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Application Development & Emerging Trends of Technology

In this era of digitalization, Application development for any business is like common bread and butter for survival. Technology these days is a boon for businesses and opens up the new canvas to paint and create new opportunities. Mobile applications play a significant role in resolving our day-to-day problems and adds value to our lifestyle.

Any business, large scale or may it be a small-scale business, tries to improve its customer base and to convert the targeted audience to potential customers. Amazing research says, in America, over 90% of people devote more time to their mobile phones rather than viewing television. And in the near future, business application downloads are expected to rise by 16% and that’s a piece of great news for any new business that is looking to establish a market. Let us now have a look at what is an application development and how does a business need this?

What is Application Development?

Customers these days are much aware of the technical aspects of any enterprise. They expect any e-commerce business to incorporate this technicality that is a business application to stay in touch with the latest technology. An application in a very precise manner affects the development of a company. This in turn would help in establishing a clear brand name for the company and would indirectly impact the growth of the business in a positive way. Application development is the process of creating and designing a set of computerized codes or programs in such a way that the programs are capable enough to depict the message, features, and strategies of the enterprise or the business entity.


Needs of Application Development for an E-commerce Business:

  1. It establishes the brand image of the business.
  2. Reach in terms of customers increase.
  3. Increased scope for Marketing. How? It helps to communicate information regarding the offers, discounts, new launches to the customers in an efficient fashion. Additionally, push notifications to the customer or the targeted audience can be sent. In short application development enables frequent interaction between the business and its customers.
  4. Revenue increases.
  5. Diminished the global boundaries. As applications have the potential to reach the demographic audience, it reduces the distance of the business from its targeted audience.
  6. Builds trust between the business and customer. And also helps in increasing customer loyalty.

Emerging Business Technology Trends:

  1. We might also see robots taking over the job of humans. May it be the cleaning job or might be management related jobs.
  2. It might be seen in the coming decade that the data streaming for any organization is tough to handle. Hence measure regarding the management of the data streaming can be taken.
  3. The organizations must be fluent and efficient enough to tap the market before the competitors to become a winner. One might have to make faster decisions to seize the opportunity.
  4. 3D printing is going to take its place in the coming time. It is one of the most exciting businesses changing technology. It will allow printing a coffee cup or might also help in constructing new buildings as well.
  5. Nanotechnology is desired to develop that can enable biological engineering in the coming decade.
  6. As we have already seen above how mobile application development is booming, it might also help in redefining the primary industry like mining and agricultural sectors and lead a diverse impact it.
  7. The fight for the best mobile payment application still would be encountered.
  8. Entertainment would be reinvented.
  9. The era of the internet would lead to the end of newspapers.
  10. The fight between the data companies and government regarding data ownership still would remain a major issue.
  11. A new education revolution might happen soon, as it would trigger online learning.
  12. The workforce also might have to reskill to match the technology.
  13. The deleveraging of the resources and efforts would be done, and this would expect business to make and do with less.

How Would the Emerging Trends of Technology Help a Business to Grow?

As we all are aware of the fact that small changes usually lead to big yields. So, now let us have a look at how emerging trends of technology would help any e-commerce business to prosper:

  1. Enhances the visibility of the brand because in case the business offers a reasonable budget, it attracts the mass a bit more beyond the competitors.
  2. Technology helps in bridging the gap between the customers and the business entity in terms of interaction and understanding.
  3. Social media as we know consists of some technology, which in turn provides new sky-scrapers to the business.
  4. Technology offers new ways to sell for any business.
  5. In times of pandemic, contactless payments and delivery options too have benefitted the business in the long run.
  6. Technology helps in keeping people more informed and this helps the business to tap ever new opportunities.
  7. Technology helps in increasing the productivity of the business.
  8. Technical aspects help in streamlining and automating the task that includes routine work.

Go ahead and get a great application designed and developed for your business.