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Essential Elements of an Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce website service does not only provide the goods but books, clothing, etc. that are also available on these sites. During these tough covid times the eCommerce website portal is the only means of purchasing. The main purpose is just to recreate the same scenario of physical marketing into the online portal. The abbreviation of E-commerce is electronic commerce. This was developed so that customers can purchase and sell the products online. They need not be physically present for selecting the products.

There are advantages and it equally has the same amount of disadvantages. Here in the portal if a product is on sale they mention its pros and cons, the product description. And the seller’s details so after knowing all this the customer can decide whether to buy the product or not. It completely depends on the customer’s choice. The products will deliver by the respected portals to the customers directly. The portals give offers to the customers who are regular buyers and also conduct super sales offers during the festival time. The eCommerce website portals conduct the contest and give free prizes. To the winner, this improves the participation of the customer in the portals. They help us sell the products online also.

Elements that are essential for the Ecommerce website

There are even many job opportunities for people to join these e-commerce sites and work from home during this pandemic situation. The main possibility to stay in this field is the survival of the fittest only the can manage to stay in the field for a longer time. Know the requirements of the customers and their place of interest. Have a steady business growth and provide satisfied service to the customers of the company. Make the customers think about your product by providing the requirements that are effective, efficient, and reliable.

Homepage design

The portal needs to be designed in such a way that the customers can find the required items. The design of the homepages should be creative and innovative that attracts. The people to again visit the page and also introduce this portal to their family and friends.

The homepage must contain the bestselling products so that it makes the customer. Know about the products that are on-demand and this makes the selection process easy for the customers.

Icon image and meaning

The icon and the tag line of the eCommerce website online portal. That must be so interesting which makes the customer visit the portal at least once to check about what’s special in the particular portal.

The Essential Elements of Building an E-Commerce Website

Options available for payment

The portals must have various options for the payment like cash on delivery, net banking, online payments, etc. This helps the customer select the required options for the payment.

Product details

Provide every single description about the product like manufacturing date, seller’s details, return policy. Price of the product, offers available, size, shape, color, the quantity of the product, available designs, etc. So that the customer can choose the product that is customized according to their requirements.


Maintain the brand products that are well known to people and make use of all advertisement portals. To advertise your portal that helps people getting to know about your product.

Feedback portal

Make the feedback service and customer service available 24*7 as that helps in solving the queries which helps build a customer stay loyal towards the company. The queries can be solved through the chat option you can directly chat with the employee and get your queries solved.

Picture quality

The pictures used to describe the product must be very clear and the same as the product that will be delivered. The options like zoom in and zoom out must be available in the portal. So that the customer can use them to view the product in and out before buying them. It also makes the customer buy the product wholeheartedly and with satisfaction.

Product rating

Try to get a review for every product that is purchased by the customer. So that it does not even help the organization but also provides the review of the product to other customers who are willing to buy the product. This creates transparency between the customers and the portal.

Option of filter

The filter option must be available so that the customer can choose the range of rate, color, size, brand, etc. for the particular product. An option like sharing should be available so that the products that are better. To use can shared with friends and neighbors that also help in benefiting the company.

Pros about Ecommerce website facility

 Essential Elements For E-Commerce Websites

  • The investment and capital needed to start an eCommerce website portal minimum.
  • The customization and the product selection are done according to the requirements of the customer.
  • The same product can be compared in different portals and select according to the offers provided on each site
  • The products that are purchased can be traced and tracked by the customers during the delivery process that helps the customer know where the product and when will the product reach them, etc.

Cons about Ecommerce website facility

  • The products cannot be touched or seen directly in eCommerce website portals as we do in physical marketing.
  • Only if there’s good internet access the shopping in sites can be done. Because if there a little disturbance in the network the bank transactions and online payment methods like gpay, paytm, etc. can be done. The whole process must be repeated.


Ecommerce websites are the future of shopping anything and the world changes into fully online mode because the technology is improving day by day. This creates a business opportunity for common people to work from home. Now even the companies that have physical layouts or changing their outlets. Towards the online sites and getting into eCommerce website platforms.  There are only a few things that are need for shopping in eCommerce website portals like a mobile phone or a laptop and the internet. These can build up with investment low and the profits gained are maximum level.

By using the e-commerce technology we can have rapid transactions and the quantity of the work increased which helps in gaining more profits in a small amount of time. As competitors in the industry are increasing there is an urge for the company to give its best of work. This process creates more interaction between the company and the clients and the progress of the work always stays active. As the technology is improving every day there should also be an improvement in the progress of the content that’s delivered. The strategies introduced into the markets must be unique and more innovative that attracts more customers.