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The first page of the website or landing page requires Research, UI/UX decisions, Design, Layouting, Overall Style and takes more time as compared to any other page.
It takes approximately 3-6 days to design a first initial page depending on the complexity and length. Once the landing page design is decided, all other supporting pages (About Us, Team, Contact Us, Login, Register, Gallery, etc) takes around 1-3 days.

We start by sketching out a basic wireframe of the Web UI. If you already have a wireframe for your website, you can provide the same and we can proceed with it. Once the wireframe is ready, we start converting the wireframe into stunning website design. Once we finish off with designing & optimizing the Web UI/UX, we then proceed to create the Mobile Responsive version of the landing page. If you require the mobile responsive version first, you need to tell us while submitting the design brief.


We prefer to design the Web UI/UX in Sketch or Adobe XD. If you require another specific software that we support, you need to let us know while submitting the design brief. Here is a list of all the softwares that we currently support.

We start coding the website once both the Web UI/UX & Mobile responsive version are completed & approved. We can code the website while the design is in progress, but it will take relatively more time to design & code simultaneously.

Yes, we design customized icons & illustrations for your website. We use placeholder/temporary icons & illustrations while the landing page design is in progress. Once the Web UI/UX design is complete, we replace the placeholder/temporary icons & illustrations with customized icons & illustrations. Read more about icons and illustrations .

If we are only designing the Web UI/UX, then the deliverables will comprise of the flat image, exported components & source file the Web UI/UX was designed in. If you are subscribed to our Design + Code Plan and above plans, then you also get HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery code

We can design & code your complete website within 1 month of subscription provided the feedback cycle is quick and constructive. This is also dependent on the complexity and length of the website.

Yes, we can help you improve your current website or re-design it completely. We can upgrade selective components, hero section, UX optimizations, illustrations, icons or anything else that you require. You just need to provide us with the source file of your current website design.

Yes, we can design in any language you request provided you share all the content in the preferred language.


No, we do not provide hosting as part of our services. But if you want we can help you host/deploy on your hosting provider of choice.

Yes, you can share the design and we will happily convert your design into a fully functional HTML files with clean and bug-free code

Yes, we can help you design your website from scratch in WordPress. If you already are using a WordPress theme, we can also help you in editing your existing theme.

Yes, we support many builders. Here is a list of all the builders that we currently support for designing your website.

Yes, we can help you design Web UI and do frontend code for it which you can use it in your Node.js project. Ideally, our customers add our team to their project repository where we push the code.

Yes, we can help you design Web UI and do frontend code for it which you can use in your Django project. Ideally, our customers add our team to their project repository where we push the code. We create frontend code in sync with Jinja template style which Django uses by default.

No, we do not support Vue.js / React.js / Angular.js at the moment, but it is definitely on our roadmap.

Yes, you can add our team to your Github or Bitbucket Repository. Ideally, we create a different branch where we push all of our code so that you can review it and once everything is proper you can merge it with your master branch.

Unfortunately, we do not provide backend code for your website.

Yes, we understand that you already use project management tools internally to handle everything and it becomes very difficult to manage a different team outside of that tool. To help resolve this, we integrate with a lot of tools such as Trello, Slack, Asana, Airtable, Notion, Basecamp, etc. You can find the full list of integrations here.

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