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WordPress And Scalable Options For Business

WordPress is a perfect example of how can a company be successful by leveraging a technological platform. From a simple blogging network to the biggest content management system one-third of all websites powered through WordPress. Small and large businesses use WordPress to create their official websites. All businesses have a wide range of requirements and approaches. WordPress provides a wide variety of themes and templates that designers can work on for their clients.
Theoretically, WordPress can provide infinite scalability with which a website that only has a couple of hundreds of monthly views. That can also scale above a million monthly views without any structural modifications and changes. For any company that has a WordPress website and they want to scale it up in the future. Here are some practices that you need to implement in your company to scale up your WordPress website.

Practices to scale up your WordPress website

Let us take a look at the things that you need to do. If you want to scale up your WordPress website.
  • Signing up for posting plans that can offer horizontal and vertical scaling –

This practice helps you to set your online WordPress expansion plan in the correct direction. If you have created your website just a few days ago or you want to set up a new WordPress website. In near future then you need to make sure that you choose a plan that can provide horizontal and vertical scaling facilities. The horizontal and vertical scaling can be misunderstood very easily so here we are providing you a brief understanding of this in context with a WordPress website.
Vertical scaling, related to the improvement of Band with storage visitor quality e limits of your website in a natural manner. The platforms that support WordPress generally offer this scaling in the form of tires so that you can level up your website as the traffic increases on your WordPress website. Vertical scalability, subjected to increase the server resources of a given website.
  • Importance of scaling in WordPress

Horizontal scaling, related to the number of servers connected to the website for handling the increased traffic. It is very different from the functioning of vertical scaling. Also in vertical scaling, you need to integrate service individually for the back and the front end of your WordPress website. This kind of scaling ensures that the website can scale for the backend development made in the WordPress website.
WordPress and scalable options for business
Vertical scaling is one of the most ideal WordPress website scaling techniques. It is great for the website that has regular high traffic and on some occasions, they also have more traffic. Several WordPress hosting services provide this vertical scaling by default. However, to get horizontal scaling, provided only by WordPress hosting providers that are very experiencing as it depends on service-oriented architecture.
Now you know you have understood the importance of scaling for both vertical and horizontal. You need to choose a hosting partner that can provide both kinds of options. With this, you can easily scale up your website to grow your business without any major modifications in your website. This scaling solution is complete in itself and if you are using this approach then you will not need other mentioned scaling practices in some cases. However, if you are not using this is scaling option then you must focus on the measures given below to scale up your website.
  • Capping the SQL request

A huge number of SQL requests also result in the website experiencing high traffic in the backend service. If you want to ensure that your website can serve more users without any modifications. In the back and structure then you will need to put a cap on auto-loading SQL queries. According to your bandwidth, you can set a limit between 100 to 200 that can check your website from going down during high traffic times.
  • Utilize all the caching plugins

This is also a good way to scale up your WordPress website without changing the bandwidth. You will need to change or enhance your cache performance. With improved performance, you can boost your website and you can significantly increase the number of repeated users. Plugins like Hummingbird and WordPress’s fastest cache are very helpful in cutting down your overall HTTPS server request. It’s done by returning all the repeated content from the memory.
  • Make use of CDN servers in WordPress

Content delivery networks are the additional server arrangement that can also use throughout a certain geographical area. The major advantage of using these servers is that they can enhance the response time of your WordPress website in a geographical region by many folds. One server operating from one location often finds it very difficult to maintain the response time in the high traffic from various distance locations.
  • Use lazy loading

It is a concept when a web page loads as you scroll down the page instead of getting fully loaded on the first click. It can manage your database load greatly. This is a very great choice to scale up if your website contains long pages and it has too many images. This ensures that all the bouncing users that are not reading or paying attention to the complete website do not get affected by your side’s bandwidth in any way. You can use various WordPress plugins so that lazy loading. This can be easily implemented on your web pages without changing the codes of your website.


These are some of the measures that you need to implement. This article contains information on the simple understanding of WordPress scalability. The needs of scaling up a WordPress website, and how to do it. In the end, it becomes very clear that you do not need to increase your network bandwidth. The branch out your service as well to scale up your website.  You can also enhance the traffic on your web page by improving the overall visuality of your website. By using additional WordPress plugins you can reduce the response time of your WordPress website during increased traffic.