Beaver Builder Powerpack: What Is It & How Is It?

Beaver Builder is a WordPress page builder. It is trusted by 1,000,000+ sites. It is reliable and easy to use tool. And has a clean look which is used by developers as well as DIYers and helps to develop beautiful pages for the client’s sites mostly for WordPress. Some modules have been used to do […]

Multimedia Content for Multiple Platforms

Multimedia as a term  Multimedia is anything that uses different types of content such as video, animation, image, text and audio. It can be displayed, recorded, accessed and interacted with the help of information content processing devices. These devices can be computerised and electronic gadgets. Platforms on which these multimedia are available can be shared […]

Merchandise and Its Role in Brand Recognition

What is Brand Merchandise? The main function or responsibility of the brand merchandise is to promote the products and services of the respective company. Also, it helps in brand recognition. Nowadays, competition is very high and for that companies have to think of new strategies. Here, brand merchandise plays a crucial role. It has a […]

Graphic designing and the Marvel-DC Universe

 The Marvel-DC Universe is related to visual and textual concepts. In general, graphic design communicates notions that motivate customers. It is used for creating advertisements, magazines, pamphlets, brochures, and many other kinds of things. Primarily, the making of Eye-catching websites or amazingly decorated spreads in a magazine accomplished using Graphic Design. The Graphic designing concept […]

WordPress And Scalable Options For Business

WordPress is a perfect example of how can a company be successful by leveraging a technological platform. From a simple blogging network to the biggest content management system one-third of all websites powered through WordPress. Small and large businesses use WordPress to create their official websites. All businesses have a wide range of requirements and […]

The UX Design Bestiary And Its Requirements In UX Projects

The UX design bestiary is quite popular in the field of UX designing. The formal dictionary meaning of bestiary is “a group of animals”. We are not dealing with animals in this article, but we will talk about animal terms that have become famous in the world of UX designing. The three terms are Unicorns, […]