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How Can Product Packaging Enhance Sales?

Packaging products are usually needed for transportation and marketing, but it is also a great way to increase sales. According to a recent study, 72 percent of consumers feel that packaging design influences their purchasing decisions. If you don’t emphasize your packaging enough, you will lose opportunities for potential sales and promotion of your brand. Let’s look at how product packaging can affect sales and why it’s so important.

What Is The Importance Of Packaging?

Does product packaging matter? Absolutely. Packaging has several key roles for today’s businesses and customers, and it has several practical roles, as well as marketing, sales, and brand awareness roles. One of the important tasks of packaging is to protect the products during transport and until the customer opens the packaging. If the product is damaged when it reaches the customer, his perception of your company will deteriorate and you will have to either replace the product or return his money.

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The packaging should also be easy to open and the design of the packaging should facilitate the removal of the product from the packaging, as this will provide a better customer experience. Another function of packaging is to help consumers identify products. The packaging must provide sufficient information through text, images and other means of communication to enable the consumer to identify the packaging quickly. Differences in packaging, such as color, may also be useful to represent different types of products under one brand.

Packaging that includes branded elements such as the logo, brand color, and font can also help customers become familiar with the product company. It can also help new customers get to know your brand and improve brand awareness. Packaging is a huge opportunity to increase product awareness and it must also match the brand personality of the company selling the product. Your packaging also plays an important role in increasing sales, which we will discuss in the next section.

How Packages Can Increase Sales?

As more than seven out of ten buyers say that packaging influences their purchasing decisions, companies need to consider their packaging not only from an operational perspective but also from a marketing and sales perspective. What effect do packaging have on sales? When consumers are confronted with multiple product choices, whether in-store or online, product packaging is key to their decision. When choosing a product they want to take off the shelf and consider buying, consumers have little information out of the box if they have not researched it before.

Many buyers choose a product whose packaging attracts their attention. In fact, most buyers tried the product because its packaging drew attention to the store shelf and emphasized the importance of using packaging design to differentiate the product from competitors.

Use Custom Printed Boxes To Improve Your Sales

When consumers take a product off the shelf, they often read the label to make sure it is the right product for them. Therefore, the information in your package plays a crucial role in the customer’s decision-making process. It is important that you provide enough information and do so in an easy-to-read and understand way.

Your packaging is often the first impression someone makes of your business, and it’s important that you make a first impression. If your packaging is high quality, customers will more often associate your brand and product with quality. It is especially important that your packaging protects your products properly. If not, it may show customers that you don’t care enough about your products and customers.

As mentioned earlier, packaging is a great way to increase brand awareness. You can prominently display your logo and other brand elements on your packaging, and the packaging itself can be part of your brand.

Effect Of  Product Packaging On Consumers

The packaging of the product also affects the feelings of the buyers, according to a study published in the journal Psychology & Marketing. The researchers used an fMRI device to measure brain function, while participants studied different types of kits.

They found that when participants saw attractive packages, they had more brain activity, including in areas related to hiring. However, the lack of attractiveness caused activity in parts of the brain that was associated with negative emotions. These feelings are likely to influence purchasing decisions. Color is one package that has been much researched.

Studies have shown that red stimulates and increases the heart rate. It can also increase appetite, which is why so many food and beverage companies use it in logos and packaging. The shape of the packaging also affects us psychologically.

Choose A Better Product Packaging

Your audience: One of the most important things to keep in mind is your audience. Researching customer surveys and customer data will help you improve your knowledge in this area. For example, your customers may appreciate packages that are easy to open or prefer soft pastel colors.

Your brand: Your packaging should also match your brand. As it helps customers identify your product and helps you create a comprehensive brand. If your brand is stylish and modern, a metal ink cartridge bag with a minimalist design may work well.

Product: Of course, your packaging must also be reasonable for your product. Laminated tubes are often used for dough and retort bags for cooking. Your packaging should help buyers quickly identify the type of sale.

So how do you choose a product package that will help you increase sales? Think about the following

Protect your product: You also need to consider what you need to protect your product to keep it in top condition when it reaches the end user. For example, many foods need a substance that retains moisture and oxygen. So it is important to use a film, metal cover, or a clear barrier. Other types of packaging are designed to protect electronic products from electrostatic properties.

Standards you must follow: Another factor to consider is all the standards, rules. And even the  regulations related to packages that you must follow. If you sell food in the United States, you must comply with both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and any special laws. If you supply products to the military. You must strictly follow the requirements of the military.

Your budget: Balancing all other aspects of your budget is key. You need to keep in mind the cost of distributing materials, design services, production packages. And products, look for partners with whom you can offer products and services within your budget.