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What makes a good facebook landing page?

What is a Facebook landing page?

A Facebook landing page is a special page designed to convert visitors to certain Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. These landing pages differ from other pages (such as product pages on your site) in that they are specifically designed to complement your Facebook ads. The story continues – the hook, the design, the call to action – presented to the reader when they viewed their newsletter on Facebook.

A few years ago, Facebook offered landing pages on its own platform. They allowed companies to host their content for appreciation on Facebook (for which they were nicknamed “gateway”), but have not been available since 2014.

When we talk about Facebook landing pages in this post, we are talking about the first page that someone sees after clicking on a Facebook ad – not to be confused with the landing pages of the platform that Facebook offered.

Why do I need landing pages?

Boost Traffic With Facebook Landing Page

Each person’s newsletter is unique. The content and pages you like, the friends you’re connected to, the groups you’ve joined affect how your newsletter is completed. Because “personalized” expectations are personalized with news and the ads they see are highly targeted, your Facebook landing page must be closely linked to your ad in order to be successful.

Here are some other reasons why dedicated landing pages are good practice for all Facebook ads:

Potential customers need more information

Scrolling, readers, and Facebook browsers need additional features to move from ad clicks to purchases. These potential customers are in the brand awareness stage. To convert your page, ask for specific information about why they clicked on your ad. A Facebook-focused landing page with concise information and a consistent message is the best way to turn it into customers.

Mobile phone users are reference users

People do not turn to Facebook for in-depth reading and directed learning. They complete the time or just answer the phone for quick check-in. And since 94% of Facebook’s advertising revenue comes from mobile devices, assume that everyone who sees your ad has only five minutes or less to complete a purchase.

That’s why you need to make it as easy as possible to navigate from Facebook notification to your landing page prompt. Any navigation obstacles or confusing messages risk losing your expectations and moving on.

Home pages are slow and overloaded

Home pages are great for potential users who know about solutions that look for specific information but can overwhelm social media visitors. (Consider everything: navigation bars, prompts, product listings, and features.) MECLABS research found that 44% of clicks generated by B2B companies lead readers to a homepage instead of a dedicated landing page. There are many companies that do not take advantage of conversion benefits.

The typical visitor does not wait more than three seconds for the page to load. Most websites are full of images, scripts and other elements that make them slower than an optimized landing page. When you post a promotional comment on Facebook on your homepage, you may lose more customers than you think.

How to create a high conversion landing page on Facebook?

How to Create Facebook Landing Pages

We have a short reference list of best practices on the Facebook landing page below, but there are two things you may not want to keep in mind when you start building your page:

Get to know your audience. It’s no secret that Facebook has great targeting capabilities, but you can’t take advantage of it if you don’t know about your ideal prospects. Before you spend money on Facebook ads, make sure you know your audience well. Take the time to study how potential customers are looking for your solution, what words they use when describing products or services like yours, and what features or benefits they like best.

Keep it permanently. When writing for a Facebook landing page, be sure to send a consistent message between the ad and your landing page. Merchants may think that children’s repetition is repetitive, but it can help reinforce your message to potential customers and make sure they are in the right place after they click. The same goes for the instructions – if someone clicks on an ad to advertise, it’s better to be the center of your landing.

Facebook landing page

1.Empty the Single Sale Offer (USP) proposal. Visitors need to be able to tell directly what your product or service is right for them. Don’t go through the most important information on your page below – show it at the top of the page.

2. Strong, descriptive titles. Your title should make the reader want to know or see more. The title of the Facebook ad and of the landing must deliver the same offer.

3.Coordinated project elements. The goal here is to continue the story you started on Facebook with photos. If the images in your Facebook ad are neutral colors with pictures of smiling kids, then your Facebook page should also have neutral colors with pictures of smiling kids.

4. High-quality photos or videos. This may seem like a gift, but it might surprise you how many landing pages on Facebook use low-resolution images that scare off potential customers after they click on an ad. Be sure to use photos or videos on your landing page that show your list in the best light.

5. A special and convincing call to action. You can repeat the request on the page, but you have to ask visitors to do something special. In addition, your copy should tell them exactly what happens when they do this: for example “pick up the e-book” instead of “send” it into a form.

Tips for writing compelling landing page content

Know to whom you are talking

Define the demographics and characteristics of the target audience so that you know their habits, what they want and need and how they speak. Your copy will be more targeted, clearer, and more direct when you target an audience, rather than a largely undefined audience.

Put the most important information first

One of the strongest tips for writing content on landing pages is to provide the necessary and relevant information immediately. Browsers quickly browse websites, so you only have a few seconds and inches to catch their attention. Include the relevant information “above the page” on the landing page, which is the part of the web page visible before the user starts browsing.

Describe the features as an advantage

When writing a sales copy, you need to describe the characteristics of a product or service and describe its advantages.

  • Features are part of a product or service.
  • The advantages are how this feature helps the user.

Speak directly to the reader

How to Create a Facebook Landing Page

Use the words used by your target audience

When communicating with readers, use words that speak directly to them. Talk to them in the words they use.

Use white space, photos, and images

Just as you use a format to copy a frame, you also use copies to guide and interest readers. Divide the copy with white spaces, graphics, symbols, and graphics to alert the reader to important issues and avoid replacing them with text.

Avoid the pointless voice

To encourage your audience to trade, you need to use active copy language and avoid indirect voice.

Test your content

Your online content and SEO writing will not stop when you copy. You can do a test to make sure your text is optimized for best results