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10 Types of Illustration in Advertising

10 Types of Illustration in Advertising

Everyone knows illustrations, like other design elements, can make or break a design. In our research, we found many different types of illustrations.

Since you are reading this article, we’re sure that you are interested to know more about types of illustration in advertising. We know how cool😎 they are. That’s why we keep track of the latest trends & any inspirational illustration designs. 

In this article, we’re going to share 10 mind-numbing types of illustrations that are very popular in advertising. We’re considering both traditional as well as modern styles of illustrations for this list. 

So, grab your pen & notebook & let’s get started, shall we?

10 Types of Illustration in Advertising

10 Types of Illustration in Advertising
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We’ve researched these 10 super cool types of illustrations that you can use for your advertising creatives. Let’s take a look at each one of them. 

1. Anime

Originating in Japan in the 1900s & now popularized all over the world, anime illustrations are super stylish & widely used. Anime illustrations can be either 2D or 3D & are primarily targeted toward young adults. Here, we’re not talking about anime shows but their static illustrations.

So, if you have a business aimed at that demography, you can create super flashy anime merch. They’re relatable, trendy, fashionable & badass. 

2. Line Art

Line art illustration is a relatively newer concept. It’s widely popular on social media platforms. This illustration style is very simple yet can be incredibly detailed.

Basically, line art consists of monochromatic illustrations with different line weights & thicknesses. It’s typically done in black & white, but you can select any color for a solid background if you wish.

When done correctly, they often tend to create a sense of calmness which is soothing to people.  

3. Pixel Art

Pixel art is a digital drawing where images, in this case, illustrations, are built using pixels as building blocks. Over the last decade, pixel art has become widely popular. Due to its nostalgic appeal, we love it & believe it’ll never seize not to be good.😉

4. Charcoal

The charcoal style is more of a traditional type of illustration. It is not as sharp as a pen or a pencil illustration but is amazing for illustrating short stories or quick sketches. Illustrators can create a range of textures with charcoal due to its blending nature. 

What’s lovely about this technique is that artists can use their fingers to create soft blends, smudges, or shadows to enhance the illustration.

5. Watercolor

Watercolor illustrations are great for adding a soft light or depth to your design. This style creates effects & shades by adding water to create varied transparencies to colors. 

Digitally, you can achieve a great aesthetic look to your illustration with more control & precision.

6. Psychedelic

Psychedelic illustration is an art that tends to use intense coloring, free-flowing lines & kaleidoscopic patterns. The best way to use this illustration style is when you want to create spiritual concepts, stylistic lettering & geometric or free shapes.

It’s vibrant, colored, extremely detailed & groovy.

7. 3D

3D illustrations incorporate depth as a primary concept to make illustrations look three-dimensional. Illustrators use 3D illustrations to portray their exact idea of how that illustration might’ve looked in reality.  

We believe that 3D designs are popular now & will always be. 

8. Fashion Art

Illustrators often use fashion illustrations to communicate fashion ideas in visual forms. Mainly used by fashion designers for brainstorming their ideas. In the fashion designing world, a quick sketch of a fashion figure is called a croquis.

9. Caricature

Caricature is an art & illustrators know how to use this technique to exaggerate physical features primarily for a comical or satirical effect. Caricatures often target public figures by mocking or mimicking them. Illustrators get to capture key physical features & distort them while making the subject matter unrecognizable.  

10. Flat

People are going crazy over flat illustrations lately. They are very useful in communicating an idea for an app, website, etc. Basically, a flat illustration is a 2D visual. Portraying it smartly with interesting perspectives & movements without the actual motion is the way to go.

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There are innumerable illustrations out there that you can use to communicate your idea. We’ve mentioned just 10 of them, but there’s really an ocean to explore. 

Hopefully, these examples helped you get an idea of how creative & artistic illustrations can be. For more inspiration, check out our portfolio of illustrations.

That’s it from us, see you in the next article. We’ll be bringing more detailed articles on Illustrations & other designing aspects for you, so keep an eye out for our Blog.