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A Miraculous Guide To Choosing a Freelance Graphic Designer in the USA

From the ordinary logo of any website to the ultimate advertisement on a big banner. It’s all a matter of choosing a good graphic designer. Most often people tend to underestimate the creativity of designers and the wonders they can do. Choosing the right graphic designer is a matter that needs to be dealt with carefully. Because most often the entire traffic of any website may come out as a result of amazing web designs. 


The point of difference 

Now there are certain graphic designers who have a permanent job profile and they do their work too throughout the year. That is usually with a permanent firm or client. But freelance graphic designers usually get employed on an hourly or contractual basis. That usually applies to companies who want a minimal task done or some changes done to already present designs. 

Also while a full-time designer would provide you with unlimited graphic designing services, a freelance wouldn’t do that! 


How to find a freelance in the USA? 

In the USA’s California, which marks the Silicon Valley region, one can easily find a large number of freelance graphic designers. Now some of you may be wondering as to how to do that? For finding an absolutely amazing freelance designer who does exactly what you want him/her to do, follow these simple steps: 



  • See your project’s scope


This is the utmost important step to hire a designer. You need to be completely clear in your mind as to what type of work you want your designer to do. For example, if you want him/her to animate a video, you need to specify the role later on. Also, be clear regarding the time for which you will be hiring the designer. Decide if you need the designer for 1-2 hours or around 1-5 days or months. Because if it is a job for a month, hiring a full-time designer would be beneficial.



  • Decide the medium to choose

How are you going to find a suitable designer in the USA? Also, if you are an outsider, wouldn’t finding the designer be difficult? These are the kind of thoughts that you will go through. So it’s better that you decide beforehand if you want to find the designer offline/online. Finding the designer offline can take place through a mode of creating a vacant situation in the newspaper/ meeting some placement agencies. 

And through offline mode, hiring would be easier, for there are many sites like, Fiverr, etc. They easily give a medium to advertise your role requirement. 



  • Mention the skills required

After choosing the medium to advertise the situation, the main task lies in mentioning what skills you need. Keeping in mind what output you want from the designer, you need to put the details of the role in the situation. There are a number of online sites in the USA, and worldwide on which you can post that situation. The USA is itself a hub of technology and innovations, so finding a freelance designer wouldn’t be really tough. 

The main websites to use for online hiring are: 

  • Upwork: Upwork is the world’s most popular freelancing platform. It has around 300,000 graphic and web designers available. 
  • Fiverr: It is a popular platform used by small businesses to hire graphic and web designers. It has a user-friendly interface and a plethora of visual designs.

           These websites have various filters 

           which will help you to narrow down a large number of applicants to a lesser number. 



  • Check portfolios and pricing

Now once you have advertised, wait, and relax. In the USA, a lot of people search for employment and thus you will get a lot of applications too. So out of all, just choose the one that suits the best as per your project’s scope. Go carefully through the portfolios of the designers. Choose exoticism and something different. Out of 100 applicants, choose the one whose portfolio has something out of the box. 


Apart from this, check at what price the designer is willing to work. The rates can vary a lot. Some may skyrocket while others may be subtle and sober. For instance,  in Upwork most rates usually are in this, category

  • Basic (Free) : 3 freelancers per job post + safe payment options + transaction reporting
  • Plus ($49.99/month): 15 freelancers per posting + dedicated account management + advanced collaboration features
  • Business ($499/month): unlimited invites to freelancers + premium customer support + advanced job post and talent sourcing tools

So that’s how you can work and find your freelance graphic designer. These are just a few simple steps and don’t require a lot of hassle and time. 

So get started!