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Top 10 Fonts for 2018 to choose for your Website

top 10 fonts of 2018

In the field of graphic design, typography is a must to attract the eye. Google fonts are no wonder the most valuable resource in designing an article which can be used both as technical or commercial purposes.

As it is a hectic job to dive down the web to find out real gem fonts adding on to the visitability of a text on any design or website. Keeping this idea in mind, we have shortlisted 10 top fonts that we think are the greatest among the internet for you to get started.

1. Montserrat

Image result for montserrat font

This font was found by Julieta Ulanovsky, who wanted to preserve this beautiful typography in the form of graphic designing process. She spotted this font on a street sign in Monserrat, Buenos Aires. The area is now renovated which in turn is the reason for the street signs to vanish.

You can find the complete font design here.

2. Open Sans

Image result for open sans font

This font is designed by Steve Matteson. This features its best at smaller sizes also. It has a great legibility as it flaunts its open letterforms and upright feels in which versatility is maintained. It is both mobile and PC compatible font.

You can find the complete font design here.

3. Signika

Related image

Anna Giedry’s Signika has a usable signage and clarity in wayfinding. This form is basically a sans serif in low contrast level followed by the height. Its wide pictograms also add on to its clarity even more.

You can find the complete font design here.

4. Ubuntu

Image result for ubuntu font

Originated by a leading London foundation, Dalton Maag this letterform has been into the software services as well. It is a distinctive sans-serif font that was supported to find a better software community along with it. It is both mobile and PC compatible.

You can find the complete font design here.

5. Lobster

Image result for lobster font

This is an extraction of the Script font, which is mainly used for wedding or Valentine’s day cards. This is mainly characterized by warm fancy and delicate form for the designing.

You can find the complete font design here.

6. Roboto

Image result for roboto font

This type of letter form basically is of a dual nature. It has a common line between the normal and geometric form. Though it turns out to be a proper font, its mechanical structure is largely geometrical.

You can find the complete font design here.

7. Lato

Image result for Lato font

The Poland elections were ongoing in 1989, while the first independent daily newspaper Gazeta had given the position to  Lukasz in the field of designing. While later on, he began creating more open free fonts; also later joined Lato where his designed letterform came to be known as the name itself.

You can find the complete font design here.

8. Raleway

Image result for raleway font

This type of the letter form is basically used for headings and largely sized writings. Basically extracted from sans serif typeface.

You can find the complete font design here.

9. Cinzel

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Natanael originated this form of letter form from his earlier typography classes and has not stopped since. He now works in two great web font families, Cinzel being one of them.

You can find the complete font design here.

10. Jua

Image result for jua font

Inspired by Latin and Korean ancient typography, this font has been referred to and from the brush strokes of the particular writings from the past. It has a proper retro typeface along with it.

You can find the complete font design here.


Fonts and typography will keep playing an integral role in the marketing and branding activities of the businesses who aspire to grow and expand. It’s important that your business stays up and running with the latest font trends and thus you can know more about them here.