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How to Grow Your Email List Faster

Importance of Email Marketing For Any Business Entity

What is the very need for a good email base? Why do you as a business need a fully-fledged email marketing strategy? So, the name itself suggests, email marketing is a digital marketing strategy, that helps in tapping the customer base more-easier. An email is the most effective form of communication and it leaves a strong imprint on the minds of the targeted audience which makes it important for you to grow your email list. Emails are generally personalized in such a way that it connects to the audience. This helps in increasing sales at a very affordable cost. It is a tool used by businesses to stay in touch with their respective audience.

This keeps the customer of the audience aware, informed, and updated. In fact, this strategy helps in increasing engagement. E-mail marketing helps in hiking up the conversion rates as according to research, 54% of the emails are opened on mobile phones. Surprisingly, 25% of sales are held responsible for a well-designed email. Also, email marketing is the most affordable form of interaction plus it allows targeted messaging as well.


Tips and tricks for growing your email list:

As of now, we have seen that how email marketing is beneficial for our business. Let us have a look at how can we grow over email-list:

Questions specifically answering ‘what is inside for me’ must be looked for:

What is the main motive behind the creation of the mail is to be conveyed to the visitor. What new does your product or value-added service that you as a business is offering? It always needs to be unique in order to make the visitor sign-up. It also helps in building up the initial impression of the brand or the business.


Preparation of high valued white paper plays a key role:

Now to make your email look more attractive appealing, a pinch of value is to be added to it. So, after finalizing the email-list, we need to look forward to enhancing the quality by attaching some forms or whitepapers. Whitepapers are often used by marketers to add some sort of value to your mail.

A whitepaper can be described as that report or guide that helps the reader know a bit deeper regarding the business. It acquires the problems and problem-solving solutions that would affect the decision-making of the reader. In short, a whitepaper helps in solving the problems, queries, and issues that the reader has and how the business is helping them in solving their problems.

Increase the engagement by running an online contest:

Now, to attract the brains of the readers, a contest organized in a fun, creative, and engaging manner can help in conversion rates. Contests like that of user voting systems, or submission of forms or so. In this case, the forms should be short yet hassle-free. This strategy helps in  building up the email list one of the best list building strategies

And in exchange, for these contests, if the arrangement of prizes takes place, it would make the reader sign up to get recognition. This in turn would help in building up the requirement for our product or service that we as a business are offering.

Your newsletter should incorporate and specify your niche:

As we have already seen, how the newsletter help in leveraging the much-needed value to the reader. Hence, the newsletter must have a specific niche and convey the message that the business or company needs its customer to know. The newsletter must offer information like sales, features, and free products to help to attract the reader and convert them to potential customers.

With Draftss, you can build up your newsletter and help your email list to touch skies.

Analyzing the newsletter to get a glimpse of what the consumer needs:

Monitor the newsletter because each aspect helps in analyzing what are the consumer group is expecting. Paying close attention to the delivery of the language being used, unsubscribe rates, spam complaints click-to-open and most importantly share/forward.

Hosting a Webinar can help:

Using free-of-cost webinar tools which include YouTube or Zoom can help in interacting with the potential subscribers. In this way, users will give out their email addresses in a go. This would in turn help in increasing the email list because of the number of registrants. However, engagement can be increased by organizing a quiz. Incorporation of quizzes to the emailers provides the details regarding services or products that the business offers.

Don’t forget to offer the much needed Opt-in Incentive:

Opt-in incentives refer to the whitepapers, coupons, eBooks, or resource list that can help in the long run as well. This strategy also helps in converting most of the subscribers to potential customers by enhancing the signups on the sites. This system of opt-in incentives will help in offering lead magnets, this, in turn, would help in the encouragement of signups and high rates of conversion.

Always try and comment on the blogs relating to the niche of your business:

Don’t forget to comment on the related blog posts within the niche and in the comments section, all you need to do is to add the URL to the earlier discussed, opt-in landing page.

Speck more about your business:

May it be social media platforms, ad breaks, or podcasts. Do not miss out on any chance to talk about the brand you are planning and executing. These measures will inform people where to approach for the purpose of sign-up. In fact add a sign-up bottom to your Facebook, Instagram, Quora, and Linkedin profiles to increase the reach and hike up the email-list for free. As we already know that these social media forums help in generating opt-in strategies to spur the subscribing audience.

Try to keep your content locked:

Vital information such as articles, blogs, review videos, whitepapers needs to be secured and to be accessed only by the visitors of the site. It also generated interest in the minds of the viewer to know more about the same. This again helps in growing the email list.

Apart from the above-mentioned steps, other ways to enhance the email list can be:

  1. Make sure that the forms are mobile-friendly. As, a result, most of the audience uses mobile devices.
  2. Asking the right question matters a lot. The forms used should be less cluttered
  3. Your form should be interactive enough to sound appealing.
  4. Try and accept the guest posts. This is because, guest bloggers as they share their content on your emailers, would encourage their audience and bring them to your site.