Everything About- 3D Graphic Design Lettering

How To Create an Isometric Type Effect in Adobe Illustrator

It’s amazing how 3D letters look and feel either on the computer or in the real word. Be it a wall graffiti, wallpapers, advertisement design or a beautiful online post, they look beautiful and are a piece of art in themselves. They are attractive and work wonders when placed at the right spot. But where did they come from? What’s their history? Where can they be used and how are they designed?

In this blog, we are going to answer all these questions and discuss their uses, their back-end process and some of the popular modern 3D lettering designs.

Origin: Speedball Pen - Old English Text Alphabet - 1957 ...

The origin of 3D font designs can be traced from ancient calligraphy. Calligraphy has been used for centuries to write beautifully and incorporate a measure of art in the writing field. Calligraphists in the past were trying to find different and unique ways to give life and beauty to the letter they were designing. In the course of development of calligraphy, they started using different types of fountain pen heads to give unique shapes to their letters. Some of these fountain pen heads gave the impression of a light source projection and hence a 3 dimensional feel to the letters. From hereon, calligraphists inferred the importance of a light and shadow for a letter design to appear 3D.

Shadow concept:

How to Draw 3D Block Letters - Drawing 3 Dimensional Bubble ...

The shadow concept gave the letters the actual 3 dimensional look. When a light source is assumed by a designer, a shadow representing it gives it a 3D appearance. It was understood that shadow effects could be given to a letter or letters at not just one angle, but many different ones. It wasn’t just the 45 degree shadows that would given them the 3D feel. A lot of different angles were also explored with each giving them a unique 3D look.

Introduction of colour:

Create a Long Shadow Text Effect in Photoshop Using Layer Styles ...

At the same time when different angles were being explored for the shadow process of the 3D letters, people were also exploring ways of adding colours to the same concept. When colours are introduced to a 3 dimensional design, it exemplifies the aesthetic look of the letters exponentially. Colours give letter designs- Life.

Modern day 3D lettering:

Modern old pop art font effect | Premium Vector

With the advancement of technology in the last 20th century and this 21st century, designers were now able to explore new and amazing ideas for a 3 dimensional look. The use of graphic designing software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Coral Draw has made it possible for graphic designers to create some of the most eye catching fonts. There are some of the most beautiful templates available in the design market which lets a designer explore all colour gradients and typographic fonts. Such combinations of different feature of design makes a particular font stand out among the others.

Popular 3D font designs:

Popular font designs keep changing with the times. As some design trends come into vogue, others become obsolete. Here are some of the popular fonts of today’s time.


Free 3d fonts - Urban Fonts


Design Your Own Retro 3D Text Effect! - TheHungryJPEG Blog


Alphabet collection in 3d retro style | Free Vector

Disco & Fenotype:

Free search results for "3d" - Urban Fonts

Uses of 3D letters and Designs:

3 dimensional drawing and letter designing has various uses. Many graphic design services offer unlimited graphic design services to their clients in which they give a variety of 3D design options ranging from logo designing, packaging design and wall murals/wallpaper designing.

Logo design:

Sony Ericsson logo | Photoshop logo tutorial, Photoshop logo

The above example of a 3D logo of Sony Ericsson is a great example of how graphic designing can make your logo design’s appearance 3 dimensional. The use of shadow, colours and shape is authentic. Here, one can directly see the how the expertise of graphic design services makes your logo design stand out among the rest.

Package design:

Cereal Box With 4K UHD Wifi Battery Operated Camera

In the above example of a Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes package design one can see how amazingly a 3D font design is incorporated. The use of popular fonts, colours, shadows and the right typography makes it an attractive package design. This is another product of a graphic designer’s expertise.

Wallpapers and Murals:

UC Campuses Rise to the Challenge of Addressing Student Hunger ...

When 3 dimensional fonts and designs are used on a wall, it becomes a mural. A wall or a corner space that gets everyone’s attention. These amazing pieces of art can make your monochromatic colour office walls and space look fad. These designs can also be used to transform and make unique and beautiful wallpapers for your house.

puke_design_by_dogonfire-d326fxx (1)

Graphic Designing For T-shirts: Everything You Need To Know!

Tips To Design An Amazing T-shirt | DesignContest

If you will try to find the most common and frequently worn garment of the world, you’ll end up with a T-shirt. T-shirts are the most comfortable, casual and attractive form of garment and now can be seen worn on all social occasions and events. If you try to browse through the internet or shopping sites for T-shirts, you’ll end in a world of its own. There are innumerable companies that offer different types of T-shirt prints and designs on the internet, yet not all of them are successful in their attempts. Many of them fall short of an eye-catching design to attract customers towards it.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the graphic designing trends of T-shirt prints and how the purpose for design changes the way we approach this topic. To make is easier to understand, we have divided the whole process into 3 main steps.

Step.1: T-shirt base colour and neckline:

Corporate Colour T-Shirts at Rs 150/piece | प्रमोशनल टी ...

Best New! 6 Pack White Or Black Crew (round) Neck Or V Neck Mens ...

The first step is the T-shirt design process would be select your base colour and neckline designs. The neckline could a round or v-shape, depending upon your choice. The range of colours would give your customers ample of options to try for themselves. Sometimes customers come to like a particular design but do not buy that option because they already own a T-shirt with the same base colour. Choice of base colours can also give your customers the idea that you brand is a one-stop-go where they will find the right option for themselves to wear.

Step.2: Researching for great designs:

Design Thinking na educação: como pode ajudar a melhorar as aulas?

This is the most important step of the whole T-shirt designing process where the strength of your creativity is used. The best way to approach this step is to hire a graphic designing firm’s services. They bring with them the right kind of creativity and ideas which can make your brand stand-out in the market. Unlimited graphic design services offered by them can take care of the whole chain of designs for the apparels you are going to place in the marketplace. For your brand to be successful in the T-shirt business, creativity is a must and this creativity can come in a sure-shot way only with the expertise of a design firm.

Typographic T-shirts: I will make amazing | typography | printable t ...

If you are going for T-shirt designs that are typographic in nature, then you must research the most attractive fonts and calligraphy available on the internet. Such fonts can be used in isolation or with a combination of different fonts. Some of the popular fonts that are in vogue these days are Flycatcher, Snacker, Mist and Nomad. Then comes the process of what text to select for the print. The ideas for the same can be something quirky, humorous, witty or even a single word that catches the eyes of the people. The above image shows different option available in the market for typographic T-shirts. You can see a range of fonts and catchy phrases being used here.

Glow-in-the-dark T-shirts:

GLOW IN DARK TEES – Wearaffair Clothing

Glow-in-the-dark T-shirts are some of the coolest apparel option that youngster are vying to add to their wardrobe. Having a glow-in-the-dark T-shirt in your range of clothing can give your brand that modern feel that most of the successful T-shirt brands offer. This technique that makes these clothing glow is know as photo-luminescencePhoto-luminescence is achieved by using two-types of inks on the fabric. First, a layer of white inks is applied and then on top of it, a layer of special ink which makes it glow in the dark. With creativity, one can design some of the most successful range of designs of T-shirt with this process.

Screen printed T-shirts:

T-shirt design inspiration: Everything British designers need to ...

Screen printed T-shirts are the most common and the most versatile of T-shirts available in the market. Any kind of design that can be imagined can also be printed on the T-shirt with this process. In the screen printing process, a stencil of the design is prepared and then placed on a screen. Then the ink is poured on top of the screen and the screen is pressed on top of the fabric. With the stencil once prepared, any number of T-shirts can be printed with this process.

Customized Office T-shirts:

Suzuki Motorsport Team Logo Polo Shirt Men Short Sleeve T Shirt ...

Workplace T-shirts or T-shirts for office events are great example of T-shirt design. Many companies want their employees who deal directly with the customers to wear the company’s logo and motto on their T-shirts. These T-shirts usually have polo collars and fabric. They form the best way of advertising thee company’s image in the minds of the people entering the office.

With many corporate firms announcing a casual clothing Fridays in their offices, they need their employees to wear a piece of casual clothing which is also able to brand the company’s logo. This makes such kind of design even important. One would want their company’s name and logo printed in the best way possible. This is where graphic design services enter and makes your company’s T-shirts have an amazing look and feel.

T-shirts as Event souvenirs and Promotional gifts:

T-shirt Printing - High Quality custom T-shirts | Printsome

Event organizers all around the world would want their firm to stand out among the competitors. Events like Marathon runs, Yoga sessions, Seminars and various public sporting events provides an opportunity for unique T-shirt designs. People coming to these events and wearing the same design provides a great photo-opportunity for the company organizing or sponsoring such events.

Step.3: The Printing Process:

How To Print On T-Shirts: Printing Methods for Home ...

Once your process of designing the T-shirt is complete, the last and final step of this process is getting your design printed. Some of the printing methods available in the market are Screen printing, Vinyl printing, heat pressing and Direct-To-T-shirt printing. The screen printing process has been described above, so we will discuss the other three examples here.

Vinyl Printing:

In Vinyl printing, soft clothing or rubber prints are cut into unique designs and then heat pressed onto the T-shirt fabric. This technique has the ability to mass produce certain designs. One can achieve both a limited range of unique designs as well as mass production of a particular design with this printing process.

Heat pressing:

In this process a design is placed on a transfer paper which is placed on top of the T-shirt. This is then placed in the heat pressing machine. This process is also useful in the vinyl printing process where in place of a transfer paper, a rubber or soft cloth is used. This process is however not effective when you are designing your T-shirt on a dark coloured base.

Direct-to-T-shirt printing:

Direct-to-T-shirt printing is one of the most modern techniques of printing available in the industry. It works just like printing a piece of paper in your officer printer. All you have to do is place the garment in the printer and upload your design into the computer. The printer will do the rest of the work. You can print unique designs with this technology. However, there is one advice to keep in mind here, the more advanced your printer is, the better resolution you will have in the final product.

d003_14 (1)

One Stop Guide to “Business Card Design” – Your First Impression

If you are thinking that physical business cards have gone out of vogue and now is the age of only digital connection, you might not be familiar with what the new age designs and colours have brought to the business card designing industry. To say it short a good business card design can start a conversation. What a conversation means is that a small piece of paper or cardboard can take your brand and business to fame and glory.

You might be wondering how that can be achieved. Well, my friend today’s your lucky day and you are herein for a treat to your eyes. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the coolest ideas available in the market that can help you design your business card and in turn bring you success.

Minimalist designs:

75 Minimal Business Cards Designs for Inspiration | Business card ...

100+ Beautiful, Creative and Minimal Business Cards

If you are looking for a minimalist design with a limited creativity, the above designs will give you an idea how it can be achieved. The font used in these designs have been kept simple and clear. The logo of the company is shown on one side of the card and the name and contact information on the other side. The graphic creativity has been kept limited to the company’s logo placement and design.

Laser-cut designs:

Custom Die cut business card / cut out business card / Die cutting ...

30+ Business Card Design Ideas That Will Get Everyone Talking

Getting your business cards laser-cut offers a great piece of design. This new feature is a great conversation starter. Such eye catching designs can take the name of your brand a lot further. Being a piece of art in itself with such bespoke designs, they are highly unlikely to end up in the bin with other business cards.

Unique shape designs:

Business Card Design: Lady Bon Bon | High End Graphic Design

Bonafide >> Food Truck Branding and graphic design | Custom food ...

Pin auf Business Card Design

Changing the shape of your cards can greatly impact the way people receiving it will feel for your brand. By going the unconventional way of changing the shape of the business cards, a small piece of paper can become a thing of beauty. It can also communicate to your clients the uniqueness your business can bring on the table. The above designs of a cupcake, a truck and a leaf can work as a natural definition of your business, in this case a bakery, a food truck and an environmentally sensitive construction respectively.

Geometrical shapes designs:

Corporate business card with colorful geometric shapes psd file ...

Geometric shapes business cards free vector download (35,747 Free ...

Abstract colorful business card template | Free Vector

Geometrical shapes adds a great feature to the design of the business cards. With colours imbued in it they look simple yet attractive. They give the card an elegant look. The colours used in the design can be the same as what is used in the logo design of your company.

Black card designs:

My personal business card design. Front side - Black in color ...

The World's Best Photos of namecard and white - Flickr Hive Mind

Black coloured business cards are much in vogue these days are are quite versatile. Just the thought of not taking the common base colour ‘white’ gives the client an impression that the way you do your business is unique. It packs with itself a sense of class, aristocracy and boldness. With the use of black base colour, the designer can draw up for you a range of stylish cards.

Golden colour designs:

1507-black-760gsm-business-card - CREATIVE PROJECTS AUS

Luxury Gold Foil Black Card Business Card Customized Name Card ...

The use of Golden colour can give your clients an impression and evoke feeling of royalty, exclusivity and strength. This bold design choice can make your card stand out among your competitors. Graphic design services available in the market can offer you multiple templates and even unique designs in this category.

Witty business card designs:

25 Creative and Funny Business Cards

30 Of The Most Creative Business Cards Ever | Bored Panda


Nowadays witty and humorous designs can offer a great eye catching feature on your business cards. This is a bold move that has been born from ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and is a great way of telling a story. The client who receives such cards will definitely show them to other people of their business circle and “Voila!”, you have got an automatic publicity tool in the palm of your hands. The designer designing such cards uses a range of different tools like unique cutting, colour choices, icons, clip art, quirky one liners and even origami.

Line drawings cards:

business cards Wallnuts by Esther on Dribbble

LOVE the line drawing on this card. = serious + organic nature ...

Business Card Design by Morgan Brewer (Parsons) on Dribbble

A simple line drawn by an artist is capable of saying a lot of things. Line drawing designs on business cards offered by graphic design services are a piece of art in itself. The above images of business cards speaks for themselves. The mural designing firm’s business card has various icons made from lines which symbolizes the murals made by an artist. The architect’s card here is another great piece of design which shows a building’s line drawing and beautifully emerging lines running to the edge of the card. The last example of a bridal makeup artist’s card shows a single line that emerges from the edge of the card and turns into an image of lips in the middle and then again moving to the edge of the card.

What we learned so far:

A good business card design can start a conversation and starting a conversation is considered to be a great marketing strategy. The choice of colour, font, shape, cut, imagery, icons and design of the card, all play a major role in making your card stand out among your business competitors. Unlimited graphic design services offered by design companies is a great investment for your business. They can help you find and select the most suitable and stylish design for your business cards. A great idea could be to hire such services in making unique cards for you and all your employees which can narrate your business story.

6 (1)

Graphic Designing For Product Packaging

In this 21st Century, the markets are stocked with a humongous amount of products of all categories. A consumer visiting a supermarket is bombarded with a huge pile of products of a category available on the shelves. They will only choose the one product that stands out among them. Now the question here for the brands and product manufacturing companies is- how to attract the customers to their brand. The best way to do that in this super-competitive market of today is to make the looks of your product as graphically beautiful as possible and to do that one needs the expertise of the graphic design services.

A graphically designed package of a product uses its unique designing capabilities to address a whole gamut of marketing criteria like- Logo designing, brand making, designing for sales growth and ultimately boosting the brand power in the market.

The phrase ‘Don’t judge a book by its covers’ signifies that an average person is definitely inclined to look and choose a product based on it appearance. Therefore, it becomes quite imperative to cash on this psychological phenomenon of attracting human eyes.

What goes into making a great package design?

Colour Choices:

How to Use Colors in Marketing and Advertising

Colours are an amazing piece of design which can make your particular brand stand out among the competitors on the shelf. Colours give your brand an ‘identity’ which when collaborated with an amazing graphic can turn your brand into a winner. Colour choice for the packaging also communicates the underlying message that each colour speaks.

Telling a story: The colours can evoke a particular emotion in your customers therefore, you need to select a colour for your packaging which relates to the message your brand wants your customers to understand.

Let’s understand what each colour signifies on the packaging:

Black: Power, Strength, Elegance, Boldness, Richness and Sophistication

White: Freshness, Goodness, Hope, Purity and a Cool vibe

Blue: Calmness, Trust, Stability, Faith, Peace and Integrity

Green: Environment, Eco-friendliness, Freshness, Soothing, Safety and Relaxation

Red: Energy, Excitement, Love, Passion, Hunger and Style

Yellow: Warmth, Cheerfulness, Optimism, Joy and Attention

Orange: Happiness, Engaging, Youth, Standing-out, Attraction and Health

Pink: Tenderness, Beauty, Sympathy, Sensitivity, Care and Romance

Purple: Creativity, Magic, Mystery, Wisdom, Luxury and Royalty

Grey: Strength, Authority, Stability, Maturity and Security

Logo Design:

Logo design is a usually a one time job for any brand and therefore, is something which must be handled by experts who work in this field of design. Any company looking to take their brand further will need to get their logo designed by a good graphic designing firm. A Logo is the ‘identity’ of the brand, so utmost care should be given to it while designing. It must speak of the product that you want to market, the idea you are selling, the story that your brand wants to tell and also stand out on the material of packaging being used.

The above highlighted examples of Logo designs for different brands by Draftss, shows each brand logo in a different light. The font choice, colour choice and accompanying design speaks of the uniqueness of each brand they represent.

Unique Product Packaging = Unique Designing

It is often forgotten while designing the graphics of the package, the way in which the product will be packaged. A particular design that works well on a metallic round can might not work in the same way for a cardboard box or a plastic package. One also need to understand the packaging material choice and its texture- Is it plastic? metal? a fabric? cardboard? or even a new type of material.

Canned Drink design:

In the above image of a canned drink’s outer design, one can see how the designer has approached it. The choice of the colour yellow is apt with the product being packaged and also the name of the brand. It evokes in the consumer emotions such as cheerfulness, joy, freshness and optimism. The upper-half design of the can contains the graphics of fruits and flowers and lower half, the brand’s logo and product name. It even contains a kind of accompanying motto “You can taste”.

Poly-Packets design:

We all know that there is a huge competition in the salt manufacturing and packaging industry. So, in this next example of a salt package design, the designer has used all the tools at his/her disposal and has come up with a unique design for this brand. Such a design can make your product stand out on the shelf where numerous other salt manufacturers have placed their product. The choice of the colour orange evokes the emotions of happiness, health and youthfulness, which is what this food product should convey to its customers. The use of graphics in showing the different vegetables all around the package is also great.

Metallic Box design:

In the above metal pencil-box design, the image graphics of a sitting Buddha conveys joy and happiness to its customers i.e. kids. The colour choice of red, pink and white which evokes the emotions of excitement, tenderness and hope is also amazing. The uniqueness of the package(metallic pencil-box) has been take taken into consideration with the right placement and alignment of the image on it.

Zipper Pouch package design:

In the above package design, the designer has used pastel colours which symbolizes sophistication.  The colour Green evokes freshness, the colour Pink evokes tenderness and Orange evokes health. The overall look of the package is quite modern and attention grabbing. The packages of different categories of the same brand have been designed uniquely. The texture of the material has also been understood well by the designer which shows up in the finalized package. The story of the brand of eco-friendliness and environment has been well conveyed.

Squeeze packet design:

In the above example of a tomato ketchup squeeze-up package, the colour red has aptly been used which symbolizes the fruit Tomato and also evokes in the consumer the emotions of energy and excitement. The colour red is also a huge appetite enhancer which works well for a food brand. The graphics of fresh tomatoes is a great add-on by the designer. This makes it more appealing for the consumer to go for this particular brand. The unique packaging for this liquid and viscous sauce has been taken care of by the designer. This can also be implemented in unique ways for other viscous materials’ packaging like mayonnaise, chilli sause, salsa sause, etc.

Takeaway points:

  1. Great package designing leads to the sales growth of your product.
  2. Graphic designing services are a great way to outsource the designing of your product packaging. They bring with them their unique design experience and ideas. Some graphic designing firms offer Unlimited design services for your company which is a great feature if you are planning a range of products to be floated in the market.
  3. Colour choice is an important area of product packaging. It evokes in your customer emotions that you would want them to relate to your brand.
  4. Attractive packaging will catch more eye balls towards it and will make your brand stand out among the prevalent competitors.
  5. Tell a story on your packaging. A story can take the brand to the farthest corners of the world and in turn boost your brand power.

Designing Infographics – The ‘How to’ Guide

30+ Cool Infographics That Exemplify Creative Data Visualization

In today’s world and the age of social media content generation, it is highly unlikely for a person to be reading textual information. People today prefer to look at videos, photos and creative content rather that reading previously popular written information to understand anything. Therefore, it becomes essential to learn different ways of disseminating information into much more creative and eye-catching ways to stay ahead in the game. One of the ways of creative dissemination of information is the use of Infographics. Infographics are a trending feature of the online world.

But First let’s understand what are Infographics:

The word ‘Infographics’ literally means ‘Information into graphics’. When a huge chunk of information is collaborated and made interactive by the use of graphics, it becomes an infographic. The use of inforgraphics is not limited to the graphics industry, but can be used in every industry.

All information can be designed into Infographics..

Infographics can be used to communicate a range of information- like showing the official sales figures of the company from different locations to defining a particular product’s uses and designs. Even by conservative means, it can be safely said that all information can be designed into Infographics. However, what makes an effective infographic is quite a trick to be learned.

There are a few tools and components of graphics that need to understood and incorporated into the design of the infographic to make the information being presented as comprehensible as possible.

Important Aspects Of Infographics:

There are numerous tools that are used in the designing of infographics which hugely affect the way in which any information is presented. Some of these tools are symbols and icons, arrow-heads, pie charts, graphs, clip-art and colour scheme.

Symbols & Icons:

Education icons collection | Free Vector

One of the best tools for showing any information in the most concise form of graphics is the use of symbols and icons that have come to define everyday things. While designing an infographic, the size and theme of the symbols and icons should be taken care of. They should be of similar size and theme. Their colours-scheme should also follow the same tone and gradient so that they do not become a distraction for the reader. Clip art also acts in similar ways to icons and symbols which is easily available on the internet. But some of the best icons are designed by graphic artists who provide personalized design services.

Pie charts:

Pie chart infographic | Free Vector

Use of Colourful and graphically enhanced pie-charts can communicate a huge chunk of information in the most short and concise form. When a single pie chart can communicate a lot of information then it should be the norm and not an exception in the design sphere.

While designing pie-charts for infographics, it should be considered that their colour scheme matches or corroborates the overall colour scheme of the infographic.


Set of red and blue arrows in flat design - Nohat

Arrow-heads in a design gives any particular thought- a direction, so that a person reading it can follow the information presented in it to the conclusion. They can be used in creative ways by the designer who understands the dynamics of the information to make the infographic highly comprehensible.


Cartoons and clip-art figures adds to the infographic an amazing piece of design. This captures the attention of the reader and gives the information a story-format to be presented. A cartoon character in an infographic can also act as a narrator describing a piece of information.

Colour Schemes:

Another Post About Colours for Data Visualisation. Part 2 — Colour ...

Colour schemes play a hugely important role in an infographic too. A lot of times an infographic can become distracting if the right colour scheme is not used. The use of colours in an infographic should follow a theme. A limited range of 2-4 colours should be used if more information is being provided. The less the better should be the policy here. The guidance for the combination of colours can be taken from the internet. Good colour combination makes great infographics.

Infographics Camparison: What to do? & What NOT to do?

Case study. 1: What NOT to do..

16 useless infographics | News | The Guardian

In the above infographic by the Guardian, there is one huge blunder done by the designer- the overuse of colours to present the information. There is no supplementary textual information along with the graphics to make it more comprehensible. Although, the designer has restricted himself/herself to 2-3 colours only but they have been used to tell ALL of the story rather than make if ONE part of the infographic design. This inforgraphic at the first look, giver the reader a much haphazard presentation of facts.

Case study.2: What to do..

Design amazing infographics for you by Zuhaibnaqvi

The image above is a great example of a well designed infographic that captures a lot of information using the different tools at the disposal of a graphic designer. The use of of just 3-4 colours that follow a particular theme and the matching tone gradient is excellent. The use of universally understandable symbols and icons of design makes it highly comprehensible. The use of a single type of font makes reading the infographic less distracting for the reader. The text has be increased in size, in just the right places for attracting the attention of the reader. This type of effective infographic poster designs is just one example of what is offered by companies offering graphic designing services on the internet.


Graphic Designing for Special Occasions

Quarantine Birthday Party: Free Printable Home Quarantine Party ...


Be it weddings, Halloween party, New Year party, birthday party or Office parties and events, online invites are increasingly coming into vogue and have almost made the print invitations obsolete. With design companies offering unlimited graphic designing service to their clients, people are preferring to choose these beautifully designed vibrant posts and invitations for sending them to their friends, family and colleagues. This huge demand has also opened up a great opportunity for companies working in event management.

Let’s delve into the details of how these graphic design services are giving people a treat to the eyes and also, what makes it a better alternative to previously conventional invitations.

Party invitations:

The ‘oomph’ factor that a graphically designed party invitation adds to your party is unparalleled with any kind of party invitations available in the market. Let’s go into a case study of these invites and see what makes then unique and awe inspiring.

1. Formal invites:

Formal Birthday Invitation Template, Birthday Invitation Printable ...

In the above party invitation, the graphic designer has catered to the formal sense of the party and has designed the invite in such a way that it gives the first impression of aristocracy and formal-ness. The use of this royal font also adds to the aesthetics of the invite.

2. Festive invites:

Jingle and mingle Christmas party invitation #2

In the above Christmas party invitation, the theme of the festival has been beautifully captured by placing symbolic icons of the festival in the invite. The color choice is apt in accordance with the festival and the use of multiple fonts in the design shows the differing and unique aspects of it.

3. Theme parties and birthday invites:

Halloween Party Invites (With images) | Halloween birthday party ...

Girl Dinosaur birthday party invitation Template | PosterMyWall

The above party invitation for Halloween is the best example of graphic representation of symbols, designs and themes of the events. Here, the use of clear and spooky fonts has conveys the story of the Halloween festival. The color palette choice is intelligent and uses the 4 most popular colors- Orange, Black, Green and Purple.

The other example of a birthday party invitation of a little girl with the theme of ‘Dinosaur’, use of flower prints and pastel colors beautifully captures the idea of children and their imagination.

Wedding Invitations:

If you are getting hitched then you might be wondering how to approach the designs of your wedding invitations. There are two ways to go for it:

1. Conventional invites:Indian Wedding Invitations | Wedding Design Ideas

Indian Wedding Invitation Card Templates (Free) | Greetings Island

Although they look beautiful and elegant and are most common used among the majority population, they do not offer the new age quirkiness and design trends which are offered by modern age graphic designing companies. If these were to be converted into online wedding invites they will not be able to garner that level of attraction among the receiving audience.

2. Graphic design invites:

Quirky Indian Wedding Invitations

A Funny Take Indian Wedding Invitation Card (With images ...

Illustrated Wedding Invitations ** Deposit ** — Michaela Schuett

The new age graphic designing firms can offer much more than the conventional wedding invitation design. They offer a huge range of designs with beautiful font templates, choice of thousands of color palette combinations and an experience in making your wedding invites as unique as possible.

Official Events:

Graphic design services are being increasingly used for official purposes these day. Most of the companies outsource the aesthetic aspect of their business to graphic design companies who bring with them their expertise and experience on the creative table and also offer unlimited design services to them. Ranging from visiting cards design, logo design for the company to designing invites for online events and webinars, graphic designing adds to the creative quality and imbues importance to such events. Here are some examples:

Logo designs:

In the above logo design of Krasi wine brand, the graphic designing firm Draftss has captured the serenity and elegance of the bottled wine as well as designed a beautiful poster for the wine brand.

Visiting Cards design:

Here, the visiting card designed for the ‘managing partner’ for the firm Preid & Sidal by Draftss, depicts the professionalism of the firm by use of few colours and fading designs. The minimalist use of text here is also noteworthy.

Webinar  and online conference invites:

10 of the Best Webinar Invitation Email Examples You've Ever Seen

Conference Invitation Graphics, Designs & Templates

Official events with the names- ‘conference meeting’ and ‘webinars’ pack with them a boring and monotonous pitch of thoughts. Companies looking towards greater productivity from these events can bring in the graphically designed invites which can be floated among the colleagues. These invitations can bring in the motivation to attend these events for the clients and colleagues. These invites need to be created in such a way that they define the purpose, attending leaders or event conductors and time and date of the event quite clearly and many-a-times involves the making of an interactive icon of RSVP for the receiver.


Guide To Grow Your YouTube Channel And Create Better Content

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel (In Three Easy Steps)

Can’t stop watching videos on Youtube? Well believe it or not, you are not alone in this. According to a recent report, a single person anywhere on the globe is watching videos on this platform for an average of 30 minutes daily. This makes it the highest used video service platform of the world and that too for free! Well, only if you forget that it makes about 15 billion dollars annually from advertisements.

Youtube has given content creators an amazing opportunity to publish their creative content and showcase it to the world. This platform has turned ordinary people into celebrities like Justin Bieber and Psy. In addition to this, the platform can turn any brand into a huge success by the use of video and banner advertisement, if it is used in the right way. According to a report by Go Global 2019, nearly 78.8%(i.e. 8 out of 10) of marketers consider it to be the most effective video marketing platform on the internet. This makes it ‘a place of opportunity’ for all. However, not everyone is doing great on this platform. There are a handful few, who are able to follow the winning Mantra and take the journey to the top. Therefore, the ultimate question to ask…

Question: What is the winning Mantra?

Answer: Observe and Analyse

By observing successful Youtube channels, one can analyse a pattern followed by such channels. It is perhaps essential to see in which category your Youtube channel fits and what works in amassing not just a niche audience which consumes the particular information you offer but also audience in a general sense. Let’s discuss here some of the highly subscribed Youtube channels of different categories.

Beauty and cosmetics: NikkieTutorials

Full Face Using ONLY Black-Owned Makeup Brands | NikkieTutorials ...

With about 13.4 million subscribers on Youtube, Nikkie Tutorials is one of the giants of Youtube channels in the beauty and cosmetics category. Started in the year 2008, she has been posting videos of DIY make-up tutorials, Reviewing beauty products and on hot topics related to cosmetics industry- Every week. Therefore, regular content creation and creating content of high quality plays a big role in growing your channel.

Next is the use of Eye catchy thumbnails for her videos. This creates a good first impression and attracts the people visiting her channel to click on these videos to find out what they are all about. The use of beautiful graphics in her videos as well as in the designing of the thumbnails is exceptional. She also makes sponsored videos on demand from cosmetics brands to review their products which adds on to her fan base creating a trust factor for her audience.

With the immense content created in the long run, she has been able to categorize them into video series which is a great tool available on Youtube and makes her subscribers consume huge content on the basis of their choice. When your content on Youtube is consumed by a huge audience, you also get the opportunity to monetize your videos by placing ads on them. This creates a source of regular revenue and also absorbs the cost of video creation in the future. Live videos or interactive videos are a great tool to keep your audience engaged and keep in regular conversation with them. They are used in a way where your subscribers watching them can talk to you on live chats during the video and you can answer them promptly.

Art and Craft/ Life skills: 5-Minute Crafts

How Much Money 5-Minute Crafts Makes On YouTube - Net Worth - Naibuzz

Started in 2016, it has amassed an audience of over 67 million subscribers. This channel provides short videos of ‘Do it yourself’ art and craft which are graphically vibrant and addictive for any viewer to watch. But what makes these videos highly addictive is its ability to convince its viewers that these videos will just take a very small amount of time for them to watch. Interestingly, you will rarely find videos on this channel that are literally of 5 minutes duration. Therefore, short duration videos are more likely to be watched than longer ones. This can be achieved by either making the content crisp and to-the-point or by naming the videos in such a way that the viewer relates with them lesser time being spent like- ‘5 minutes craft ideas’.

The use of exceptionally vibrant and catchy thumbnails makes it even more enticing for any viewer to watch. Graphic designing plays a big role in the making of these videos as well. Here too, you will find regular content creation being done and almost 3 videos per day being uploaded. With high viewership, they are able to monetize their videos and earn a lot of profit from ads placement on their videos.

Gadget unboxing: Unbox Therapy

Top 10 Tech YouTube Channels | HubPages

Unboxing videos are becoming a huge trend on Youtube. The channel ‘Unbox Therapy’ has about 16.7 million followers at present and makes videos of unboxing new and trending gadgets whenever they are launched by big brands. This provides the channel with sponsorship from those gadget brands and keeps their fan-base intact with the right kind of reviews they provide to their viewers. The viewers of this channel get a kind of vicarious happiness of opening the box of a fresh new product and gives them a sense of satisfaction. The regularity of new and amazing content they upload on their channel, the graphically attractive thumbnails for the videos, the use of passive advertisement, live and interactive videos and categorization of videos in video series are a few takeaways from the growth of this channel. They also collaborate with other Youtubers who have gaming channels so that their viewers can have an opinion about the gadgets on the basis of gaming compatibility.

Sports: Nike

How to Use YouTube as a Marketing Channel

Nike’s Youtube channel is the highest subscribed among the different sports brand channels like Reebok, Adidas and Puma that are available on Youtube. Started in 2006, they have been regularly posting content on their channel for more than a decade now. Their subscribers currently stand at 1.45 million and counting. Their content does not just talk about the brand actively but also deal with diverse issues that affect the day-to-day life of the common people like nutrition, disease, social stigma, racism, discrimination, etc. They post a new video every week and are involved in regular content creation. They have numerous videos which have been categorized into playlists of workout videos, nutrition, talk shows and even videos on social issues like gender equality, politics and racism.

By not directly advertising products in their videos, they promote passive advertisement of their products which is a highly effective way of advertisement that takes the brand much further. They also collaborate with different Youtubers to gain traction in not just their regular audience but also the audience of their guest Youtubers. Today, social media marketing strategy has highly evolved and works on starting a conversation rather than the conventional banner ads campaign of the past.

The Gist:

From the above case studies of different channels on Youtube, we can see that there is a common thread that joins all successful channels. The common thread is- Regular content creation, graphically vibrant and eye catchy thumbnails, sponsored videos, passive advertisement, social media marketing, content marketing, live and interactive videos, collaboration with other Youtubers and use of graphic designing in the videos. If a new channel needs such exceptional skills at graphic designing and are not able to fill that vacuum, they can outsource and hire a firm working in graphic designing services. Their experience and skill-set will transform your channel into a potentially high-growth channel. Some graphic designing firms offer unlimited graphic design services for their clients so that they pay for a holistic support package in making their channel as graphically attractive as possible. This can work as a strong hand for any new channel trying to make it to the top on Youtube.


How To Make The Most Out Of Digital Ads

If it wasn’t apparent before COVID-19, it is now ‘written in stone’ that our world can entirely work and depend on the use of internet. This trend has taken over all aspects of our life including the way we shop for products and services. Starting from buying groceries for the house, to hiring a handyman service, everything can be done on the internet. However, this has generated its own sets of issues for the business community- the need for an effective online advertisement strategy.

Advertisement online is not so simple as putting up hoardings and distributing pamphlets in the physical world. They demand a great deal of brainstorming, collaboration, creative graphic designing and targeting audience. 

After years of research on tried and tested ways that have worked wonders for the business community, there are some essential areas of online advertisement which needs to be worked upon in order to make a successful ad campaign.

Consider Every Platform as Unique:

While designing advertisement campaigns one needs to consider different online social media platforms as what they are- Unique. Therefore, one should work on designing unique posts for different platforms.

Example. 1: Facebook  Facebook - Log In or Sign Up

Facebook’s interface is designed in such a way that the users do not have to read too much of information in a post and rather look at pictures or images to like them and follow. An intelligent Facebook Ad reflects this point and works around with how the people are using this platform and their attention criteria to posts.


32 Facebook Ad Examples You Can't Resist But Copy In 2020

In the above Facebook Ad of Nike, a person looking at it is not forced to read too much information and is rather able to enjoy the beauty of the product. They are prompted to a ‘do it yourself’ page where they themselves can see a customized product according to their choices. This creates a sense of engagement with the customer and goes a long way in taking the brand further. A big picture with no blank spaces is an attention seeker.


5 Examples of Bad Facebook Ads from Big Brands (And How You Can ...

In the above Udemy ad, you can see that the graphics are abysmal at best. The same written information is placed in the graphics of the Ad which becomes redundant and boring for any user to see. The space for attractive and beautiful graphics is wasted with a picture of person which does not convey any message to the user.


Example. 2: Instagram GB Instagram APK v3.70 Latest Version Download For Android Mobile ...

Instagram is probably a more comfortable platform than Facebook where more social media users are engaging nowadays. It has been designed in a way so that users can share beautiful images, picture, mini-videos and designs with each other and keep people talking. This idea of the platform should not be forgotten while designing an Ad for it. Instagram provides an amazing opportunity to showcase your products in a beautiful way via its sponsored posts too.


Instagram for Business: 600+ Instagram Ads to Inspire Your Next Ad ...

In the above Olay cosmetics ad, the graphics team has worked wonders in making a beautiful and comforting post for the users to see. The idea here is ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. There is also a suggestion to try these beautiful looking products through their free sample offer.


Instagram Marketing: The Definitive Guide (2019)

You can see the blunder in the above Instagram ad here. The image of the product is not clear and white exposure to the light is destroying it. The message here is unclear as well. The space could have been used to show the product in a better light. The colour scheme used here is also not very attractive.


Example. 3: Youtube Icône Youtube HD⎪Vector illustrator (ai.) | Desain logo, Seni, Gambar

Youtube is an amazing video platform where you can find videos of any topic you wish for. After years of people making and uploading graphically genius content on the platform it has become one of the most influential tool for digital marketing. Almost 500 hours of videos are uploaded on the platform every minute which makes it one of the most used internet platform after Google. One can basically consider Youtube as the new age television sets. This is a haven for online advertisement campaign.

Youtube provides various placement options on the website for brands to advertise their products. Therefore, it becomes quite important for any ad campaign to design targeted ads for the potential customers of their product. The platform is embedded with the Youtube Adsense software which when smartly used gives you an edge to understand the traffic relevance and helps you put your money where it will get the highest returns. Video ads aside there is a huge scope for graphically static ads here as well.


The Complete Guide to YouTube Ads for Marketers

Here, the user has searched for a specific topic of standing desks and can be most likely converted into a potential buyer of this product. This is an excellent example of targeted ads and should understood in the sense of use of your product. The use of highly relevant ‘key words’ that describe your product can be incorporated into the Youtube Adsense software which will reflect your ads at the most opportune place and search results.


YouTube Ad Specs for 2020

In the above example, the user is searching for a ‘Yoga video’ on the platform and has selected a specific time-specified tutorial video. The bumper ad reflected on the video has no relevance with the topic of the video the user trying to watch. This just creates a distraction for the user and is an issue with the wrong key words being used for targeting traffic on the platform. 


Google AdWords:

Google AdWords Introduces Ads Data Hub - Search Engine Journal

Google AdWords or GoogleAds is a service that Google provides to advertisers in which they can bid on certain key words, which when searched upon Google’s search engine would reflect their advertisements on top of the results. When you search for any product or service on google there is a space for at least 3-4 ads before the organic search results, therefore the ranking of those ads play an important role. Your chances for taking the top spot in the ranking does not only depend upon the highest amount you are willing to bid but also upon the relevance of your content with the search demands. It is great tool that is supported by Google’s data analysis software and would provide you with an understanding of the right key words for your advertisement and content. Manage it well and get the most out of it.


Social Media Influencers :

Social media law: influencer content | Gowling WLG

Advertisement can be done in many unique ways on the internet these days which can involve not just direct ways but also passive ways like taking the help of Social media influencers. There are thousands of people with unique and amazing content on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube that have a huge audience base which follows them regularly. These people and their accounts have generated such massive followers by years of hardwork and dedication in content generation and beautiful posts. Their posts are a huge conversation starter which is the best way to take your brand to places. When they endorse your products online, it goes a long way than traditional advertisements. They can be considered as brand ambassadors for your products.

The Verdict:

Some outdated ways of advertisement should be avoided at all costs like Flash Ads and Ads with disturbing graphics. With years of looking at these Flash ads, people have developed a ‘banner blindness’ for such ads and start looking to close them without even reading them. Color scheme, fonts, placement of the ads and relevance are areas of extreme importance in design strategy. A good amount of consideration should be placed on what type of platform one is placing their ads on and create unique ads for every platform that are graphically beautiful to watch.


Design Trends To Watch For In 2020 For Your SaaS Website

Inbound Marketing for SaaS Companies: Your Ultimate Guide

Almost everyone today has a subscription of Netflix or Amazon Videos to watch movies on our laptops, tablets, mobile phones and Smart TVs. People also have a Gmail and Yahoo mail account all around the world which they have been using for more than a decade now to communicate with each other. As you already know, these are all extremely essential tools and software of this day and age. One simply cannot do away with any one of these in this century. But think for a second as to how would you define their model of business. What is the product or service that they are providing? The answer is SaaS (Software as a Service).

According to a recent NASSCOM report, just the Indian SaaS industry is estimated to touch $3.3 to 3.4 billion by 2022.

With us witnessing this digital revolution of the 21st Century, the demand for these software have shot up through the sky, or you could even say ‘the space’. Their use has become second nature to us. According to a recent NASSCOM report, just the Indian SaaS industry is estimated to touch $3.3 to 3.4 billion by 2022. But not every company that provides a Software as service wins this race. Just Salesforce (largest publicly traded SaaS company) alone acquires a huge chunk in this growth charts with $10 billion in annual growth rates. So the need to create a strategy for a successful SaaS model becomes very important for companies looking to acquire a part in this humongous market. The common thread that joins all the successful websites of these SaaS companies is their use of amazing graphics, designs and the user experience their visitors see.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the key components of designing a successful SaaS website or mobile application interface:

   1. User Experience:

Five elements that make a user experience design powerful

This could not be stressed enough that the visitor on your website should first and foremost have the ultimate satisfaction in using and interacting with your web design. There should be no source of confusion when the user lands on your website. The use of sharp, concise and effective words is important. Fonts play a big role here, therefore extreme caution should be placed in the selection of high readability fonts.

Your landing page is your first impression to the user and should be compelling.

The design of the website should be trendy and yet have the ability to guide the visitor to whichever options they are looking for on the page. Your landing page is your first impression to the user and should be compelling. In a way the page should be able to handhold their users through the process of First, understanding what and how the website works and then take them on a journey of storytelling and ultimately to the subscription page. This makes it most effective of any website as the user is not bombarded with unnecessary and time consuming information. Highly acceptable design trends should be researched thoroughly and then implemented on the website.

2. Simplified Process:

Again, the effort on the part of the website and design should be maximum in comparison to the user. Hand-holding with easy and simple ways of Signing-up on the website should be followed. The need to provide information from the user’s end should be minimum. Here, the user should be given the option to Sign-up or Sign-in with their already available Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter account. Multiple columns where the user is asked unnecessary and not-so-immediate information(even with the optional case of an ‘*’ marked) should be avoided.

3. Proof videos and screenshots:

best unlimited graphic design

The ability to understand how to use the software that the website is providing is greatly enhanced with the presence of informational and “How to use” videos. If the availability of video hosting is an issue the video can be embedded on the website from external sources like Youtube. They can also be complimented with screenshots of such videos and with the testimonials previous users of your software. Such interactive content on the website gives the user a hands-on experience of using the software. The provision of a free trial run is another great feature to be incorporated.

4. Actively engaging Tech-support:

A businessman's fingers pointing digital icons surrounding the word Technical Support

Actively engaging in any and all technical support with the company’s software development team builds a level of trust in the user and instills in them the confidence that once they buy your software, all their issues will be taken care of promptly and effectively. The new feature of AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled chat-bot solution is also a huge success in the field of customer engagement. When a user lands on your website they can be greeted with a chat support help to guide them. This gives the user a personalized feel in using the website.

5. All devices and browser compatibility:

Illustration: Responsive Web Design Elements are shown on various screen sizes: television, desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, smart watch, and ring

Last but definitely NOT the least important is the effort to make the website/interface all device compatible. The website should not just constrict itself with making it laptop or PC friendly. The use of mobile phones are increasing day-by-day and is expected to go a long way ahead, therefore all efforts should be made to make it different screen size compatible as well. The use of any feature on the website should not prompt the user to download any Flash driver. Any and every feature of the website should be able to work on all the internet browsers, be it Chrome, Mozilla or even the now least used, Internet explorer.

There is another feature here that needs to be explored and that is, ‘voice recognition’ support.  With the increasing use of voice recognition software like Siri, Okay Google and Alexa, the website should be designed around such pillar pages that define the most commonly asked questions about your website. The pattern should be explored to see how different questions will lead the traffic to your website. This promotes the SEO part of website development as well.

Summing up:

When we say, ‘Customer is God’, we must show it in every aspect of our web design. To pay homage to our users is to make their experience as happy and satisfying as possible. To achieve this objective the above mentioned guidelines are going to help a long way for SaaS industry players to reach market domination. The design and user experience aspect of your website can be handled by outsourcing it to experienced graphic design companies who can collaborate with your developed software idea and make these steps much easier to accomplish.


The Fusion of Graphic Designing and Digital Marketing

Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing

We have all seen the endless queues outside the Apple stores whenever a new iphone is launched in the market, the single hour sales figures of millions of dollars at shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. But the question that arises here is “Why?” Why do people online or offline, rush to buy certain products or services in huge numbers these days and what drives their urge to do that? The answer to these questions lays in the way these products or services are marketed. The digital marketing world of today has very well mastered this art of customer persuasion and attention grabbing. People today spend most of their time online and it becomes a digital haven for the marketing behemoths to try and test unique ways to attract customers to their products.

So, in a sense these different industries are not so far away from each other as it was in the past. 

Any successful marketing campaign on the internet is influenced by its graphics.

Graphic designing could also be defined as ‘visual communication’ – the use of illustrations, designs, images, cartoons, graphs, fonts, colors, and an overall aesthetic knowledge for telling a story. The chances of success for a marketing strategy increases exponentially when the visual aspect of graphic design is embedded with it. With the 4th Industrial revolution going on, the times are changing at a much faster rate than before. Now the previous print and paper advertisement industry has been totally consumed by the online advertisement industry and is making it go obsolete. Therefore, it becomes necessary to understand the importance of graphic designing in the new age of digital marketing.

Importance of Graphic designing in Digital marketing:

 1. Logo design:


To create a brand online today, one needs to create an effective logo of their website/product because that is their identity with which people can relate. An effective logo takes the brand to the farthest and the remotest corners of the world. The best example of logo designs could be taken from the giants of this industry like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. 

Their logos contain monochromatic colors and simple design for their users to understand it without effort.

This gives the marketing team a great head start to present their brand to the world which has a unique and visually appealing logo. The logo of any company is the first thing that their customers see when they arrive on the website and therefore is the most important part of graphic design.

  2. Communicate your message:

Communication is the key to your brand image. An effectively designed website with the right colors, fonts, images and icons communicates a great deal, the message that your brand wants to convey. The more people can relate to your website/product, the more chances of success your brand has. Apple’s website which tries to portray the cutting edge design and futuristic vision of its products has done well in this regard. The seamless design of its products- iphone, macbook, ipad, etc is justified with the graphically aesthetic design of the website. To achieve such objectives, the marketing and graphic designing team brainstorms with ideas.

 3. Social media Influence:

Social Networking

Today a lot of online marketing is being done by the medium of social media upon the platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Pinterest. These platforms provide a great place for branding your website and product, where with the help of images, illustrations, icons, and color a strong and effective marketing pitch can be created. 

Recently, as the male grooming industry is booming all around the world, we can witness new and upcoming brands that have taken this trend seriously and have focused their attention on creating a visually appealing brand for this wide customer base. New brands like Beardo and Ustraa were able to take away the customer base of big and established brands like Nivea, Axe, Old Spice and Garnier just on the basis of their Graphic designing and storytelling abilities. 

 4. Trust build-up:

Library of trust clipart royalty free library png files ...

As the attention span of the audience is reported to be diminishing day-by-day, it becomes even more important for companies to come up with rich graphical oriented content and interface which is attractive so that their customers and audience can imbue them with a level of trust. 

The more people see the brand/website being active and creative in engaging their audience with content, the more trust they will tend to place on the brand/website.

This will prove to be a long term goal accomplishment for any company – The ultimate marketing strategy which makes legacy brands/companies. Brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma are constantly coming up with attention-grabbing, customer-engaging and graphically-vibrant content on their websites and social media pages which has created a level of trust in their brand.


In this fast paced, competitive world of social media marketing and creative content generation, it becomes quite essential and often inevitable for the marketing strategies to collaborate with the graphic designing aspect of cliparts, color palettes, design, images, and infographics to achieve even the minimum level of success. The best way to go forward with the designing of the websites, if they do not have a graphic designing team, is to hire the services of an already established graphic designing firm on the internet. Their past collaborations and experience in design creation with different brands can bring to the table great strategies and tried-and-tested ways and means to achieve the best possible results. Some highly popular and in-demand services and packages of Draftss have played a critical role in making of several brands and their designing.