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Walking towards the latest Graphic Design trends

walking graphic design trend

Style, never goes out of style. Everything old is someday destined to be new again and the coming decades will prove a good start to revamp the trends and the new definition of modern is going to be the refurbished old. Minimalism and simplification will stick around, but we expect to see some old favorites make their return to the limelight with modern, updated looks.

Colour Gradients

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In a not-so-distant past, color transitions were no less than a wow factor to anything that appeared before our eyes and reigned supreme. Designs that appeared ranged from PowerPoints to website pages and every design seemed to uplift the base structure to the next level of creativity. In no time, accompanying the flat designs, color transitions seem to make their comeback with a boom in the design trend.


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Humans have been going crazy after the matching colors and making two or more colors suitable for each other. Then why should the graphic design industry lag behind. Duotones has come up as the concept of high valuation and has been evolving as the hottest trend of the era. With two contrasting colors over each other, duotones have provided the perfect blend for something to catch the eyes over the length of distances. With bold colors and beautiful application possibilities, duotones are predicted to be one of the hottest trends of 2018.

Animations and GIFs

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Micro-interaction is something which has grown more rapidly than any of the things on the planet. Adding up large video files has become something of the past and GIFs have replaced them from almost everywhere from the online advertising industry. Micro-interactions are almost everywhere and though you may not be consciously aware of them, every time you receive a notification, like a post on Facebook or swipe left on Tinder, you are engaging with micro-interactions. They are particularly useful in making users feel as if they are manipulating an interface by providing feedback for their actions. Paying attention to the details can really take your designs to the next level.

Authentic Photography

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Something with emotions, actions or stories is enough to catch the attention of the wandering eyes. Authentic photography has always played a great role in print media and now it’s time for it to conquer the online media platforms. It has created a form of visual interaction adding the personality of your business and services to your designs.

Responsive Design

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It’s been years since the design industry began to revolutionize the web and since then has been the backbone of it. Designs and logos have been restructured several times to meet the demands of different users and devices. Organizations continue to restructure their design and logos to meet the requirements of the modern era. has recently revamped the portfolios to meet the present day demands of the small businesses and has put up a great variety.

Next time when you go for the new designs and animations for your particulars, make sure you meet the requirements of your users and add colors to your show by upholding the above points.