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Making the Most of Your Mac: A Guide for Beginners

To say that technology is a significant part of our lives would be something of an understatement. Mobile phones, in particular, have become a staple in our everyday lives, right from the moment we wake up until we are settled down in bed. With continued technological developments happening regularly, there is no doubt scope for technology to become an even more significant part of our lives as we move forward. However, innovation & technology brought by Apple in its latest iPhones and Mac has changed the game significantly. Working on Mac has been changing and becoming easy due to these continuous editions.

At the same time, technology can be a daunting prospect for some people. Especially those who grew up outside of the technological era. Younger generations undoubtedly understand how to use mobile phones and laptops alike. The older generations might find themselves having to learn new things each day as a means of getting by and staying up to date.

Add into the equation the various operating systems, software, and programs that exist, and you have a recipe for another lingering headache emerging. Even those more experienced in all thing’s technology find themselves stumped at times when it comes to these types of things.

Suppose you have recently purchased a Mac or have swapped your Microsoft-focused laptop for an Apple one. You might find yourself confused over how to use it effectively, but that is where we come into the equation. Below is an ultimate guide for beginners working on Mac; we feel confident you will find something valuable here.


Understanding the Operating System

How to Check Which Version of macOS Your Mac Is Running

If you have grown used to using a specific operating system, it becomes confusing when you have to swap to another; this can be said for the likes of laptops, mobile phones, you name it! We might find ourselves able to quickly adapt to a new operating system on our phones. It is due to the sheer amount we use them. But this adaptability could be slower when learning how to use a new laptop or computer operating system.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, you want to explore the new operating system you are using. Establish where specific programs and software are located and understand how you access them. Whether you are sharing your Mac with someone else or using it entirely yourself, you will want to create a user on your device and secure it with a password. This ensures any documents and private information are kept from prying eyes. It helps you to only enable access to those you want.

That being said, you might find it challenging to adjust to a new operating system. More so if you have swapped to the iOS operating system from the likes of Windows. There are various resources and tools available to make this adjustment more manageable. This takes us to the following section.


Adapting The System to Your Needs

How to Change Launchpad Icon Grid Layout in Mac OS X | OSXDaily

For those technology novices reading this piece, you might find yourself wondering what this entails. Through technological advancements and developments over the years, it is easier than ever to adjust and adapt your existing system to fit your needs; this includes changing the system to the one you previously used.

For example, Macs do not have Internet Explorer as a default web browser on their systems. This could cause some logistical issues for those using iOS for the first time. While nothing stops you from trying the default Safari web browser to get used to it. Some people might find that they do not get on well with it and want to return to using Internet Explorer.

There are ways that you can implement Internet Explorer onto your Mac, so all hope is not lost! Use this link here to access a helpful resource provided by the lovely folk over at Setapp. Detailing how you can go about putting Internet Explorer on your Mac, you can rest assured your future browsing will run as smoothly as possible with a system you are familiar with.

This is not the only way you can tailor your new device to fit your individual needs. Specifically, when using a Mac, you want to explore your device’s System Preferences; here, you will find all the essential information you need to know and have one secure place to make adjustments to your preferences.

Here, you can make fonts bolder and bigger or invert the color schemes to be easier on the eye. Adjusting the movements of the trackpad is also recommended, including the use of two and three-finger movement shortcuts.


Finding Applications, Programs, and Software

How to Find the Applications Folder on Mac, and Pin Apps to the Dock

Gone are the days of simply searching in a web browser for the program or software you wanted to download. This process can still be completed for more specific software. There are others that require the downloading and installing of an application. This has helped the graphic designing software and application to make up a good integration while working on MAC.

The Mac operating system comes with its very own store, often known as the Apple Store. Available across all Apple devices, this online store plays host to all the apps you could dream of, and then some! Here, you will find the apps and programs you need or wish to install on your device.

While that is the case, it can prove challenging to navigate. Mainly due to the sheer number of apps that exist. Check out this helpful piece detailing how to navigate the app store on your device successfully and how to go about downloading what you need.

Once you better understand the working on Mac iOS using this critical element, you can explore the options available for personalizing your device. Finding the right wallpaper and theme for your device will make it feel like yours. It could even contribute to your ability to use your device. Don’t forget to buy a screen protector and protective case for the outside of your device too!


While many other things can be done to make the most of your Mac, we hope this guide has shed some light on what you can do moving forward. It can be daunting learning how to use a new device and system. But approaching the task with an open mind and asking for help from others where needed will help. It will also make the overall experience that bit easier.