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Ways to Boost Your Organic Click-Through-Rate in Google

Something about the Organic Click-through-Rate [CTR]:

What is organic CTR on google? Organic CTR or Click-through-Rate can be defined as that percentage of traffic in terms of searches on a particular website. As of now if any website is unable to generate more traffic than needed, what should be done in this case? In this case, organic Click-through-Rate can be used, this is because Google uses this Click-through-Rate to re-rank articles. Why is this organic Click-through-Rate important for any web-page? If there is an increase in Click-through-Rate, this will help in increasing the traffic, and the number of clicks on the webpage rises automatically. In fact, Google uses this Click-through-Rate to re-rank articles in the SERPs which influences the ranking of the webpage. So, as we have now seen the importance and working of Click-through-Rate on google, now let us have a look at what can be the ways that can help in improving the Click-through-Rate.

Ways to increase Click-through-Rate:

How to improve Click-through-Rate? Following mentioned are some steps to improve the Click-through Rate:

  1. Improving upon quality score might help:

How does improve the quality score can help a website increase the Click-through-Rate? Ads that possess a high score of quality qualify higher ranking and make the user likely to increase the click-through rate.

  • Different types of ads must be tested:

Sticking to one ad might not increase the Click-through-Rate. Hence, ads must be customized according to the theme of the website, and to impart the value of uniqueness, more than one ad should be used.

  • Keyword groups must be well-themed:

Keywords if integrated into the content for the website will increase the volume of the organic reach to the targeted audience.

  • Ad copy must consist of highlighting price:

Highlighting the price in an ad copy can help in improving the CTR. This might be helpful if your price is lower than your competitor’s price or you have an offer going on and it will also act as the additional information that the consumers need.  

  • Incorporation of good ad extensions:

Using good ad extensions might in improving CTR. Following are some of the commonly used extensions that help in improving the suitability for the campaign of a particular webpage. They are Sitelink Ad Extension, promotion extension, price extension, etc.

  • Implementation of well-structured data:

A well-designed and structured data will help in creating rich and engaging content that would play a key role in schema mark-up.

  • Engaging, as well as creative posts with images, should be created:

As pictures describe more than words do. Hence, the posts must have images and graphics in them.

  • The title should be simplified and informative:

The title should be simplified, short as well as engaging to increase Click-through-Rate. If the tile or the headline is not simplified the audience would take time in understanding one and might eliminate the most valuable click.

  • Localizing the content:

As we all know that it is more convenient to search on mobile phones. Thus, mobile searches have taken a pace in the past 8-10 years, localizing the content helps to increase the Click-through-Rate.

  • Speed of the site should be optimized: How this will improve CTR?

What would rather degrade the user experience? The web page that does not load in the given time frame, eliminates the number of clicks.

  • Usage of Google AdWords for preview would help:

Google AdWords Preview Tool possesses an extra feature that Yoast lacks. What does Yoast lack? Google AdWord preview optimizes the preview according to desktop and mobiles, where tiles, headlines, headings, and descriptions change accordingly.

  • Use Yoast preview, in the case of WordPress:

Yoast preview being the all in one SEO suite provides the best results in turn leading to a significant rise in the CTR. This would enable us to view a snippet preview. It would also provide us with a brief of how it appears on Google SERPs.

  • Titles and headlines should be well tested:

Proper research of the titles and the headlines plays a key role in improving the Click-through-Rate. This is because headlines if analyzed and researched properly taking into consideration the social media as well as the theme of the webpage would help in gaining clicks.

  • Inclusion of Listicles is a must:

Listicles play a vital role in popularising the content of the webpage and this, in turn, helps in improving the CTR as well. Lists make the content more attractive, informative, and precise for the audience to grasp the information.

  • Testing different types of ads would help:

Google has recently launched ad discovery to specifically provide the priority to mobile-specific browsing. This might also help in improving the CTR as well as the reach of the website.


Other than just including keywords, entering card details, or by advertising, there is more option that would help a webpage to increase its CTR. Earlier the work was done based on hit and trial bases, what people used to do was to pay and see what happens. Google Ads CTR has made it a sure shot hit in increasing the traffic. Hence, some of the ways regarding how to improve CTR, by using google were specified above. Organic traffic plays an important role in creating a digital plan for any business.

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