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Why Link Building Should be Partnered with Internal Link Building

Today business is growing link building digitally just like famous companies Amazon, Flipkart, and any other website with huge traffic. For growing traffic on the website, people implement SEO on their website, which not only caters to the needs but also the information that the user is mainly searching on the website. Many people do not know the depth of the concept of SEO, and little did they know that linking is one of the most important components of SEO.

Why linking?

Link Building-Humritha

 One should always have high valuable links in order to grow their website. Linking enables Google to find the website, and it will help Google to consider it as relevant and up to mark. Relevant as in relevant keywords updated from time to time. In short, Google ranks the website through relevant keywords among various websites. Backlinks often enhance visibility. It leads to higher site metrics and scores. It gives a greater opportunity to grow, and there is an increment in revenue and sales.

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Let’s walk through the internal link!!!

Why Link Building Must be Partnered with Internal Link Building | Humritha

The internal link gives the power of authority of the page. And it gives a more detailed description of the SEO engine that gives meaningful ideas, values, and information that quench the thirst of the user. They inter-relate between various sub-headings of the content. They can guide users where they want to go on the website. It is a link that goes from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain—basically used in the main navigation. It is useful in navigating a website, establishment of information hierarchy, and ranking power of a website. Naturally, there are many websites, and it is very difficult to find or place your website in a rank where you want to be.

Should link building be partnered with an internal link? What’s the use?

 Link building must be definitely partnered with internal link building in order to get visibility in more refined searches by the people who’re looking for that particular type of keyword, product, or service. It is a very useful optimization tactic for each of these keywords, products, or services- link building would add a real value that gives superior offerings to the user and as well to the owner of the website. I agree that content plays a vital role, particularly ranked keywords but creating a link and creating a space in the mind of the user by linking would definitely help to perceive things in a synchronized manner and help the user to get more of it and the owner of the website to deliver more of it. 

Internal Link Building | Humritha

Let’s get a deeper insight through an example!

I believe building a link with the help of internal links is just like going into a showroom and asking for clothing apparel. The shopkeeper will say we have more of this collection and head them to a different place in the same showroom. Here, the shopkeeper is building an internal link from one place to another place in the same showroom. I ran down another friend shopping in the same showroom, and she decided to help me in buying the cloth apparels and finding out the best that suited me.

So, the friend that I suddenly meet in the showroom is playing the role of building the link. She helped me out in finding the right thing. Similarly, link building will often refine and increase your visibility and let you meet the desired website that you are actually finding, but the internal link will give you an explained insight so as to what component you are finding in a website. In short, link building will let you the found website, but internal links will tell you about the various components of that website.

Why not only try with link building?

The Importance of Building Link | Humritha

There are some limitations of link building that is it only links to the homepage of the website. The thing is that you need to optimize and drive links to multiple sections of your website only because you have many things to offer in the table and just not the things that a basic homepage will likely offer. This is where internal linking plays a part. It can lead you to multiple sections of the website. It gives Google reason to look into the importance of the existence of multiple sections of your website.


All the way, both linking building, and internal links are providing traffic, and what’s not better for a website owner to get huge traffic. If a person is earning a good amount and he has an opportunity to earn more through implementing new skills in his business, then why wouldn’t he earn more? Every rational person would want more and more, and so goes with the SEO manager. And also by using either the valuable tools or tactics whatever you call, you will get visibility and better ranks in multiple pages and sections of your website that you will be most probably trying to enhance rather than just your homepage.

I believe both play a huge role in driving huge traffic into a website, and that is the basic motto of every digital marketing manager.