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Get Unlimited Free Leads And Customers For Your Social Media Agency In 2021

Some cool things this is how you can generate unlimited and free leads for your social media marketing agency and the best part is a lot of mentioned the cool thing about this it works, for any industry if you work with dentist’s chiropractors it doesn’t matter alright so the biggest problem with any marketing agency out there is getting your first clients.

Bringing on those leaves brings on those first clients especially if you don’t have any testimonials that have nothing backing yourself upon. And this is kind of what that model looks like, you go and you run ads.

You’ve got ads right here, you take them to some type of landing page right, and then you have them watch a value video right there and that’s kind of the typical strategy.

So let’s say you spend $2,000 on ads right here and then right here you get so many leaves like we’ll say X leads right there and then why people watch the video and then let’s say this turns out to be one client okay and, let’s say that one client is paying us $2,000 per month.

best free leads for social media marketing agency

How to Get Unlimited Free Leads ?

So great we break even initially on the ad spend and then if they stay on for two-three four months then we just completely are just profitable right and so this is a good strategy and this is like what most people are doing. But if we want to scale and leverage your time in your business and take things to the next level there’s a little bit of a different strategy, a few little tweaks that I would make, and what I do in my business that will help you out tremendously.

Okay, it’s we’re at first as soon as this person comes on this $2,000 is the pure profit you don’t have to wait till month two or a month three or a month for that initial investment that they’re making in you its pure profit.

So instead of sending people to that landing page that value view to all that good stuff what we’re going to do is we’re still going to run ads. So you are going to do ads right there. Send them to some type of landing page and this is going to be a registration page for a webinar. Now, the traditional marketing agency model is you’re doing the full service for clients. You’re going through and you’re running all the ads. Setting up all the websites landing pages SEO as well. But there is a portion of the market that might not have the budget or them.

Want to learn things themselves or set them up themselves. So what we’re going to do initially is tapped into that self-serve market. Then produce these free leads on the back end. 

So what we’re doing right here is we’re now taking them to a webinar we’re selling something anywhere between we could do as low as $500 up to $2,000 right there and we’re selling a self-serve offer so we’re going to break down everything that we do in our marketing agency. And say here are the ads that you run here’s how to do the targeting here’s how to do everything just completely expose your business right like because at the end of the day the market of people that want everything done for them versus the market that they don’t want everything done for them because they’re cheap or they don’t have the money or they have the time to go through and run all this stuff it’s a completely different market right so we want to be able to capitalize on both of these markets.

How to increase the profits of your business?

So you can increase the profits in your business. So we initially lead off with this right here and so let’s say we go through selling something for 500 bucks. Because if you’re just starting usually can’t sell something for $2,000 on a webinar. Unless you got tons of testimonials a lot of credibilities lots of things back in you. But $500 you usually can start there even if you’re just starting completely from scratch. You don’t need to have dozens or even hundreds of testimonials quite yet.

So let’s say we go through and to get one sale here we have to spend $400 on ads. We have to spend $400 on ads we make a $500 sale. At that point, we make $100. We did all this work to go through and make a hundred bucks! Well, that’s not the goal, this is not the goal to make money right here. Let’s just say it even, cost us five hundred dollars to go through and make the one sale of five hundred dollars well. With this five hundred dollars an ad spends, to generate a lead it costs us ten dollars. 

So let’s say we’ve gone through 50 leads. Now at this point, we have 49 other people that we can go deep on that specific industries. Let’s say you’re in the dental market. Maybe a dentist that is just getting started they just got out of school.

They’ve got tons of student loans, tons of debt, they don’t have the money. We’ll pay you $3,000 per month but they’re like hustling they’re like hey I need to get clients. I need to get people patients in the door I need to do it.

Everything and learn everything myself and so I can ramp up my business with free leads. Well, they’re more than likely willing to pay 500 bucks. Because they paid a lot more than that for their school and their student loans. So the $500 is going to be a pretty insignificant investment right out of the gate to get them started.

Enhancing the Ad investments

So we’re tapping into more of that lower-end self-serve market right here. Then let’s just say let’s go throw out a crazy scenario. Let’s say that it costs us $750 right here to make one $500 sale. So if you look at this we’re losing money upfront we’re losing $250 right here. But just like all investments because whenever you’re putting money into advertising that is investing money into your business it’s like investing in stocks, investing in real estate, so what all great investors do is hedge their bets.

And they have other little tiers of things to be able to like if they’re losing money on this front end right here to be able to capitalize and still make money. So let’s say that we’re still at $10 per lead so we got 75

Leads right here took us 75 leads that we had to generate before we made that one $500 sale well. 

Proven Marketing Strategies to Increase free leads in 2021

Splintering the investment

Now we have 74 other people to either upsell to our higher ticket program where we’re doing the full service for a monthly charge. But there’s another cool thing that you can do to generate all these leads for free. You can also bring in a slight profit. It is that you can have lower ticket training of how to go through and do everything that you’re teaching here.

But if you follow the digital market or digital marketer with Ryan Deiss ever they have something that’s called a splinter offer. So what a splinter offer is if you think about a block of wood and you slice off a little.

Splinter of that was it’s a little piece of the main core block well this $500 offer right here let’s say it has 8 modules for 500 bucks. Well, what you can do now is you can splinter off one module right here, and let’s say instead of 500 bucks we’re going to sell this for 50 bucks. 


Now you get after 75 one person buying the 500 all or ticket offer right. So now you’re only 250 in the hole you have 74 other people. And Let’s say of the 74 you get 5 people to buy this $50 offer so 50 times 5. That’s going to be 250 right there. And now we have broken even under the $750 mark. The cool thing is about this is now the person that bought the $500 training. Or the people that bought the lower ticket $50 training. They’re now more indoctrinated by what you teach. What you do and more than likely if you’re working with a professional like a dentist, orthodontist chiropractor, a lawyer doesn’t matter.

Techniques used by the industries

What industry once they kind of learn the techniques and strategies. What it takes on a day-to-day basis to generate leads and booked appointment schedule calls do all this stuff for their business. They’re not going to want to do. They don’t have the time to go through. And do that and that’s where you come in. You can upsell them to that $2,000 to $3,000 per month full-service contract. Not to mention there’s let’s say of the 75 you had one person buy the 500 offer you had another five people.

Now you’re seeing nine weeds, well probably a majority of those 69 if you’re like in the dental space. They’re not in the self-serve market with free leads as they don’t want to go through and do it all themselves. They want you to do it for them. Now we just follow up with these same 75 leads right here via email. We go through and call them or text them and invite them to work with us. Or maybe go on bring them on as a trial and we can go through and scale our business.

Proven Ways to Use Social Proof to Increase Your Free Leads

Making money on the webinar

A lot of times what people do is try to make all their money on their webinars. They’re selling like a $500 ticket item thousand two thousand dollars. They’re trying to make all this money with free leads. And you know they spend a thousand dollars on the webinar they’re selling a two thousand dollar ticket item. Thus, they just made a thousand dollars. They double their money and that’s all great. But the thing is when you go for scale that’s not going to continue happening. So what your goal should be is you have an ad right here and then you have this self-serve.

Let’s say $500 to $2,000 your goal right here should be just to break even. After breaking even you get unlimited free leads that you can now go follow up on and then anytime. You bring on a full-service client at $2,000 per month one that is a hundred percent pure profit.

And then also we have this like little failsafe in case we don’t break even on this run and offer like I was talking about we splinter off and we have a follow up right here on the lower ticket.

 $50 promotions that we can do like once or even potentially twice a month. It depends on how aggressive you need to be or want to be with your marketing. So we’ve got the ad right here selling the self-serve somewhat high ticket to paint on. Your mindset is 500 to 2,000 dollars for you know a dentist or chiropractor like a lot of those professionals that are not really that high ticket to them there’s going to be like $50,000 for something so you sell.

Something to break even on ads then you have this lower ticket to be able to fill in the gaps of anything that like you weren’t making money on there. And then you have all of these free leads that you’re able to go through. They continually promote success story after success story and invite them to come on as a full-service client.

 You run ads to some type of offer that you can break even on your money. You have this failsafe right here at the lower ticket offers. And then you go through and invite the people that bought this offer the people that buy these offers. You also invite other people to go through and work with you as a full-service client.