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Growing Importance Of Branding In A Business

The brand provides a distinct identity to any business, be it a small scale or a large scale business. It offers value to the company, and that’s the reason why most of the companies nowadays give more attention to branding. There are more than millions of brands across the globe, and every brand has as well as needs to have a different and distinguishable identity or design. Hence it becomes difficult for the company to choose particulars of branding for themselves like logos, color themes, design etc. for their own branding. A number of small as well as established businesses thus need assistance and services provided by agencies like Draftss not only gives a business a great and complete end to end branding solution of their choice, but also do it in a shorter period, with highly skilled and creative professionals.

One of the posts by  investopedia have explained how important brand identity is for any business.

Branding of a company requires aspects to be considered like apt color themes, typography, app icons, and gradients too. Gone are the days when companies used to design their particulars manually with pen and paper. Now are the days when a number of professional service providers in the domain of graphic and web designing are easily available and highly affordable with some of the most popular services like unlimited graphic design packages as well as other highly useful design services

Here are some of the primary reasons behind the growing importance of branding for businesses.


Top 5 reasons behind the growth of branding in any business:


  • Strategy

It takes a lot of time and efforts to design a brand because a brand deciphers the company strategy. Hence to let the consumer know about the company’s strategy, it’s important to build a brand. A strong brand will attract the potential customers and the target market. When a business plan is plotted, it’s essential to display it on the brand logo too. A lot is said by the logo even before a customer would know about the brand.

Branding requires strategy, and it’s explained in much detail at madovermarketing.com.

For example, if a logo is created for a consumer good, like bread, then the logo should cover designs and typography related to food itself, along with a suitable color palette. People often go for rebranding, maybe because of their outdated designs or slogans, and there are several rebranding strategies seen nowadays.

Slogans and jingles play a huge role in branding of a business, and creation of brand awareness. Slogans help a business to stand distinct and at par with their competitors!


  • Marketing

Branding plays an important role for a company to leave an impression on their consumers which requires to be long lasting as well as impressive. It certainly increases the  value of the business. Branding is critical to capture a larger market base. Because people remember the quality of a product by the brand’s name, word of mouth advertising gains even more effectiveness. Color choices and fonts used in the business certainly play a huge role in branding and identity creation of a business. A dull color may give a faint impression for one but maybe a great choice for another. Thus, innovative ideas and strategies of marketing play a major role in branding of a business. 


Branding makes the customer speak for the company, whereas through marketing the company speaks for itself!


The target audience and competitors play a significant role while creation of a brand; which makes branding an even more essential tool for advertising & marketing. 


  • Identification

More or less, business is often identified through the aspects of its branding. The role of branding is as similar to giving an outlook to a business, that’s how people are going to see you. 


To recollect the color associated with Facebook, it’s quick & easy.


Hence to get identification in the market, it becomes essential for any business to create their brand identity. But as there are many fishes diving in the same pool, it is even more important to create something which is unique and stands out. Or else the brand remains unidentified. Following the  design trends blindly may fire back. Minimalism in graphic designing can highly help a business to create a well-distinguished identity too. A number of businesses are identified through their logos. Logoo plays a vital role in success of a branding activity, and it surely has came a long way because of changing human taste in logo designing. Draftss offer a range of designing services by a team of highly skilled and professional designers to create as well as recreate logos for businesses to give them a better identity in the market.


  • Legal protection

Branding of business come with advantages other than the ones related to the outlook of a business. Branding offers legal protection to the businesses to safeguard their USPs. Brand names can be registered which equips the firms with legal tools and makes it easy and convenient to act and protect the rights held by the firm. 

Through trademark, a business can protect their mark, color font and name. One can even find different ways to protect brand at lucid press. A number of unlimited graphic design services are easily available today to choose from. Various packages offered by Draftss have been highly useful for a number of firms and businesses to create and recreate their outlook and thus grow. 


  • Financial Returns

A brand certainly does well in the market than just another business, thus creating more profits, which in turn generates higher value for the shareholders. 

Hence a strong brand image can give good financial return for the organization as a whole.

A Nike shoe is 20x expensive than any other shoe brand, and the reason behind this is the value of the brand.


Moreover, branding is a long term investment. It should be perceived as an asset by any company. It’s even examined in the stock exchange – a large proportion of any business value is derived from the value of the brand. To develop a perfect branding solution, Draftss help businesses with multiple innovative designing models by keeping the core concept of the respective business in frame. 


A good and a well-established brand certainly prevail in the mind of a consumer and the value thereafter is derived from the brand and not just the product. Branding although is never easy, and it requires a lot of experience, artistry work, as well as in-depth research. Aspects of graphic & web designing can act as savior for several businesses in this modern and tech enabled world. Branding certainly plays a vital role in building a reputation for a business, creating value for it, and act as a tool for expansion as well!