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Product packaging trends 2023

Product packaging trends 2023

Any business’s main objective or goal is to improve the consumer’s experience. It is all about creating an ever-new, impressive brand experience using various marketing techniques. But what is marketing? The marketing concept says that a product should be designed & produced keeping in mind the customers’ needs & trying to satisfy the needs better than the competitor. Here, the main focus to the satisfaction of the customer. Thus, one of the elements of marketing is product mix. The product mix refers to the important decisions related to the product, such as its quality, design, packaging, labeling, etc. Let us look forward to the concept:

  1. Branding: The process of giving a name, sign, or symbol to a product is called branding. It helps in identifying &  distinguishing a product. It includes designing brand name, symbol, brand mark & trademark.
  2. Labeling: It refers to designing &  putting labels on each packet indicating some information about its manufacturer. It also provides information such as the address of the manufacturer, quality, price, weight, etc.
  3. Packaging: It refers to the act of designing & producing the container or wrapper of a product. It plays an important role in protecting the goods during transportation & warehousing & in successfully marketing the product to its customer. Here, the product package is a silent salesman this is because the design attracts the visuals of the targeted consumer group.

Product packaging trends 2023

Furthermore, we have seen how packaging plays an efficient role in the marketing process. Let us look at what makes packaging an important marketing decision:

Something about the levels of packaging:

  1. Primary packaging: It is kept until the product is used by customers. For example, toothpaste.
  2. Secondary packaging: The additional packaging layer protects the product for additional safety. For example, a cardboard box for toothpaste.
  3. Transportation packaging: It refers to further packaging concepts that are necessary for storage, identification & transportation & warehousing purposes.

Product packaging trends 2023

Importance of packaging:

  1. Rising health standards: Because of the increase in people’s living standards, they have started demanding packed goods as there are no chances of adulteration.
  2. Self-service outlets: Packaging acts as a secret salesman in self-service outlets by providing attractive & colorful packing to the product. The attention of the consumers can be gained through this technique.
  3. Innovational opportunities: Innovational packaging has increased the scope of product marketing, such as perishable items that can be stored for 4-5 days without refrigeration.
  4. Product differentiation: Packaging helps customers to differentiate between that by looking at a packet of the product, one can easily identify the product.

Functions of packaging:

  1. Helps in the identification of the product: Packaging helps customers identify the product of a particular manufacturer.
  2. Product protection is beneficial: Packaging helps in protecting the product from spoilage & damage during transit or transportation, warehousing & use of the product.
  3. Product promotion: In the competitive market, packaging is also used as a tool of promotion. Attractive containers & packets of different colors attract customers’ attention at the point of purchase.

Product packaging trends 2023:

Now, if you are planning to launch a new product in the market in 2021. This one is for you, if you too are looking to redesign the current look & feel of the existing product, this one is for you. This is because great packaging designs often convince the customers’ minds, even before opening it. It is the opportunity for the manufacturers to make the first impression on potential customers’ minds. As of now, the infusion of fine art & using modern colors help in creating an impressive brand experience using the packaging. Let us look at how brands influence as well as meet the demands of the consumers by creating the packaging designs in 2023:

  1. A pinch of fine arts to packaging: We might see the use of fine arts, illustrations & metamorphoses often are used to attract the visuals of the customers. This trend would involve a detailed illustration of the product’s features, progress & movement. It can be seen that the use of fine arts can impart cost-effective label printing as well. The incorporation of ink drawings can also be helpful in this situation.
  2. Geometry should be simple & subtle: The geometry defines the outlook or exterior of the product. The well-balanced, even & properly arranged is a sure-shot hit in clearly communicating with the customers. This orderly-designed geometry is further helpful in the structured presentation of the brand’s message.
  3. Colour blocking: using this trend of color blocking would help in attracting the visuals of the targeted group of audience & provide them delight & attract them with solid colors.
  4. Storytelling through fun characters: marketers would use this trend to make customers feel more pampered & valued, which attracts them to finally purchase the product & impulse revenue generation. This is because storytelling acquires the strength to build up a positive relationship between the business with the consumers. They feel more connected to the product. This particular trend should describe detailed information about the business, the product’s features, or the brand’s future aspects.
  5. The use of solid & neutral colors impart luxury to the product: this trend would reflect the color contrast used in the packaging process. Here, warm earth tones are preferred to attract & influence customers. The more-softer & neutral colors would make the product look a bit more luxurious & would attract the soft corner of the hearts of consumers as well. The marketers here need to be more specific in selecting the shades.
  6. Integration of technology: this trend enables the added features that would attract the sale. But how would the integration of technology attract customers? Here, the tracking of the product is facilitated. Tech-integrated packaging would make it look like a fully assembled product.
  7. Sustainable as well as eco-friendly packaging: this trend would help marketers fulfill two responsibilities; the first would be the social responsibility that the product they are manufacturing does not harm the environment. While the other one would be ensuring the satisfaction of the customers. This trend plays a dual role in positively affecting the users’ minds. This also helps in generating goodwill & sustainability.
  8. Transparent packaging: It enables the shopkeepers to showcase attractive packaging & attracting sales. It would only be possible only when the packaging is transparent. This makes the product more accountable, full of information & full disclosure is provided to the potential customer.

Product packaging trends change each year. Your brand needs to stay relevant, so stay in touch with the latest market trends in product packaging. Keep your customers in mind when designing your product packages.

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