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Web UI/UX Design Feedback:

real atom logo design draftss

Hello Everyone,

We are covering for our feedback round. Here are a few pointers for the current version of the landing page:

  • Nice logo. Overall the website looks pretty good. Let’s see how it can be improved further.
  • Very excellent navbar. I loved the style. Try changing the color of the sign-in link or try adding an icon to make it stand out.
  • “Build the loan that’s right for YOUR commercial property” Highlight whatever is important here.
  • Reduce the extra empty space below the title.
  • Increase line spacing between subtitle text.
  • Reduce line spacing between the subtitle text and the buttons.
  • Change color of one of the buttons.
  • Try arranging the current dashboard screenshot straight instead of giving it a tilt. This would definitely make it stand out even more.
  • The icons can be placed on the left side of the title in features.
  • Increase the font size of the titles in features.
  • In the How it works section, the icons should be smaller and text should be bigger and bold.
  • Remove the title “Testimonial” from the white space and add it to the blue section and align it to the center. Change the color of testimonial text to white after placing it inside.

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