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Struggling to Beautify Your Site? Use These Free Infographics and Templates Makers


Designing is a very important component of any business or entrepreneurial venture. In fact, a good and vibrant design instantly catches the attention of the viewers. They say that people don’t remember the written word as much as they do visuals. Companies or bloggers can try and make their sites and products look aesthetic. This way they are bound to grab the Market more than their rivals. And how would they do that? They can undoubtedly indulge in using online infographics and templates makers. And an amazing part of using these are that: They are absolutely free! So what are you all waiting for? Do read these amazing free design and templates makers! And try using them for amazing web designing!


  1. Canva


Who hasn’t used this software? It is certainly the most famous and used among all makers. From college students to professional website creators, all have used Canva. In fact, the name of the app suggests ” Canvas” of a painter. The software is inherent with a lot of templates. These are divided under sub- categories like posters, Instagram posts, invitation cards etc. Beginners can use it with utmost interest due to its ease. Besides that, infographics can also be made with templates. These include timelines, pointers, bullets etc. The app boasts to have around 50,000 designs. And they all are eye arresting! Despite a free plan, there’s a premium version available too. Though the free version is itself wholesome and does its job well. 


  • Templates for social media, Facebook story, YouTube thumbnail.
  • Others include an Instagram story, Fashion magazine cover designs, teen magazines etc. 
  • You can also design logos and icons through it.

2. Piktochart 

This is again a very renowned designing software. It works the same way as Canva does. It helps beginners to learn how graphic Designing is done with ease. You can choose from any of their templates or infographics. It has around 600 templates. The number is definitely less than Canva yet users can employ it well. It also has the exclusive feature of an HTML publisher. The customers can use it to make effective and catchy visuals. They can be later used to be put on a website. Piktochart is relatively simpler to use and this is its brownie point. It again comes both in a free and premium version. 


  • Social media graphics, print templates 
  • Charts and Map visuals
  • Personalized logos 


           3. Visme


Doesn’t the name of this software strike a tinkering bell? It does because of its uniqueness. Besides that Visme is known to be used under three simple steps. Firstly, you have to go to their site and explore their designs. They provide free graphics designing services. This is in terms of designs that are freely available and not paid. You can definitely go for a paid one too. The next step is choosing a design and working on it. They offer unlimited designing frames. Lastly, you can customise the visuals as per your needs and requirements. There are many graphs, tables and data widgets available to choose from.


  • Creating data tables
  • Analytics, graphs and maps 
  • Customisation option

         4. Easel


This infographic software is mostly oriented to represent data. So one can surely feel confident in terms of using it for this purpose. One can present concepts, projects and reports in interesting forms through it. Thus it makes the task of presenting boring and mundane data in a beautiful way. One can also use different background colours for the infographics. This is going to give a wholly new outlook to your site. Apart from that, Easel gives you the option of designing webinar invites. One can even use it for making flowcharts. Thus it’s really helpful to educators, teachers and professionals


  • Embedding codes
  • Designing flow charts 
  • Insertion of objects 

        5. Infogram

Just as the name suggests, Infogram deals with infographics. It is a free Infographics maker like all the above ones. It does offer a pro version as well. It is best known for offering around 200 maps to present information. These maps make data easy to understand and beautiful.  Besides that, you can use it to design online charts too. It has templates of around 35 charts. Altogether, Infogram is one of the top-rated free templates maker tools. You can even edit the colours and styles of charts suiting your needs or the business site.


  • Animated GIF charts 
  • Interactive Maps 
  • Icons

        6. Venngage

And the last but not the least free graphic maker is Venngage. It offers unlimited designs and templates to choose from. One won’t feel disappointed while availing it’s designing services. Besides that, it allows the customer to use Infographics for data organisation and presentation. One can use it for boosting sales of the company too. Increased traffic is usually a result of tantalising visuals. You can also use various colours and logos for additional designing.


  • High-quality PDFs
  • Team templates
  • Features of privacy and sharing

Thus, we have looked at the best infographics and templates makers. They all have the additional benefit of providing services for free. This is what that makes them stand out from the rest software. Owing to their largely accommodating nature, anyone from any background can use them. Only basic knowledge in using these designing software can do wonders! 

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