How It Works

What we do, How we do, What you get, How you get, etc... Find answers to all other questions below.


Step 1: Get Plan

Select the package
that best suits your requirement
Complete the transaction
to receive the onboarding from your Project Manager within 1-2 hours of signing up.

Step 2: Send Brief

After completing the payment, you will be able to Select the package for your requirement. Mention as many details as possible to help us understand your requirements better.

Step 3: Get Design

After creating the designs as per the brief, your project manager will share the concepts. You can choose from multiple concepts that we create for you and send us the next task.

What are design tasks?

Any design request is considered as a design task. You may require to design a logo, illustration, t-shirt graphics, web UI/UX, pitch deck, brochure, or perhaps anything else that is not mentioned in our categories is considered as a design task.

What are design revisions?

Modifications to a design task is design revision. These revisions involves same design with different size, color, font, alternate image, etc. You can provide us with all the revisions together and we shall complete all of them in one go.

What Can I Request?