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White Labeling – Things You Need To Know

What is White Labeling?

In simple terms, white labeling is the legal process of producing products and services for customers or businesses without using their own brand name. Then the reseller of this product or service then uses their own brand name to sell this product to their customers. In this scenario, the reseller is acting only as a middle man and taking all the credit.

What is white labeling? How, Where, and When to apply?

Let us understand this with an easy example, suppose that there are three companies A, B, and C. A is preparing some product for its customer which is B then further B is rebranding it as their own and offers it to their customer which is C. It can be said that B took white label services from A.

Draftss also provides the services on a white label. To help the upcoming startups and companies in their initial phase of growth, white labeling services are playing a critical role. It helps the businesses to lower the burden of resources and assets which in turn reduces costs and thus makes up for the added benefits and profits.


Working Principle of White Labeling.

White label products or services are generally produced by a third party, not the company that sells them. One company produced it for its customers without mentioning the brand name on it and another company rebranded it as its own and sold it to their customers.

One of the major advantages of white labeling is that the productivity of firms can be significantly increased. Now a single company does not have to go through the entire process of creating, marketing, and selling a product or services. Different firms can be assigned to different tasks according to their expertise. One firm can concentrate on producing the product; another company can focus on marketing it, and another can focus on selling it.

The firm that is originally producing the products empowers the other company and allows them to rebrand it as their product.

Advantages of white label products.

● Increased productivity

After using white label services, the workload can be divided into a group of companies. Each firm can focus on its own work without worrying about other areas. It will be led to increased productivity and better time management.

● Large contracts

As the businesses now are only required to focus on limited things of business development and client servicing, it brings efficiency and better growth. Hence, the businesses can focus on getting and bringing in large contracts from the clients and leave the operational part on the company doing the white labeling services for them.

● Time and cost-efficient

This helps you save a lot of time because you do not need to create or design a product right from the beginning. This saves a lot of training time that you would give to your employees if you were to set up a team.
By ordering services or products directly from a white-label service you can get already polished and quality products that you save your time and money. And that resource can be used in other areas.

● Quality products and services

This is also one of the benefits of using white label services. You will always get quality products from white label solutions as they always have expertise in their respected fields. When you supply them to your customers, they will be completely satisfied. This is how you can earn the trust of your clients and they can be your permanent customers.

There are a lot of other advantages of white labeling services, it can boost growth for any firm or company if used in a proper and planned manner. There are many white labeling services in different fields. We will now discuss some of those fields, particularly about some popular digital white labeling services

1. Digital advertising:

There are multiple white labeling solutions that can run advertising and campaigns for your clients on multiple platforms. It has the ability to reach a larger audience and the flexibility to advertise products on various platforms like websites, emails, blogs.

2. Unlimited graphic design:

Unlimited graphic design is going popular nowadays. There are teams of professional web and graphic designers who can design attractive logos and websites. If you don’t have the time or employees to build websites, passthe work to white labeling services.

3. Social media content.

A good social media presence can help your client engage with customers effectively. Also, writing great content for social media is actually tough work to do. Graphic designing for social media also plays a critical role.


Should you go for white label services?

There are multiple advantages and benefits of using white label services. It can turn out as a game-changer for your firm. You can definitely go for it.

  • It increases business profits.
  • Helps in growing the reputation of your business in the market.
  • Showcases brand value.
  • It increases productivity.

White labeling services are thus a great resource for small businesses. It helps them to push their growth and also adds efficiency to their services. With less investment, reduced hassle of hiring and firing, not having to manage the operational team, and services that are already mature and good enough according to the market standards, new businesses can quickly climb up the ladder of success. Thus, it makes them competitive and a great option for the clients to choose from.

White Labeling services from Draftss come with very affordable prices and a highly flexible model. This makes the services even better for these small businesses to grow and offer highly qualitative services. While Draftss is highly recognized and accredited name in the graphic design and development industry, it brings credibility and reliability for the businesses to onboard clients with complex requirements and demands. With a wide range of services as well, it would never let you down for not having a service available. The wide range of services includes designing branding particulars like logos, mascots, icons, illustrations, stationaries, merchandise. Web development on various languages and platforms like WordPress and associated builders are available as well. Draftss also designs UI/UX for websites and mobile applications.