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Zero to $3,325 MRR in 30 days

It has been more than a month now since we have launched Draftss – Unlimited Graphic Design for $259/per month.
Draftss provides startups with a productized service in graphic designing starting from $259/per month up to $1,299/per month. Basically, we offer graphic design services on steroids!

Initially, we built a minimal landing page with a decent portfolio (We had been running a design shop for more than 10 years and we had a good portfolio to show). We pushed the prototype website live within a week. To validate the idea we first published a Show IH post on IndieHackers and hurray! We received our first 4 customers. We had added the Experiment Plan at $29/per task thinking that our customer would want to try our services first and then opt for the Startup or Pro Package although almost we didn’t saw any such behavior from our first few customers.

By then we were pretty sure that our productized service was filling a market gap. We tried reaching out to customers for feedback on our services who had previously tried design platforms like 99designs, Upwork, Fiverr, and were unhappy with the designer services. Each platform had their own issues. This was an important point where we considered adding many services and carved a path for future updates. We improvised our landing page, edited out our FAQ’s, added more designs to our portfolio, optimized images for faster load time, and many other UI changes to make the landing page more beautiful and crisp.
We re-launched our services on several listing websites and blogs. (Here is the awesome list on places to promote your startup) The traffic picked up and we were consistently getting users who were interested in our services.
At this stage, we received extensive requests from early users who were interested to try out our services.

While the visitors to our landing page were flowing in, we were eventually hunted on ProductHunt (Thanks to Davis!). Within few minutes, we were bombarded with visitors on our website. We were sitting handling live chat for more than 18 hours straight, trying to initiate a conversation with as many visitors as possible. We believe live chat with visitors on the website is the most effective medium for getting quick and actionable feedback on your product. We use for Live Chat on our website, which has a free plan and gets the job done.  For a span of 3 days, We got around 1500+ visits out of which we were able to convert 11 paying customers. And most importantly we received tons of feedback.

TLDR; Built quick MVP, improvised on the feedback, crossed $3325 in MRR. All within 30 days.

And we go back to work again! We shall keep our journey posted and if you have any feedback feel free to reach out at