Kinect Consulting Redesigned Its Website With Draftss

Client: Kinect Consulting Description: Kinect Consulting is a group of professional experts in technology and integrating the businesses with cloud computing, enhancing reliability, and reducing costs. Industry: IT Consulting Project: Web Design & Development   Introduction Every business in the world today is looking forward to leading their domain and is trying hard to reach […]

Why Is Web Designing Important For Business?

What is Web Designing? Web Designing refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the Internet. Your website is the first interaction between you and your customers. Your customers’ experience of your website largely impacts the way your business is perceived by them.  Is your website efficient enough to target your customers?  Is […]

Social Media Marketing for Businesses

A platform for making easy connections and contacts with people from across the world is what social media is. About 3 billion people use social media actively. Isn’t it a great place to market products and services? Many businesses think it is. They use social media to sell their ideas, products, and services. It is […]