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Use Of Graphic Designs In The Comic Industry

Storytelling has been an age-old technique that passed down ideas, knowledge, and ideas from one generation to the next. Stories through sequential art have been a technique since cave paintings and are traceable to Columbian art to modern-day comics!

Comics are one of the most influential media of expression in use for a long time. They have been employed for expressing social, political, cultural, and personal stories and ideas. If we look at the development of comics, you will find that comic artists earlier used the hand-drawing method or the traditional method. That period marked the pop-art era with famous figures such as Superman, Batman, Spider-man, and Garfield.

With the rise in digitization and electronic communication methods, there has been a complete revolution in the comic industry too! Now you have a different dimension altogether where digital illustrations are taking up the place of traditional drawings.

Specific designing tools and gadgets are used to create better and more inclusive comics. The utility for designing has now expanded from mere personal ideas to forward a vast array of agendas. Comics are used nowadays for other purposes such as awareness programs, advertising, increasing brand value, and commercial reason.

In case you are a comic artist in today’s world, there are numerous fields where you may utilize your talents. Different companies and firms are hiring comic artists for graphic design illustrations to promote their sales!

For those of you who are newbies, here are some tips that might come in handy!

Have a complete narrative

One of the most basic requirements of a successful comic would be to have a whole story. It does not matter whether you are creating it for fun reading or product promotion; having an entire story captures the readers’ minds far better than an incomplete one.

In case you want to do a series, make sure you ultimately finish it. It is very disheartening to find that the promised next issue has not been completed or published.

Coloring and texture

Since designing software allows you to pick from a wide variety of paint and texture tools, it might seem overwhelming at first! However, you need to focus and find out the perfect shading for the ideal places.

For example, cross-hatching brushes are best preserved for the dense part of trees or to depict dense areas. It would be unattractive to use it for, say, lit up areas or places not having shadows.

Since most comic publications are online, there won’t be any loss in graphic design colors. It makes the work of the artists easier.

As a beginner artist, it is recommendable to stick to either a black and white or a colorful palette in one particular work. It helps you to stay balanced. You may mix it up once you gain mastery over your tools and create unique combinations!

Please make wise use of colors to depict different moods adequately. In case you are portraying a gothic castle under the moonlight, use darker and colder shades compared to when you are creating a warm summer afternoon scene!

The art of storytelling

A comic is about storytelling through visual aesthetics. Other than your designs, what will captivate the readers is your content delivery. Therefore, it is advisable to create a more engaging and meaningful storylines.

One of the top ways to do it would be to have a proper narrative arc with a crisis that gets resolved in the end. Of course, you may utilize your creative skills to create alternations in timelines or withhold crucial information until the ending. In either case, the readers should be intrigued with your narration.

Designing for promotion

When you plan a comic for promotion or advertising for any firm or group, the storyline and conclusion matter the most. The firm’s services require good highlighting, and your content needs to be revolving around the company’s requirements.

In case you provide unlimited graphic designing services and incorporate promotional comic creation within your services list, it is recommendable to let your clients know all the terms and conditions before sealing the deal.

Since comics have the power to engage audiences and are devoured by people of all age groups, you have much freedom in selecting your purpose of comic creation. Is it just a story? Are you creating it for promotion? Is the content for adults? It helps you in categorizing your work into various genres.

Moreover, different techniques of drawing can also help you with the sense of belonging to any group. In case you haven’t noticed already, there are different styles, such as Kirbyan comics, including DC and Marvel. You also have Japanese manga styles prevalent throughout the world.

It is advisable to consult more than one drawing style to establish your own. It might be a little daunting at first, but with a bit of practice and perseverance, you can master it like a pro!