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What is Project Management? Using A Project Management Tool With Your Designer?


Project Management Tool:

Project Management (PM) is usually a tedious task and can decrease the efficiency of a team. People tend to procrastinate tasks when they have to repeatedly check and update Sheets and Documents. Thus saving time is of the essence in any organization. If you think your organization is facing similar issues then the use of a Project Management tool is highly recommended as they save your time and effort. Getting a complete overview in front of you at a Glance will help the designer and every other member of the organisation. In today’s time unlike in the past, there are many Project Management Tools available in the market. Before choosing any Project Management tool learn about the qualities and services expected from a Project Management service.


Project management

What is Project Management Tool?

Software used by many businesses to coordinate and manage various projects within the organization. A PM tool is used to plan, implement, monitor, and control various actions in a highly efficient way. Similarly, there are a lot of moving parts in a project and it becomes exhausting for the Project Managers to control all the projects at a time.

If you don’t use any Project Management software to contact the people in your organization then you will waste a lot of time and end up working more than required. Collaborations between designers are inefficient and as result deadlines are missed and the output is not satisfactory.

What should we look for in a Project Management tool?

A Project Management tool should assist the whole team from the start till the end. From budget allotment to tracking delivers every detail needs to be shared within the group. The absence of any one element may lead to failure and loss of efficiency for the team.

Here are some of the features recommended for your PM tool :

1: All the users should be able to share files easily without wasting time.

2: Schedules and deadlines should always be kept in mind. At regular intervals, the members should know about the time left to complete the project.

3: Ease of reporting. The tool should have a feature where all the team members can give updates on the project. This feature will help in the progress of the project and save time.

4: All the members should be able to communicate freely on the app. Good communication will help in avoiding errors. The software should have a record of the communication.

While selecting a project all these points should be kept in my mind. In conclusion, the growth of an organization depends on the Project Management tool. Take your time and select the most reliable tool from the market.

Advent of using a Project Management tool :

1: Better Planning

Time management is the most crucial thing when working on a project. People associated earlier with projects will understand the amount of time that gets waste in between. Using a Project Management tool can help you to save this quality time and effort. Systematic planning and short-term goals will let you know where your progress stands at.

AI predictions will help understand when the project can be completed. The changes made by slight variations can be easily seen and planned accordingly.



2: Budget management

Financial planning is the most crucial part of a project. Resource planning encourages healthier standards of work. The workflows smoothly when everything is pre-planned according to the budget allocation. A Project Management software can help the managers to keep track of the project and prevent the project cost from increasing.


3: Better communication

A good project management tool will help you to manage the collaboration of various teams. Also, the success of any project depends upon the connection and understanding of the teams. In the PM software, the users can discuss timelines, outstanding work, and timelines. In other words, good communication between teams will help save time and effort for different teams.


4: Better customer satisfaction

Finishing the project on time and under the client’s budget will make your customers happy. In other words, the customer who is satisfied with your services is the one who will use your services again. The client can be kept inside the loop with a PM tool. Any mistakes can be easily rectified and new updates can be shared. Getting everything in one place will ease the load of your client.



5: Quick reporting within the team

Big projects can take a long time to complete. The use of a PM tool will decrease the completion time. A variety of features from the PM tool contributes collectively to saving time. Daily reporting of events and tasks will help keep track of time too. Hence Comparing the expected time and delivery time is easy. The teams can plan accordingly.

Similarly, Managers can monitor the progress of work. Charts and Graphs will lead to more accurate and efficient work within the team. The PM tool should have the feature of updating as many insights as the user wants.


6: Assists remote working

Using a Project Management tool helps all the people related to the project connect efficiently. No need for the members to meet for simple problems which can be solved remotely. Managers can manage projects better when they are keeping an eye on each update.

In conclusion, now you know the importance of a Project Management tool. Before selecting any tool identify if you will get these benefits from the tool.

Using Project Management tool with your designer:

When working on a design project with a designer, communication with the designer is very important. Hence the designer should properly understand your requirement and provide the best results.

Using a Project Management tool is the best way to communicate with your designer. Thus no need to use different apps for communication and sharing resources. A single tool can help you to keep everything in one place.


While dealing with the designer you can use the following features of the PM tool.

1: Create a schedule for your designer.
2: Communicate with your designer.
3: Organise your files/resources for your designer.
4: Track the time of your project.
5: Review your project with your designer.

In other words, the use of a Project Management tool can enhance the relationship between you and your designer. Get Better Results by using. It also increases the satisfaction between both parties.

Some of the best Project Management tools in the Market.

1: Trello

2: Teamwork

3: MeiserTask

4:  Basecamp

5: Forecast


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