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Why is Graphic Design for Social Media Important?

 The Twin Relationship

A lot of bloggers and influencers today are coming up with some really amazing content. From videos to graphics, the social media scene has completely changed. Gone are the times, when designing was considered to be a burden. It’s now the time of amazing content coming up on social media combined with good designs. Instagram is itself an example of how beautiful a logo of any company can look like. Effective Graphic Design for Social Media also leads to exotic brand recognition. It also connects your target audience with your services. 


This mostly means that if you are selling your product in physical to people, you can showcase it on social media. Thus for that, you can use some amazing designs to attract and lure people. Also, the visually appealing designs with your products will create a surreal view. 

Getting visual on social media can increase brand awareness and grows your followers’ engagement. Including a brilliant image with your post can increase the traffic and posts by almost 3 times. Thus, it’s quintessential to pick the right picture for your social media content. 


The Importance of Having Good Graphics 


  • Graphic design for social media is all about experimenting with various designs and filters. Go and follow the amazing influencers on social media. And you will see they all are trying new trends in designing. Depending on the information you want to post, it is important to use different font styles and colours. 

For example: To post on Instagram,  you need to set the ratio of the image properly and the same stands for IGTV videos. 

  • Imagine you are a multinational firm. And you want to show some cover image your profile. Basically, social cover images are the graphics you see at the top of your Facebook or Twitter pages. In most cases, it may include new product information, website address etc. Get your cover image designed according to your brand or company. You can choose whatever colors you want to. You can create brand awareness through the cover image. 



  • Attention spans matter a lot on social media. Your content should be so engrossing that it arrests user’s attention at a glance. 

A good design has a better chance of being remembered for a longer time. Also, you can create personalized content keeping in mind your user base. If users relate to the image they will wish seeing more of them. 

For example,

It was stated that social media users share infographics 3 times more any other type of content. It shows that graphics are the most shareable form of content for social media.

  • A good graphic designer understands the requirements of their clients. 

People don’t like reading the text any more nowadays. Thus if you see the written content pages on Instagram, they all have reformed themselves. Examples include brands like Nike who have created a niche content on Instagram. They only post some good animation or extremely well-designed content. Because social media images can be used to convey a company’s culture, values and vision. 

  • It was stated that :

“41.5% of marketers believe that their social media audiences are best engaged by original and unique infographics.” 

Thus, capturing your user’s attention becomes very crucial. No matter how excellent content you make. But if you don’t present it in a scintillating form, you can’t go ahead with branding. 


It was stated in a report that: 

“A lot of recent eye-tracking studies of social media users have given astonishing results. As per these studies, the original infographics are amongst the first elements that catch the attention of users. Such studies show that if you are a social media marketer, graphic designs are the best way to attract your audience’s attention and communicate …”

  • And the last point to mention over here is about how professional designing services can do wonders! Especially when you are working with social media marketing, you need to provide content that can be understood quickly. For that, you can hire a good designer. He/she will easily handle your site and make it look attractive. By working with professionals, you can have more creative and innovative graphics. Such graphics stay unique to your brand.


Thus, we have seen how in today’s world, graphic designing and social media go hand in hand. It’s important for any brand to make its presence feel both physically as, well as digitally. That’s where you need to invest in graphic designing.