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15 Promising Australian Startups

15 promising australian startups

“Ideas are easy but implementation is hard.”

-Guy Kawasaki, AllTop Co-founder and Entrepreneur

Australia, certainly, has showed that they do not lack the ability to implement their ideas to create innovative solutions for the world. The Australian tech startup sector contributes approximately 4% to the country’s GDP. Having considered this estimate, it will be safe to say that Australia is on the track to becoming the new land of opportunities as several promising startups continue to emerge from different parts of the country. Some of these startups are setting the bar up high when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship, to pace up the competition, while others are on the verge of becoming the next market leaders.

Have a look at these 15 promising Australian startups that have taken the industry by storm.

1. Canva

Canva is one of the leading graphic design platforms across the globe. A stated by Forbes, “Canva makes great designs more accessible”. It is well-received by the entire marketing world as it helps you create and publish new, colossal and effective designs easily. Melanie Perkins, the co-founder and CEO of Canva, is one of the most successful young CEOs in the world and she believes in empowering the modern workforce. Canva is a popular name in the Silicon Valley and is expected to grow further.


2. Shippit

Shippit is a Sydney-based startup, founded in 2014 by William On and Rob Hango-Zada. It is a cloud-based startup which powers delivery services for upto 300 merchants and businesses. The startup basically offers modern-day shipping solutions for carriers and consumers. Shippit has been growing continuously and has now partnered with the big names of shipping industry like Mail Call Courier, Australian Post, TNT, etc.


3. Classbento

Classbento is a popular startup which aims to bring out your creative side. It empowers local Australian artists and makes art and creativity affordable, accessible and appealing for everyone. To quote the founders, John and Iain, “You have to be passionate about anything you want to build and it will earn you what others will miss”.


4. Sprout Stack

Sprout Stack is a unique startup as it deals with eco-friendly agritech solutions which provide communities with fresh produce to help them live healthy lives. Founded in 2016, by Francisco Caffarena, Sprout Stack depends heavily on revolutionary practices of growing garden-fresh produce through cutting-edge indoor agriculture and urban farming procedures.


5. 99designs

Founded in Melbourne in 2008, by Matt Mickiewicz, 99designs is undoubtedly the world’s largest marketplace for graphic designers. Forbes has described 99designs as “American Idol for your creative needs”. 99designs connects over 22,000 graphic designers with businesses from several countries.


6. Tribe

Jules Lund, a popular TV and radio host, founded Tribe in 2015. Tribe is a hub for content creators and connects them with brands around the world. It brought about exceptional waves in the industry with more than 2,600 brand campaigns. Tribe is climbing up the ladder of success with each passing day and is primed for a global takeover.


7. Tablo

Founded in 2013, by Ash Davies, Tablo is an online book publishing platform which is set to take the market of e-books to the next level. Davies has stated that his aim is to make Tablo even bigger than Amazon Books. What sets it apart from its competitors is the user-friendly platform. So, it’s not really surprising that Tablo’s cloud-based platform already has over 10,000 authors on board from more than 100 countries.


8. Speedlancer

Speedlancer is a Melbourne-based startup which offers unique values to the old online freelancing business. It is a marketplace to more than 450 freelancers and delivers all tasks within four hours. The founder and CEO of the startup, Adam Stone, hopes to turn Speedlancer’s local venture into a global freelancing powerhouse.


9. CliniCloud

Founded by Dr. Andrew Lin and Dr. Hon Weng Chong, CliniCloud is a revolutionary Australian startup that offers cloud-based medical products. The founders have aimed to fuse healthcare with technology. StethoCloud is the most popular product of this startup and has received coverage from famous publications including Techcrunch, Wired and Bloomberg.


10. Appbot

Appbot is a Perth-based software startup which was founded in 2013. It provides solutions for managing app reviews. Appbot helps the world’s best app developers to understand the needs of their consumers by analyzing the app reviews. The reviews in Appbot are classified according to emotions, sentiments and topics depending upon the words used in reviews, and this helps the teams to surface bugs and easily understand the feedback of consumers to the latest updates.


11. HealthEngine

HealthEngine is a successful Perth startup which aims to enhance relationships between patients and their health care professionals. With HealthEngine, the practitioners can provide constant care to patients through a suite of connected digital health products. HealthEngine has over 11,000 professionals on board including doctors, chiropractors, gynecologists, radiologists, etc.


12. Peepable

Peepable is a video searching startup which uses powerful search technology for searching and sharing videos and helps in finding the exact thing you are looking for. Once you install the app on a device, Peepable automatically enters and indexes the video content of publishers. The users can also use the clipping tool to create a short clip or peep from a video and share it on social media.


13. HappyCo

HappyCo is a SaaS startup, established in Adelaide, which helps in developing a suite of software to improve the efficiency on operations in the field. With HappyCo, consumers can minimize their workload by replacing workflows with a custom mobile app and a robust web software where data can be stored. Hence, HappyCo can be used by anyone for managing their data easily.


14. PayHero

PayHero is a Adelaide-based startup which helps business owners in fast payments. The startup basically targets personal trainers, yoga instructors, housekeepers, real estate agents, etc. PayHero lessens the number of paper invoices by accepting card payments and allowing automatic billing. It is currently one of Adelaide’s top local services. The users can even sell stuff online using PayHero.


15. Hivery

Hivery is an artificial intelligence startup, founded by Franki Chamakii in Liverpool, New South Wales. The startup aims to help different companies generate hefty profits on Retail Space Investment with AI-backed solutions in price learning, product recommendations, promotions and space rationalization. The platform basically uses date to harness retail growth solutions. Since its birth in 2015, Hivery has had stellar success as as AI startup and continues to grow day by day.


To sum up, detailed planning and timely execution, which are common to all of the above mentioned startups, have made them so successful over the years. With all the latest developments in the technology sector, there has never been a better time to be innovative and start your own enterprise. The Australian startups, mentioned above, serve as huge inspirations to every entrepreneur. So, do let us know which startup has inspired you the most, in the comments section below.