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What are the Benefits of Using Brand Illustrations?

What are the Benefits of Using Brand Illustrations?

Brand illustrations are massive for your business! In this article, we’ll explain why they are so amazing.

Over the past few years, illustrations are becoming more popular. Veteran marketers know how important illustrations are for branding, which is why they extensively use them.

We’ve covered the benefits of using brand illustrations & why you should really use them for your branding. But first, let’s explore what illustrations actually are.

What are Brand Illustrations?

Brand illustrations are images that describe information or ideas. They are visuals that explain certain concepts without requiring text. Using visual imagery, an illustration can explain a story, emotion, journey, etc. 

Often people confuse illustrations with graphic designs. It’s important to understand that graphic designing can also use text with visuals. On the other hand, illustrations strictly incorporate only visual elements such as human figures, objects, abstracts, etc. 

You can use software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Vectornator, etc. to create stunning illustrations for marketing & branding your business.  

Benefits of Using Brand Illustrations

Now that you’ve understood what brand illustrations are. Let’s find out what are their key benefits. 

Aids in Communication

Communication is extremely important if you want to convince people to buy from you. Businesses often fail to effectively communicate their message & lose business to their competitors. Illustrations are great for overcoming that hurdle. Since illustrations are pleasing to the eyes, people are very likely to look at them & understand what you want to communicate. 

Also, people understand visuals in a better way than written text making illustrations. Which is why it’s an amazing way to target your audience. 

Elevates your Brand Recognition

Images impact people’s long-term memory. When a visitor visits your website or any other creatives such as social media posts, they’ll most likely remember images rather than the text. Of course, they have to be super cool & not boring. 

The more people recognize your brand, the more customers you get. 

Humanizes your Brand 

People relate with people & not with businesses. Using brand illustrations for your creatives can add a human touch to them. They give your brand a personality that is very appealing to people. Illustrations evoke emotions that can help you bond with your audience. 

A fantastic way to connect with people is by portraying different body types, races & walks of life in your brand illustrations. This way, you hit & connect with a lot of people from different backgrounds, expanding your market reach. Why waste time setting up expensive photoshoots when you can portray the same message via illustrations? 

Makes your Content Attractive

Incorporating illustrations in your content pieces is a great way to improve their quality. It does not matter how well you write. People get bored reading long pieces of text & you lose their attention. People need breaks in between. So, it’s always better to use illustrations(or other types of images) to grab the users’ attention. 

Eases in Navigation

Most websites have white spaces, body copies, CTA buttons, etc. Good designers know how important visuals are too. They never forget to incorporate visuals(images, illustrations, motion graphics, etc.) when designing a website. Now, why is that?

Well, illustrations & other visuals can act as blocks between each section. This makes your page appear professional, sorted & not cluttered with just information. Also, when users read texts & see the illustrations, they understand your message in-depth. 

Draws Attention

Most people have a low attention span. Forget most people; how many times have you scrolled down a post without even reading it? Not to blame you, but you must’ve not found those posts interesting. The point is – your posts & other creatives must be attractive. No matter how much value you provide, if people don’t find it attractive in the first few seconds, they will skip it.

Now, how can you make your posts attractive? Well, there are a few things & illustration is one of them. Using illustrations not only on your website but also on your advertisements or social media posts can significantly make your post a 10/10. 

Brand illustrations draw people’s attention toward a particular thing. So, when placed right, you can use it to focus on your message. 

Sets Brand Mood by Storytelling

Storytelling is an art. It’s how you depict a story, what characters you use & the message you give. Brand illustrations can help you tell the story you want & set your brand tone. Ideally, you should create a story that relates to your audience.

Trending Brand Illustrations to Follow in 2023

Based on our estimation, we believe these trends are catching fire🔥 lately & will rise back to popularity in 2023. Keep an eye out for these trends to stay relevant in the game!

  • Moody & Warm
  • Hand-Drawn 
  • Flat colored
  • Surreal
  • 3D 

Where to get Unlimited Brand Illustrations?

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Final Words

Illustrations are very useful for your brand & you should not forget them. They can be used for multiple purposes, such as social media posts, on your website, for advertising, etc. 

Use brand illustrations to inform, persuade & influence people’s minds to opt for your products/services. 

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