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25 Podcasts Every Founder Should Listen

Podcasts have grown into a treasure chest of valuable information. As a result, there are now a lot of podcasts across different platforms about businesses and startups. These polish existing knowledge and and can even create a completely new line of thought.

Founding and successfully running an establishment can be very difficult. There are enterprises that have conquered great heights and needless to say, the brilliant minds behind these will have equally brilliant stories to tell.

Podcasts are taking over the world, and with its aid, so can a new business venture. Here are 25 Podcasts Every Founder Should Listen To.

1) Built to Sell Radio

Cover image for Podcast Built to Sell Radio

John Warrilow sits down with recently cashed out entrepreneurs in Built to Sell Radio. In this podcast, guests are asked about the decisions that led towards their decision to sell. It explores the positive choices and mistakes that they made along the way. It is therefore an insider’s guide to a major financial transaction, worthwhile for every founder to listen to.

Listen to this podcast:

2) Business Wars

Cover image for Podcast Business Wars

Hosted by David Brown, Business Wars is an innovative and engaging podcast. It discusses some of the world greatest enterprises by putting them against another. This podcast shows the real story that drives these companies, their leadership, and stories through their highs and lows.

Listen to this podcast:

3) Entrepreneurs on Fire

Cover image for Podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire

Entrepreneurs on Fire is an informative and award-winning podcast that interviews various leading business-people. John Lee Dumas talks to the guests to facilitate ideas on financial and location freedom in this podcast.

Listen to this podcast:

4) Equity

Cover image for Podcast Equity

Equity by TechCrunch features hosts Connie Loizos, Danny Crichton, and Alex Wilhelm. Here they discuss everything an entrepreneur needs to know about money matters when it comes to a startup. Above all, the podcast brings massive rounds, notable acquisitions and interesting IPOs to the table every week. It also features occasional special appearances by Kate Clark.

Listen to this podcast:

5) Founder Coffee

Cover image for Podcast Founder Coffee

Host Jeroen, the co-founder of Salesfare, sits down with famous founders and discusses life, passion and earnings over a cup of coffee. Founder Coffee is evidently a standout owing to its intimate conversations and the peek at the person behind the business.

Listen to this podcast:

6) Foundr

Cover image for Podcast Foundr

The Foundr Magazine podcast is the answer to all the questions that an amateur may have about starting, handling and managing a business. Nathan Chan, the mind behind Foundr Magazine, is the host. He seeks out successful businesspeople running huge enterprises to appear as guests. During the podcast, he asks them the burning questions that can transform any average entrepreneurship for the better.

Listen to this podcast:

7) Founders Talk

Cover image for Podcast Founders Talk

Founders Talk features one-on-one conversations with successful founders and CEO’s. Each episode caters to a particular aspect or topic. In this in-depth journey into business minds, guests discuss their journey, lessons learned and the difficulties they face to run their establishment.

Listen to this podcast:

8) Freelance to Founder

Cover image for Podcast Freelance to Founder

Freelance to Founder is a podcast that throws light on the journeys of independent business owners and freelancers towards running a full-fledged enterprise. Hosted by Brandon Hull, this podcast features engaging and entertaining stories of business people that have striven to transform their establishments into something bigger than themselves.

Listen to this podcast:

9) From Founder to CEO

Cover image for Podcast From Founder to CEO

Todd Uterstaedt leads listeners through the stories of several inspiring founders. They discuss tips, tricks and ideas to become the CEO that leads their enterprise into sustained success. The podcast is aimed to create stress-free leadership, establishing the confidence and right mindset, and providing leadership development for the founder and CEO.

Listen to this podcast:

10) FT World Tech Founders

Cover image for Podcast FT World Tech Founders

The Financial Times World Tech Founders is a podcast that started in 2016, focusing on entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Episodes feature speakers discussing the prospects and challenges of running enterprises in countries like China, Egypt and Tanzania.

Listen to this podcast:

11) How I Built This

Cover image for Podcast How I Built This
How I built this with Guy Raz

In How I Built This, host Guy Raz tells the most fascinating stories behind some of the world’s greatest enterprises. This podcast is essentially a narrative journey. It discusses movements brought about by innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists. It is hence a must-listen for all founders.

Listen to this podcast:


Cover image for Podcast is chiefly catered to likes of entrepreneurs, project managers, and anyone engaged in tech today. Through inspiring stories and insights, this podcast breaks down all topics that founders would need to know. These range from project management to growth and sales to funding.

Listen to this podcast:

13) Masters of Scale

Cover image for Podcast Masters of Scale

Reid Hoffman, Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur, is the host of this infamous podcast. He tests his theories on entrepreneurship through Masters of Scale. With original music and humorous undertones, this podcast is unlike any other. It will prove to be absolutely entertaining to anyone who listens.

Listen to this podcast:

14) Mixergy

Cover image for Podcast Mixergy

Mixergy is a learning platform for entrepreneurs, hosted by Andrew Warner. Through a series of uncomfortable questions, Warner dives into the successes and failures of some of the greatest business founders and thought leaders. The podcast is a hub for innovative and powerful stories. It is home to ideas that can empower any businessperson.

Listen to this podcast:

15) Nathan Latka: The Top

Cover image for Podcast Nathan Latka: The Top

In a thoroughly informative yet captivating fashion, host Nathan Latka talks to the world’s top businesspeople in The Top. Within the span of twenty minutes, this podcast informs the audience on how, what and how much businesses are selling. It is both short and impressive and fits comfortably into a busy schedule.

Listen to this podcast:

16) Startup

Cover image for Podcast Startup

The Startup podcast initially sets out to document the journey of host Alex Blumberg. It captures the founding Gimlet Media, the parent network of the podcast. Subsequently, Blumberg and Lisa Chow follow one business per episode, providing real glimpses into the effort that goes into getting an establishment up and running.

Listen to this podcast:

17) The Growth Show

Cover image for Podcast The Growth Show

HubSpot’s long-running The Growth Show is a glimpse into the inspiring stories behind some of the most significant businesses, ideas and movements of the world. The podcast has covered everything from Netflix to the NBA. It has effectively provided takeaways for every growing founder and entrepreneur.

Listen to this podcast:

18) The Pitch

Cover image for Podcast The Pitch

The Pitch depicts a realistic and authentic portrayal of pitching for capital to launch a project. That is to say, the podcast features real founders displaying their ideas to four real investors for real money. It paints a picture of how people sell their ideas, what allures investors and the importance of human relationships.

Listen to this podcast:

19) The Tim Ferriss Show

Cover image for Podcast The Tim Ferriss Show

Bestselling author of 4-Hour Workweek Tim Ferriss deconstructs world-class performers. These guests are from various fields, ranging from investing to pro chess. Through this podcast, Ferris’s attempts to dig deep to find tools, tactics and ideas that the listeners can adopt from these exceptional personalities.

Listen to this podcast:

20) The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

Cover image for Podcast The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

Hosted by Srinivas Rao, The Unmistakable Creative Podcast is home to brilliant thinkers, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, founders, artists and so on. Here, they share their ideas and insight. This podcast assembles the peak performers of various fields and allows listeners to learn from their deeply personal and thought/provoking stories.

Listen to this podcast:

21) Youpreneur

Cover image for Podcast Youpreneur

Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur leads its listeners towards top online business leaders and personal entrepreneurs. Episodes range from a time period of five minutes to an hour. During this interval, they cover a wide range of essential topics and discussions. The takeaways will surely aid in creating a personal and professional brand.

Listen to this podcast:

22) She Did It Her Way

Cover image for Podcast She Did It Her Way

Named one of ‘12 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs’ by Forbes Magazine, She Did It Her Way offers a woman entrepreneur’s viewpoint. It is hosted by business consultant and speaker Amanda Boleyn. The podcast explores topics unique to women running businesses and moreover, offers ideas and motivation to start, succeed and grow.

Listen to this podcast:

23) The James Altucher Show

Cover image for Podcast The James Altucher Show

James Altucher is a widely successful businessperson, writer and investor. In his podcast, Altucher welcomes a wide and diverse variety of guests. He brings engaging content, ideas and lessons from those who define their industries. As a result, this allows listeners to find takeaways that adhere to their needs and cater to their entrepreneurship.

Listen to this podcast:

24) Eventual Millionaire

Cover image for Podcast Eventual Millionaire

Eventual Millionaire features Jamie Masters as she conducts interviews with millionaires. They share their entrepreneurial ideas and stories to listeners who share the same goals. The podcast thus sheds light on avoiding problems, overcoming obstacles, and defining a path towards undefeated success.

Listen to this podcast:

25) Unemployable

Cover image for Podcast Unemployable

In Unemployable, host Brian Clark shares his brilliant ideas and views on several topics related to entrepreneurship. To clarify, he talks about the mindset, marketing, development and operations needed in a freelancer to make the transition into a successful businessperson. Through this podcast, Clark attempts to promote the idea that being a successful entrepreneur is possible, even if only minimal resources are available initially.

Listen to this podcast: