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10 Best YouTube Channels about Machine Learning

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Machine learning is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models which involves the application of artificial intelligence which provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience, without being explicitly programmed. Though it has been there since the dawn of computer science, it has acquired immense popularity in recent times. A number of products in our day-to-day lives are driven by machine learning, such as – virtual personal assistants, video surveillance systems, social media services, etc.

So, do you want to become an expert in machine learning? Well, you certainly can because of all the online tutorials and contents available out here. However, there are probably over tens of thousands of tutorials in the vast internet and you are bound to find some bad apples. So, we have done some work for you and shortlisted some of the great YouTube channels that teach machine learning.

Here is a list of 10 Best YouTube channels about Machine Learning.

1. CS50

Are you interested in formal and structured machine learning lectures? Well then CS50 is the channel you turn to. CS50 is arguably the most popular channel on machine learning. They upload lectures from Harvard University’s “Introduction to the Intellectual Enterprises of Computer Science and the Art of Programming”. They upload about 1 video every week.


2. Data School

Data School is a really good YouTube channel which offers you a comprehensive understanding of machine learning concepts and then teaches you to put that learning into practice by writing codes and developing your very own models. Kevin Markham, a data science instructor in Washington, D.C., simplifies each topic and uploads about 1 video per month.


3. Sentdex

Sentdex has been offering quality tutorials on machine learning, python programming, data analysis, web development, robotics and game development since 2012. Harrison Kinsley of Sentdex delivers simple explanations of complex concepts in his videos. Sentdex uploads about 3 videos per week.


4. Machine Learning TV

Machine Learning TV delivers in-depth explanations regarding common algorithms and ideas. From error and bias to deep learning training tips and natural language processing concepts, Machine Learning TV explains it all to you in a simple manner. The channel uploads about 2 videos per month.


5. Siraj Raval

Siraj Raval is a talented musician, traveler, author, data scientist and AI educator. He aims to offer world-class AI and machine learning education to anyone and everyone through his books and his YouTube channel. Raval’s videos are innovative and interesting to watch because he explains concepts using pop culture references. People prefer his channel also because he uploads about 3 videos every week.


6. Two Minute Papers

Two Minute Papers is an interesting YouTube channel which not only imparts knowledge on machine learning, but also keeps you updated with latest inspiring developments in the AI field around the world. The channel uploads at least 1 video every week.


7. Luis Serrano

Luis Serrano has been simplifying complex topics in artificial intelligence, machine learning and mathematics through his YouTube channel since 2013. In an interview, he said that he made videos only after capturing the essence of each concept. He uploads about 1 video per month.


8. Machine Learning at Berkeley

As the name suggests, Machine Learning at Berkeley is a YouTube channel from University of California, Berkeley. Besides educating people about the concepts of machine learning, the channel empowers passionate students to solve data-driven problems. They upload about 3 videos per month.


9. This Week in Machine Learning & AI

This Week in Machine Learning & AI delivers to you the weeks most interesting, innovative and important stories from the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Since its birth in 2017, this channel has gained quite a lot of popularity. They are pretty active as they upload at least 3 videos every week.


10. MLconf

MLconf was created in July, 2013 to host the thought leaders in data science and machine learning. Since then, they have been discussing their recent experiences and sharing helpful information regarding machine learning and techniques to deal with massive and noisy data, through their videos. They upload about 3 videos every week.


So, these are some of the useful and interesting YouTube channels whose videos, we think, will help you to grasp the concepts of machine learning easily. If you know about any other good YouTube channels about machine learning, feel free to tell us about it in the comments section below.