helps when you keep in mind the purpose of your web landing page while designing.

Color contrast

Do you have a company logo? It is recommendable to use the same colors used in logos to be incorporated into your landing page. This enables branding your business.
However, in case you have not yet decided on a company logo yet, try to use contrasting colors for your landing page. It is preferable to have a maximum of two to three colors. However, your color combination should look appropriate and modest to the eyes.
Extremely bright colors, especially at the corners of your page can misdirect the viewer’s attention towards that particular area and not make a good impression.

A lot depends on the colors you choose and the textures you use!

Relative information with necessary links

Your page is most likely to be viewed by those who need your products and services, or those who are looking up information on a similar substance. Make sure your landing page can satisfy both of these purposes.
In case your viewer is a potential customer, you need to have the landing page modified such that payment options or procedures are subtly highlighted or made easier to spot. The items you are selling should be clearly visible and there should be no space for doubt on the product category you are selling.
The landing page should also make use of related content. Provide links to your blogs or articles on the landing page itself with the topic name. It will promote engagement within your website and viewers.

Creating a landing page may sound easy, but it requires an understanding of different designing concepts to have the best web landing page. For some unlimited graphic design services, you can consult Draftss. They are a team of creative designers and artists who can give you the best consultancy and services regarding your web landing page.


Fonts and Colors Used by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google

Fonts and Colors – Identity of Social Media

Whenever someone says ‘Social Media,’ some may not think about the fonts and colors but they think about Facebook, some of Instagram, some of Twitter yet others. But why is that make a visitor remember the Media as his/her first option? What is it that makes a user think of a particular media infraction of a sec? The answer to this question is quite simple, and as yo

You may have guessed it correctly, it is the color and font of any and every kind of media that makes a place in a person’s memory. 

Every social website wants to look different from the customers. Be it Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or others like WhatsApp. Why is that all of these websites focus so much on color and font? Why do they spend so much on mere features such as the color? We will be answering these questions ahead but first, let’s see how these are different and do they mean!

Fonts and colors

Social media

Let’s begin with the Search engine itself like Google, which uses its own font Sans and colors, namely Red, Green, Blue, and yellow. Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, are seen in blue. Instagram (Insta) is seen in a purple, pink, blue, orange, red, yellow logo. The font of all of these 3 is Roboto, with the exception of Facebook, which uses the font Helvetica Neue for IOS.

Color Battles

In spite of using a spectrum of colors, Instagram is quickly associated with a mix of purple and red. As soon as we see these colors it’s an easy guess that they stand of Instagram. Only a few of those who are keen observers can notice the orange, yellow, pink in the logo. 

When it comes to Google it is just the four colors of life. The G color as seen by many is the representative of the four colors known to any and everyone. These are colors seen everywhere products, board game pieces even children books etc. and therefore just too quick to be associated with. 

Facebook and Twitter both having the same blue have made a point differentiate themselves well. Let’s see. What would u say for a bluebird and the blue letter? You are right! The blue letter immediately talks about Facebook and the bluebird as well all know takes us to Twitter. 

Colors Within

fonts and colors

Let us see the app colors. For Instagram, it is basically white. However, with recent updates the company has given an option of customizing the app color. It can be turned into a dark background. With varying feature of story colors the Media has done well in coming up with attractive colors. 

While Facebook is very happy with its blue and white palette twitter has gone ahead and given few options. There is always the primary blue and white. But the secondary color palette is the grey-scale from Black to White which you can choose from. 

Google follows its white background with a grey scale for search formats and its basic Quadra-color logo at the top. The company has chosen black for the incognito tabs to differentiate it. 


Except google who developed its own font all the other use the Roboto font. However, the Social Media Apps have gone a step ahead to provide a variety of Fonts for stories, posts, and have included emoji’s as an integral part of Language. Few have also developed their own stickers and fonts and have grabbed the market. 

Another amazing feature the social media has taken forward is the concept of font generation. Now new fonts can be developed using a third part app/website and these can be used in your social media app. 

The Need of Fonts And Colors

Now coming back to our question as to what makes the user remember? I know it is pretty obvious by now. The Fonts and colors are the backbone of Social Media Marketing. These colors and fonts act as major cues in attracting and appealing to the consumers. It is these that the consumer remembers and carries which play a role of immediate micro cues when similar color or font is seen. 

fonts and colors used by facebook

colors and fonts are therefore essential tool of the marketer. A company be is Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter or a smaller company all have invested fortunes on the deciding and continuously improving these cues. These features being visual and repeated available get stuck to the users mind. Thus, similar colors or fonts lead to spreading of word-of-mouth which is today the most essential and most needed form of advertising for any company. 

Overcoming the Competitor With Fonts And Colors

colors are chosen carefully because it represents the Media Company itself. As the color is the identity of the Media itself no company like and individual likes its identity to be mixed with another. Thus when Google chose the primary colors with the rebel green, Facebook came up with only blue. As Twitter dived in with a lighter shade Instagram brought in the whole spectrum in a very subtle purple and red.

While google chose to create a font of its own the others chose to provide variety of Fonts for personalized stories and post and whatever they wanted to share. They chose to bring in third parties for the fonts that they could not provide thus pulling customers very well. 


I believe that each of the players have done well when it comes to Fonts and colors of the websites as well as the app. No matter what the economics status of merger, rise, and fall be the companies have done well when it comes to creativity and have earned loyalty of vast segments from varied walks of life. 

As it would be the case in any field ongoing R&D of Social Media is further making the companies capable of not only providing but also creating better cues to attract anther segments of the market. 


How to Use Color Psychology When Creating a Website

Color psychology majorly contributes to the determining factor on which the success of your website could depend on. Using it in the right way for the right audience at the right place is crucial.
What we find to be triggering a positive or negative response in the mind, impacts our attitude and decision-making almost instantaneously. One such ubiquitous trigger that we come across and really do not think of much is the colors surrounded by. Being able to employ the right color scheme can certainly be an additional feature to make your creation more attractive as well as generate the optimal response.

User Experience In Color Psychology

When it comes to creating the new website that makes the user experience fulfilling. One of the key points to keep in mind is that the website should be simple yet appealing and inviting. Colors have a remarkably close link with emotions and hence have a definite psychological impact. The warmth or coolness of color evokes different feelings in the brain. Hence, in order to achieve the goal, the website puts up for. The user experience and user interface need to be a high priority.
website colors
Color psychology is one tool that’s used to make the website more appealing by engaging with the subconscious emotional system of the user to drive them to the expected results. Obviously, different colors can impact different responses depending on the circumstances, both negative and positive. This property of colors used by designers looking to create a more engaging website that can hook onto the user’s attention.
When choosing the color scheme for a particular crowd, a designer must remember what appeals. The most to the crowd without using too much or too little of the scheme chosen.

According To Recent Studies

Women are more attracted to the colors blue, purple and green as opposed to orange, brown and grey. Knowing when to use these colors to attract more women. To use the website and further even to buy the products offered. By creating a female-oriented and classy website is what the designer should aim for.

Here is a list of colors and the groups of people that find the color most appealing:

color psychology

The Color Psychology Of Blue, Green, Orange, Red And White

Blue-  It is the thought of as the color that builds the user’s trust. This color used in most scenarios as it can be found to build trust and imply transparency. It can seen in the real-time example of Facebook. A social media company having billions of users across the world.
Green- It’s used mostly to promote the outdoors and the environment due to its calming presence as it’s associated most with nature awareness and appreciation. This color also associated with a confirmation.
Orange- Known to be the ‘Impulse’ color, Orange can see the imply in competition and push for a rapid response in case of urgency. It can also used in sports team logos to show physical activity and confidence.  
Red- Used to draw immediate attention in case of a threat or warning. Also associated with a negative response to incorrect input by the user. It’s the warmest color which seen in both extreme positive as well as negative scenarios such as passion and danger.
White- Most often it is a color of purity, virtue and hygiene. It has a sense of cleanliness and honesty which is why it’s often used by several healthcare companies. This color also used to make content stand out of the page.
color psychology

The Color Psychology Of Yellow, Purple, Pink, Brown and Black

Yellow- Another warm color that associated with both positive and negative emotions and used sparingly as it can get overwhelming if used excessively and mostly used to put out a warning as it can grab attention very easily.
Purple- Said to be the color of royalty and wealth. This color also used to invoke calmness and serenity. Also, it can develop creativity, curiosity and mystery.
Pink- Closely related to femininity, sensitivity and romance. Hence, it’s mainly found in female generated online markets.
Brown- It creates a feeling of content and homeliness. It suggests stability and makes you feel down to earth.
Black- Reflecting elegance and glamour, it’s used in advertisements to show power and high contrast. This color used to show high class and standard in a particular product as it can seen in automobile ads.

Over To You

As seen above, different colors hold different impressions in the brain which can lead the user to have their own interpretations of a certain website. This interpretation can formed with the help of the user interface, making it more attractive and appealing. More so, to make the website a success, this color psychology helps capture a lot of attention from the right crowd for the right product at the right time making the effort put in by the designer a lot more credible.

Landing Page Vs. Home Page – The Correct Way To Bring In The Audience.

While dealing with digital marketing, terms like a landing page and the home page is used more often. And most of the clients try to interrogate about this specific term only. 

And it’s not their fault too, because a landing page is identical to the homepage, but there are some key differences, which many of them ignore.

The main objective of the homepage is to inspire the visitor to be on the website and go through almost all the pages of the site to find the information they were searching for. 

However, a landing page is built to satisfy the informational need of a customer related to a single product or service. 

Building a landing page is much complex, as it has to attract the eye of the viewer at very first glance, and the conversion should happen, or else it just fails!


4 Significant Difference Between Landing Page And An Homepage:

Purpose and Target Audience:

As mentioned previously, the main difference between both of the pages is the target audience. 

As in the name itself, the landing page refers to space where someone lands after clicking on an ad. This ad might be of a shoe a person has seen in any social media. By clicking on that ad, the page on which he has landed is stated as a landing page. 

This mostly happens with paid search apps. And it has been noticed by many of us, by now. Whatever we search on the search engine, at the very next moment, there are lots of ads displayed related to that product itself.

For example, if you are looking for graphic designers near me, then there will be lots of ads displayed on your phone about the graphic designers in your area. 

The only purpose of these digital ads is to target specific demographics, which can help with the conversion rate. 

Hence, the landing page has to be tailored by the type of the audience watching it.  

In landing page designing, organic traffic doesn’t really matter; what just matters is the content that would help to push the conversion rate. 

In short, one can get traffic and boost sales by the landing page itself, whereas the homepage is also essential as it connects the customer to the company. 



As mentioned earlier, the landing page just has a goal to convert the traffic, whereas a home page needs to wear lots of hats. 

The homepage covers a navigation bar, along with some links of social media accounts in the footer, and also links to help the visitor to interact with the website. 

On the other hand, a landing page doesn’t have any navigation. It has just the primary goal to make the conversion, and just not create any distractions. 



The content on both the landing page and home page differs a lot. The information on the homepage might be similar to the landing page, but the landing page just promotes the product and the service. 

Unlike the organic traffic of the homepage, landing page knows what search terms have brought the visitor to visit your page. Hence the landing page should be specific to those searches and ads only.

For example, if a person searches for a graphic design agency near me, and clicks the agency’s ad, then they will be directed towards the landing page of that specific search and not the homepage. This landing page will cover all the essential questions like, Why are your agency is the best choice? What kind of offer do you have for specific graphics? What is the cost of graphic design?

Hence a landing page covers more target audiences than the homepage!


Call To Action:

The landing page is often action-oriented, and this is one of the most substantial differences between a landing page and a homepage page. In simpler words, landing pages always have some type of Call-to-Action (CTA) to encourage the viewers to do some action.

This CTA may cover actionable content like, ‘call us now’ or ‘get started today’ or even ‘buy the subscription!’ 

Moreover, on the landing page, if there is any offer related to the search, it’s displayed there, to boost the conversion. For example, ‘buy the subscription now and get an instant 10% discount’. This makes the customer more special, and they tend to take action instantly.

Whereas a homepage never really have strong CTA, they do have it, but it’s not so healthy for the conversion, and it’s absolutely okay! The website is often used as a resource for the audience as a whole. 



Home Page has lots of information, sources, and links covered in it because the company has to put all the essential information at its site as a resource to their potential customers. 

Also, the landing page covers a specific message, related content; it is highly focused on a customer. The primary purpose is to convert and generate leads by increasing the sign-up, prompting calls, or initiating a chat with the targeted customer. One can even say that it is a simplified yet more concise version of a homepage along with a specific call-to-action.

Hence it requires lots of patience and dedication to built both the pages. Professionally, one can take the help of agencies who have good knowledge about creating landing pages and homepages. Draftss have a team of designers working individually in building unique pages for their customers, and with tremendous success, they can be the best choice!!


Drop Servicing Business With Draftss in 2020: A Practical Guide.

In the business world today, you can drop service from anything to everything. But the only thing you should not drop service is the thing you do not understand. Although you don’t have to be an expert to drop service a digital product, having some basic knowledge of what you are offering is definitely going to help. It is also very important to trust the service partners you’re going to work with. 

A major benefit of drop servicing for businesses is to reduce overhead costs. Thus, it’s very important to analyze the complete financial structure you are going to follow while you are drop servicing. Find drop servicing partners who can help you reduce overhead costs. The type of packages offered, their upfront costs, and the flexibility they provide would be integral aspects to evaluate their compatibility with you.

Drop servicing can be easy. First, you need to define and put together what are your going to drop service and who are you going to provide the services.

Second, find yourself a partner to drop service. It’s very important to get a partner who fits your requirements appropriately. The partner can be an individual, a group of individuals, or professional companies.

Third, you need to get on  a platform to be able to make your services available to your potential and target customers. Simplest of all is to get yourself a website!

Fourth, and the final, you need to have a marketing strategy which is fit and exact for all your requirements and can be executed with the available resources. Take help from your drop servicing partners in formulation of a perfect strategy!

Let us understand how you can start drop servicing in detail!


Drop Servicing Design And WordPress & HTML Services

Designing and WordPress & HTML services are highly in demand in almost every industry. Every organization wants to be the best and for that matter of choice, they understand that they need to look best. Digital transformation for every business has become an integral aspect that they can’t ignore and thus frontend designing of various digital platforms has gained importance.

Due to rising importance, they bring in a lot of business opportunities. Some of the most popular services being drop serviced widely are:

  1. Logo Designing & Branding
  2. WordPress Development & Designing
  3. Web Development & Designing
  4. Graphic Designing
  5. App UI/UX Designing
  6. Promotional Designing
  7. Merchandise Designing
  8. Brochure/Newsletter/Whitepaper/Postcards Designing

And the limit is endless!

While your firm gets ready to bring in designers who have absolute brilliance to design these particulars, it’s always a good idea to get it outsourced without compromising on the quality of services and without diluting the resources for your growth.

Let’s take you quickly through some of the services highly in demand:


  •       Logo Designing & Branding

Logo & Branding is something very essential to every business and if you provide it, you’re an integral part of the business world. You can easily subscribe to a designing package and get the logo designing and branding services Drop Shipped with a designing company.  

  • WordPress Designing & Development

WordPress Development is easy to update, edit, change or modify the content of the website. You can easily propose great designs and highly modified wordpress websites to your clients for a variety of needs like e-commerce, for bookings, for portfolios, for blogging, and several more.


  •       Graphic Designing

Graphics are important and so is the one who provides it! Get great graphic designing services Drop Serviced with a designing company and let your designing business expand with ease. One of the major advantages to use Draftss as your Drop Servicing Partner is that Draftss lets you use the portfolio of its great designs in various formats with no marks and thus lets you portray your image as an expert.

  • Web & App UI/UX

Companies and businesses around the globe are very conscious of engaging with their audience in the right way and thus investing large sums on improving their UI/UX. This aspect is indispensable for business in the near future and thus can give a boost to your drop servicing business and keep it afloat for a good time. You can get these services drop serviced  by organisations around the world easily and serve your clients making decent profits!

  •       Promotional Designing

Promotional designing plays a crucial role. What, How, and Where an organization says and communicates with the respective target audience makes a great difference and organisations are spending a lot on it. Your drop servicing business can design particulars like flyers, graphic designs, social media content, brochures, e-books,  infographics, illustrations, and similar such things to cater to their needs while just getting them all drop serviced.  

  • Merchandise

Every company wishes to become a brand and is working hard to grow thus making the demand of branded merchandise to go higher. Merchandise designing is one of the highly demanded and widely famous concepts of branding. You can provide a number of merchandise like T-shirts, Stationeries, Postcards, and such other things and get them Drop Serviced easily. 


  • Brochure/Newsletter/Whitepaper/Postcards Designing

These are the basics every business requires before it even starts doing business. By having a great designing agency on your back, you can claim your expertise in these services for the upcoming and thriving businesses and explore a huge market full of demand. Get these particulars like Brochure, Newsletters, Whitepapers, Postcards, and other essentials designed through Drop Servicing services and make a great business deal for yourself out of it.


How are you going to get these services Drop Serviced?

A number of platforms and portals form a community of freelancers and experts who can make a perfect team for performing services on behalf of you and work as a drop servicing partner for your business. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and many other similar platforms are up and running where you can find your drop servicing partners. 

But as everything comes in life not easy, there can be some complications you may have to deal with.

  • Some of these platforms keep a percentage share of the total cost of the project retained adding a little risk to your profits from the projects. 
  • Also, it may get difficult for you to trust random freelancers upon these platforms although the reviews and ratings of the freelancers are provided. 
  • Even if you get some freelancers and individuals upon these problems, it’s an additional challenge for you to manage them as well with your growing business.

Some platforms also provide a complete solution as a platform for dispute resolution, but why get into them when you can just avoid them!

You can look up to Draftss for your drop servicing business and make it easier as well as comfortable for you to work well. Some of the key aspects of Draftss are: 

  1. 100+ services offered.
  2. No need to review the designers!
  3. You get an entire design team.
  4. Especially trained people for handling your project as well.
  5. Great technical knowledge.
  6. Superb customer support.
  7. One time & subscription based payment models.
  8. Quick and Easy.
  9. Awesome Designs
  10. Helps with design & code consultations as well.
  11. Integration with Slack & Trello makes it easier to work with them.
  12. A lot of businesses as well as individuals use Draftss for Drop Servicing.
  13. Draftss work with small as well as huge brands.
  14. Pretty Cool Team to Work with.
  15. All the services you get offered are white labeled.

One of the best and the rarest things to find is a pricing model that works on subscription. Draftss provides its subscription based pricing model that helps you strategize as well as set your pricing and revenue targets.

A number of platforms can get you started with your Drop Servicing business instantly, smoothly, and with ease but what about the customers? Let’s make your services available to your target customers with some simple and effective steps.

How Should You Make These Services Available?

The best and the quickest way to reach out to your clients is online!


Get an amazing website built for your organization in no time with great service providers in the market available and set up your online portfolio for your to-be-customers to opt and subscribe to your services.

While you propose to service your clients, be an expert! Some of the in-demand drop servicing partner companies like Draftss let you showcase all their expertise and solutions as yours and showcase a broad and huge portfolio for which you can be called as an expert.

Receive your subscriptions and demands from your clients and let your Drop Servicing partner serve them on behalf of you.

It’s that easy!


How should you price these services?

A perfect Drop Servicing pricing strategy will help you to get a better marketing strategy and create more sales, thus more profits. 

Failing to have an optimum price point for your services through Drop Servicing, you may either lose customers by setting the prices too high or may lose upon potential profits by setting the prices too low.

Most common pricing strategies are:

  • The Traditional Cost Based Pricing: where prices are dependent upon cost and aspired profits.
  • Competition Based Pricing Strategy: where prices are strategically aligned with the prices offered by competitors.
  • Customer Based Pricing Strategy: where prices are flexible enough and the final charges are based upon the type, strata, and payment capacity of the customers. 

Average Prices

For each scope of services, choose an average range of prices. For example, you subscribe to a monthly subscription of Draftss and price each of the services according to the average value. 

  • Logo & Designing services are usually quoted in a range of $150-$1500.
  • Landing Pages are designed at an average price range of $300-$1200.
  • UI/UX Designs for the Mobile Apps are priced in the range of $300-$1200.
  • Infographic designs usually are priced in the range of $5-$367.

More number of projects you get in a month, the more profit for your organization!


How to get customers?

  • Use Upwork & Similar Sites

A number of platforms, networks, and communities like:

  1. Freelancer
  2. Upwork
  3. Fiverr 
  4. Toptal
  5. Simply Hired

help organizations as well as individuals to bag projects on a freelance basis. They make it easy for the demand side as well as the supply side to come together upon a platform, analyse the deal, and further close the deal!


  • Google Ads & Facebook Ads

Using Google Ads & other Social Media platforms can do wonders for businesses to get leads and potential customers while saving a big investment cost for the business. Further, use google analytics and google trends to track the growth as well as improve upon the ongoing growth of your online platforms.


  • Friends & Family

Friends & family acquaintances can be your initial clients and once you get your first project, it only gets easier. Offer your friends and acquaintances services for dirt cheap prices and in exchange you get to become the best person to refer your business to their network further ultimately providing you with a lot of leads in future.



  • SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activities can highly help you bring in a lot of traffic to your web based business portals. Use it to bring out the best content and to engage with the highly convertible leads. Tools and services to help you with SEO like YoastSEO, SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, SEOPress, and other similar tools can help gain organic traffic. Search engines play a major role and are a great source of traffic for most websites on the internet. Optimizing your website for search engines can help you rank higher in search results and significantly grow your Drop Serviced business.  


And Done!

Drop Servicing the design services is going to make a good choice for you and your business to deal with the clients with the best quality when dealing with management or financial constraints. Make sure you have an appropriate and compatible Drop Servicing artner for your organization. Drop Servicing can relieve you from a lot and this makes it a highly lucrative opportunity for a business to grab.

You’ve got your organization settled up, you’ve got your design and development services Drop Serviced to Draftss, and now serving your clients with the best is the next! 

Looking for an easy and quick way to get the services Drop Serviced to Draftss?

Reach out to and let your business expand!

Drop Servicing is going to be the future of a number of businesses soon. It’s better to find your drop servicing partner soon and get started with the delivery of expert services. From partnering with a great designing company like Draftss to achieve perfection just in the beginning to reaching out to your customers and making the services available to them, it’s easy and quick! 

Follow the right steps and you get to have a great business settled up in no time with all the services drop serviced. Start with defining the scope of services you’re going to provide. Find a drop servicing partner for your business, get ready with your services to be showcased before your potential customers, reach out to them and get started! 


Five Significant Reasons To Invest In Web Design For Your E-Commerce Site!

In this digitized world, combining e-commerce is vital if you want to sustain and win the competition. This is particularly true when it is about web design in e-commerce. If you notice wide enough, you will simply see that there are several components in the web design process. That’s the reason it becomes difficult to find a good company for web designing, and we at Draftss provide the best service when it comes to web designing. We have premium quality designs and codes along with several pricing options. 

Web Design in E-commerce:

The process of web design in e-commerce is a bit complex because over here, it’s all about the user experience. It’s quite apparent that when it comes to web designing, any business or startup tries to find a way to exceed their standards from the existing older sites. 

And it is not going to be easy, but it can be achieved with experience in web designing. Draftss have experts who have created more than 100 web UI designs with UX optimisation, which helped to improve the conversion rate drastically. 

Apart from all different aspects, it is even more important to use the most current technology in website designing. A website which uses updated codes and user-friendly templates along with a responsive design will allow the user to view and load the site or page quickly.

Why is web designing important in E-commerce?

There are numerous reasons behind the importance of web design in e-commerce, but we have classified five significant reasons to illustrate why it’s a must for any type of business:

It’s eye-catchy!

Web designing can be considered as a type of marketing tactic because netizens usually get impressed by a company’s effort. And in this era of internet shopping, what builds a business is the user’s experience. It’s essential to win the customers quickly at a single glance.

There would be thousands of businesses offering similar products and services as you, but through the website only you can mention how you stand out from others! What’s your business USP? There are probably thousands of other businesses offering similar products or services. 

And the right design will let you catch an audience by providing the right amount of details you have mentioned on your site. 

All the Information can be integrated well!

Not all of the information on your site needs to be entertaining and engaging. Because as an e-commerce site, there are lots of essential details you need to include, even if it’s a bit boring to read or glance at. These boring information can be related to returns and terms and conditions.

But your site needs to cover all essential details like delivery detail, product detail, manufacturer details and pricing structure.

Every information should be worded well, as it can create problems in future with your customer or with yourself too! For developing an excellent web design, there are many steps taken, as the help of minimalism in graphic designing to create a proper logo and even better optimizations.

One can track the user experience!

When a customer lands on your e-commerce site, it can be any stage of the buying journey. For example, they might have received a marketing email or might have liked your product from a browser, or have stumbled accidentally on your site. 

It doesn’t matter how they land on your page, what matters the most is for how much time they stay on your page!

The time a viewer spends on your page speaks a lot about the web UI because it all goes hand in hand. A well-optimized site will work efficiently in all android or iOS versions. And as more shoppers use their phones to make purchases, it’s essential to build a UI which is well optimized, that’s the reason designing for websites is very tricky at times!

Helps to increase the conversion rate!

Web assigning can be considered as an asset only because the more you pay attention while designing the site, the better conversion rate you can notice!

And even a study says that 48% of sales is determined by how smooth a web design is.

All the efforts made while designing your website will be paid through the conversion rate.

Builds trust!

Through proper web designing, a business can even build trust for a longer time. Wondering how? 

Most of the customers are cautious about their data getting hampered if provided, and even big giants like Amazon and Zalando work efficiently in this case. Customer’s trust can only build a business. Hence a professional web design is essential to secure the details of any viewer. 

For example; if a person does purchase through your website, then it’s your responsibility to take care of the customer’s card details, and it should be end to end encrypted. 

To conclude, the most effective way to get a better and intuitive web design is through an agency which has already worked under such projects. Draftss has successfully built 100 websites with highly affordable packages like unlimited graphic design services. Relying on such an agency will always give a truthful result, as technology is the solution to all the problems, and an agency who uses technology at its best can create wonders!

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12 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Your Landing Page Design

A landing page is a special kind of page that is dedicated to increasing conversion. It is generally a single web page that appears when you click on a search engine optimized result, marketing promotion, marketing email or just an online advertisement. If you are trying to sell a product or a service or maybe if you are making a page for e-book download or webinar sign-up, it is always worth it to prepare an attractive landing page. Quality landing pages not only help you achieve your business goals but also gain customer loyalty. We have thought about a few significant reasons why it is necessary to create a good landing page for your business.

Here are 12 reasons why you should invest in your landing page design:

1. They Boon Your Conversion Rate 

Credits: Crazy Egg

It should be kept in mind that a landing page is not a common web page. It lacks most of the characteristics of a classic web page. Unlike your usual web pages, a landing page contains lots of content and allows more advanced navigation. It keeps the customer focused on the product only. Studies have shown that the utilization of a landing page increases your business’ conversion rate by 55%.

2. They Tend To Reach Out To Interested Users

Credits: LinkedIn

In the modern age, internet users have grown to absolutely hate advertisements. According to one of PageFair’s researches, 30% of internet users use tools like AdBlock in their desktops and this number is increasing day by day. This study is true even under current conditions, in which the market for desktops is shrinking. Reaching out to your users simply does not mean the creation of a good, classic internet advertisement, but a more personalized advertisement – the kind the user will not want to miss. A well-designed landing page is totally capable of reaching users already interested in a specific topic, who also wants a viable offer.

3. A Landing Page Is An Excellent Tool For Online Promotion

Credits: InboxArmy

In one of the researches done by Marketing Experiments, it has been observed that landing pages surpass even email campaigns in terms of online promotion. This just goes on to show the amount of power personalized messaging has. The study shows B2B value and B2C value via attractive visuals with study-based data. So, we can easily say that classic techniques like hot and cold mailing, even personalized, don’t possess the kind of firepower that a landing page does.

4. A Landing Page Is The Best Tool For Conversion

Credits: Convertize

The statement above is justified because every time you create a landing page, you expand your database, including email addresses. So, with previously-acquired user consent, you can send your clients emails. You can also create new campaigns that are complementary to what you are doing with your landing pages. This will help you further your primary agenda – conversion.

5. Landing Pages Generate Outstanding Leads

Credits: Eminent SEO

Landing pages help you spot users who are more invested in the nature of your business. They also help you identify website traffic and the behavior of people who go through a landing page and reach a certain place on a classic website. This way, landing pages not only generate excellent leads but also help with reconversion.

6. A Landing Page Can Be Easily Promoted 

Landing pages can be used an element of a campaign in social media and with PPC campaigns. You can easily link your landing pages to the social media pages and PPC campaigns of your business. Landing pages can also be easily found organically. Hence, good landing pages are basically self-promoting.

7. Effortless Integrations

Credits: Sprout Social

A landing page can be easily integrated or connected with external marketing tools. Now, connecting a landing page with tools like – CRM systems, marketing automation software, online chats, and many others initiates not only higher possibilities for monitoring user behavior, but also additional probabilities of reaching them with marketing messages. A perfect example would be, using an email address that was submitted on a landing page.

8. Landing Pages Are Totally Trackable

Are you trying to determine whether or not you are generating sufficient leads? Well, when you create a good landing page, you have the ability to use tools like Google Analytics. With these tools, you can set conversion goals, gain insight into segmentation data, and see results in real-time. With these results, you can test different landing pages to see which ones are more effective.

9. A Well-Designed Landing Page Adds Legitimacy 

Credits: WebProNews

Legitimacy is undoubtedly the most integral part of your business. Well-designed landing pages help customers trust your business’ solutions/products. Your website might not have the sleekest of designs, but with a quality landing page, you are definitely allowing yourself to make a great first impression which can eventually help build a larger audience. Thus, when you are creating a good landing page, you are helping yourself out by making your business more legitimate.

10. They Validate Your Messages


A good landing page gives you the chance to illustrate your overall message to the audience and explain to them who you are and what you offer to your customers. The most effective way to display this message would be to explain your business in a few bullet points with a possible infographic.

11. Users Have Better Experience

Credits: PSD Markup

An attractive landing page can make the experience easier and clear for your visitors. With your landing page being transparent, relevant and having easy navigation, people don’t have to hunt around for the info they need. When you keep everything simple and easy-to-find, you are bound to generate leads and hopefully promote sales for your business.

12. They Will Yield The Best Possible Results

Credits: Crazy Egg

Effective landing pages are capable of producing really good outcomes. A/B testing is a quick and easy way to test different layout designs for your landing pages to determine which ones will spring the best results. Over the years, we have seen that many small companies may offer great products but they lack conversion rates from their landing pages.

On a final note, we would say that a landing page is a perfect way to attract a user to a given product or service. Moreover, a well-designed landing page is an essential part of digital marketing in today’s age for small businesses. If you are a marketer, a quality landing page can be the ace of spades in your hand. We have summarized a few reasons why you should invest in landing page design. However, feel free to add to it in the comments section below.

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Admission Consulting Web UI/UX Design Feedback: MapleToIvy

many pixels vs design pickle

Hello Founders,

We are covering MapleToIvy for our feedback round. Here are a few suggestions to improve the current version of the landing page UI/UX:

  • The current website looks beautiful. However, there are few UI fixes that could be done.
  • Increase the contact number in the navbar slightly. Since it is not a link, you would want your customers to read the number and call you. Increasing the size would act as a better visible aid.
  • Align the navbar website as per a container such that the whole website is aligned to the same left alignment.
  • Increase the size of “Book a free consultation”.
  • Increase the font size of title “95% of our students…”
  • “The competition to get into…” paragraph which is currently bold should have an increased font size and have a different color to it.
  • You should have only one CTA instead of two in “Beat the odds.” section.
  • In the above section, the right icon and content look pretty amazing. But it can be better if you only use 3 line description for all icon content.
  • In the “Attract the top..” the “Enroll now” button can be next to the “Book a free consultation”.
  • You have used “Book a free consultation” and “Enroll now” button everywhere. Instead, you should use the contact number as a CTA in “Turn your reach schools…” section.
  • Social media icons seem to be missing.
  • After the “Follow in the footsteps” there should be a small FAQ section having a few questions and a button to read full FAQ.

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Design UI UX for InfluxDB & Prometheus as a Service

on demand design and code as a service (updated screenshot)

Hello Founders,

We are covering Fully Managed and Hosted InfluxDB and Prometheus as a Service for our feedback round. Here are a few suggestions to improve the current version of the landing page UI/UX:

  • To start with, I think the header of the website is the best as compared with other sections of the website
  • You should reduce the empty space between “Use you favorite StatsD lib…” and the text box
  • Change the color of ‘Get Started’ button to Blueish Purple Color that can be seen in the Logo
  • Did you try a version of the landing page where the sample code on the right-hand side has a color theme? Maybe using a default color theme of Sublime Text so that more developer can relate to it as a friendly and easy code to use.
  • The signup button on the nav bar should have rounded corners
  • The nav-bar should have links to the features section which scrolls down to the features section
  • The dividing line above the ‘We take the hassle out of it!’ could be smaller. No need to stretch it till the end of the page

“We take hassle out of it” section:
— Increase the line spacing in the title ‘Focus on your product…’
— The features below could be bigger so that less empty space is visible
— The list of features inside, like “setting up can…” and other similar ones can come in bullet points or relevant icons before them
— The image on the right should have round corners

“Get up and running in under 15 minutes” section:
— Increase the size of the icons
— Add descriptive text underneath all the 3 titles just like you have it for ‘Watch your Data stream’
— Change the “and” in the section title to “&” so it looks shorter.
— Change the color of section title to white

  • “You want to get the job done…” text looks very cramped up… maybe reduce the text or add more line spacing
  • Change the color of the red fish to blueish purple from the logo
  • Remove the extra space from the top and bottom in the ‘Ready to get started’ section
  • Change the font of ‘Most Popular’ to something else. No Comic Sans Please! 🙂
  • Personally, maybe try re-doing the complete pricing section
  • The footers seem like it has been left out. Maybe add a white version of the logo in the footer and some contact details and social links

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Graphic UI Design Feedback for OrbitsApp

Best app UI UX design for blog (Updated)

Hello Founders,

We are covering OrbitsApp for our feedback round. Here are a few suggestions to improve the current version of the landing page UI/UX:

  • Add next to the logo so that visitors remember the name. Once you are very popular with your audience then you can pull the solo logo branding. But at an early stage, it doesn’t make any sense.
  • Add some navigation links in the header, it currently looks too empty. (Add hyperlinks of features, how it works, join now)
  • The header image should come above the title ‘Encourage readers to stay…”. Personally, I think you should consider changing the image.
  • If you’d like to try some uniqueness, you can bold the second line of the title text “recommending what to read next” so that it is easily readable and understandable in a few seconds about what OrbitsApp does. (Attached Screenshot)
  • Change the text of ‘Reduce bounce rate’ to ‘Reduce Bounce Rate’.
  • Increase the font size of ‘Reduce Bounce Rate’ & ‘Recirculate Content’.
  • ‘Perfect for improving user engagement’ can be bold and same blue color as the OrbitsApp logo.
  • Before starting ‘how it works’ section maybe you could add a gif of the product in action and how does it look.
  • Increase the size of the 2nd icon or change it to something that looks similar to the other two in space proportion.
  • Change the text of ‘Import your links’ to ‘Import your Links’.
  • Join the beta section can be inverted. Meaning the background can be blue and text and button in white.
  • Integrate live chat to the website which is very helpful for converting prospects.

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Website Review for Ecommerce side project

ecomm side project test website

Hello Founders,

We are covering a side-project prototype for our feedback round. Here are a few suggestions to improve the current version of the landing page UI/UX:

  • To start with, I think the header image could be something better and more relatable to your audience. Something that shows your target audience interacting or your product or both.
  • The icons above the ‘Stay active, Stay connected, Improve the quality of life’ can be improved and have 3 different colors for 3 different icons so that the landing page feels more like “smile”, “active”, “fun”, “engaging”
  • You can add emojis instead of the bullet points in the ‘What’s inside the box’ section
  • ‘What’s inside the box’ section feels too black currently, maybe you can try using, a grey or a bold or different color for the title so that it doesn’t feel boring.
  • ‘What’s inside the box’ section is the section that your audience would want to know about your proposition. This is the section where most of your selling needs to be done. Maybe adding some images on the right side would help make it better.
  • For the 3 points inside ‘How it works’ you can use the same colors that you use for the icons in the ‘stay active, stay connected, improve quality’ section
  • Reduce the space between ‘Get notified when…’ and ‘A perfect gift for your parents…
  • The submit button could have a different color other than red.
  • The K Mug/Cup image on the right can better. Something that connects more with your audience.
  • Create a logo for your brand and use it in the header and footer.
  • Create a favicon from the logo and use it in the tab icon.
  • Contact details in the footer should be bigger so that your product feels more reachable.
  • Add live chat to the website. It helps in converting prospective customers quicker.

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Gradient Landing Page Review:

colorful landing page with transition of hero image

Hello Founders,

We are covering for our feedback round. Here are a few suggestions to improve the current version of the landing page UI/UX:

  • The first look on the landing page is definitely positive and wow!
  • The size of the text in the navbar could be a bit bigger
  • The line underneath each section “home, features…contact” is too lengthy; make it smaller. Small enough to fit FAQ text, this way on all other places it would appear shorter than the text, which should give it a more crisp effect.
  • Try changing the text inside Login and Signup button to capital letters
  • The main opener text and the diagrammatic representation of the product are also good, but both are utilizing almost the same amount of space. This is a distraction and confusion for the user subconsciously on which part his eyes should focus on first, which part is more important. You can try slightly reducing the size of the diagram to make it more impactful.
  • Coming to the diagram, the left side “Your social media accounts” isn’t really needed. You should focus on making the gif on the right more better. The gif currently shows on Twitter widget appearing on repeat.
  • You can try a version where,
    — increase the size of the widget
    — make the widget with other social accounts as well
    — maybe for the sake of representation only you can show social media icon on widget where “your logo” is there.
  • Remove the See Demo button from the diagram and add it underneath the main text. Change the text from “See Demo” to “See Quick Example” or something similar, The word “demo” induces time lengthy activity in the minds of the users and it feels like more of the demo of the whole saas app, where in reality you are showing a quick example of how the outcome widget looks like, and thus you should really communicate something where people can quickly check how the widget appears rather than talk about a “demo”
  • Features Section
    — Increase the size of the icons, probably by at least twice as of current.
  • Pricing Section
    — Remove the word ‘Plan’ from all the plans
    — In the Free Plan section, change ‘SocialN Link’ to ‘SocialN Branding’
    — I guess for all of the pricing you support same platforms, so it is best to remove the platforms section from all of the pricing and maybe add a completely new section dedicated to a platform that you currently support. This section could be underneath the features section. Similarly, Responsive Feature is available on all the plans so that can be removed as well. The simpler the pricing the better.
    .– Remove the trial section from the pricing and add subtitle text where you currently have “We have plans for everyone”.
    — A sample ordering of the feature list inside your pricing should be something like this: Notifications, Websites, Support, SocialN Branding.
    — Try changing the label text on Pro Plan to “Popular” instead of “Best”.
  • Who we are Section
    — The section to be very small. Maybe you should try adding more content.
  • Contact us Section
    — the layout for the contact form is not really great. You can try making it more simpler.
  • Footer
    — Why is the logo different in the footer?
    — Add all the links from the navbar to the footer as well
    — Social media icons on your website should be more prominent as your product revolves around it.
  • Try adding a live chat to the website to communicate with your visitors.

If you want Landing Page feedback for your website too. Just head over to Getfeedback and subscribe to get FREE feedback for your landing page UI/UX.

If you want Graphic Design for your website; head over to and get designs on a monthly subscription.