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List of Best Tools for Scraping the Web

list of best web scraping tools of 2020

Tools created for extracting information online are Web Scraping tools. These tools are best used web harvesting tools or web data extraction tools that retrieve information from the internet without you having to manually collect and type data. These tools do not require you to repetitively type or copy-paste saving you time and resources.

The web scraping tools software search for data automatically across the internet and fetches the latest and the most updated data and stores them so that you can easily access them anytime anywhere. Here is a list of best web scraping tools that we have shortlisted for you so you won’t have to search the internet.


Mozenda is the most well-known web scratching apparatus available today as per Google Trends. It is a top of the line web scraping tool that works in extremely complex circumstances. They administer 1/3 of all fortune 500 brands and have assembled their product to scale with an organization’s web scratching needs. Mozenda offers two unique kinds of web scratching. Downloadable programming that enables you to manufacture operators and keeps running on the cloud and an oversaw arrangement where they make the specialists for you. Mozenda is based out of Provo Utah.

They don’t offer a free form of the product and on the off chance that you are searching for an adaptation that chips away at your Macintosh, you need to look somewhere else.


Parsehub is the second most scanned for web gathering apparatus and has a free downloadable variant. The free device is the thing that makes this product so well known. They likewise offer a paid rendition of their product at an aggressive cost. The pleasant thing about ParseHub is that it chips away at different stages including Macintosh anyway the product isn’t as strong as the others with a precarious UI that could be better streamlined. ParseHub is based out of Toronto Canada.


Diffbot is the third most best tool for web scratching apparatus. Diffbot has been changing far from a customary web scratching apparatus to selling prefinished records otherwise called their insight diagram. There are valuing is aggressive and their help group is useful, yet in many cases the information yield is somewhat tangled.

4. is the fourth most looked for information scratching apparatus. The organization was begun in England yet moved to Silicon Valley in 2016. They became in all respects rapidly with a free form and a guarantee that the product would dependably be free. Today they never again offer a free form and that made their prevalence wagon. Taking a gander at the surveys at they have the most reduced audits in the information extraction class for this main 10 list. A large portion of the objections is about to help and administration. They are beginning to move from an unadulterated web scratching stage into a scratching and information wrangling task. They may make a last-dump move to endure.


Scrapinghub claims that they change sites into usable information with industry-driving innovation. Their answers are “Information on Demand ” for of all shapes and sizes scratching ventures with exact and dependable information sustains at extremely quick rates. They offer lead information extraction and have a group of web scratching engineers. They likewise offer IP Proxy the board scratch information rapidly.

The scratching centre does not offer any open financial specialist relations and no known gainfulness about this organization. They are based out of Cork Ireland.


Octoparse appears to be the most up to date individual from the “free forever” promoting styles of web scratching. They have developed in prominence rapidly, however, I have observed such a significant number of organizations offer site scratching for nothing just to find that they are draining cash and need to begin charging. We will perceive to what extent they can keep on offering the product for nothing. Capterra demonstrates some great audits for the product and the site is spotless. The traffic is developing rapidly, however, there is no data about funding put into this organization or in the event that they are gainful. I have not by and by downloaded their product but rather they appeared on my radar just like another player to the web scratching classification.


WebHarvy is a fascinating organization they showed up a very utilized scratching instrument, however, the website resembles a return to 2009. The organization is based out of India and the evaluating is very low. I would think whether you need something economical and can work a night for specialized help this may be a decent organization to manage, yet they are kinda far down on the rundown.


80legs has been around for a long time. They have a steady stage and a quick crawler. The parsing isn’t the most grounded, yet on the off chance that you need a lot of basic inquiries, quick 80legs can convey. You ought to be cautioned that 80legs has been utilized for DDOS assaults and keeping in mind that the crawler is vigorous it has brought down numerous locales previously. Remember we are getting low on the rundown of top ten and keeping in mind that 80legs is an incredible crawler they are not the most secure answer for collecting web information.


Grepsr is an organization based out of Kathmandu Nepal. Again we are taking a gander at number nine. The product looks very economical and in the event that you are searching for a straightforward undertaking and would prefer not to spend a ton of cash, Grepsr may be your most logical option. The site looks new and the costs are low. I have not by and by utilized this organization, however, the audits on Capterra are alright not incredible, yet alright.


Well here we are at the base of the heap, I have never tried this product. I have discovered numerous that have worked and never wandered this low into the request. The Capterra audits are awesome for they have been around for a long time and are based out of London England. The estimating is lower then most, however, the group is little. This organization may merit a test in the event that you are happy to invest some energy into taking a stab at something new. They do say that they had a seed funding to begin, yet no venture numbers are given. I don’t have a clue on the off chance that they are beneficial.