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Graphic Designing for Special Occasions

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Be it weddings, Halloween party, New Year party, birthday party or Office parties and events, online invites are increasingly coming into vogue and have almost made the print invitations obsolete. With design companies offering unlimited graphic designing service to their clients, people are preferring to choose these beautifully designed vibrant posts and invitations for sending them to their friends, family and colleagues. This huge demand has also opened up a great opportunity for companies working in event management.

Let’s delve into the details of how these graphic design services are giving people a treat to the eyes and also, what makes it a better alternative to previously conventional invitations.

Party invitations:

The ‘oomph’ factor that a graphically designed party invitation adds to your party is unparalleled with any kind of party invitations available in the market. Let’s go into a case study of these invites and see what makes then unique and awe inspiring.

1. Formal invites:

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In the above party invitation, the graphic designer has catered to the formal sense of the party and has designed the invite in such a way that it gives the first impression of aristocracy and formal-ness. The use of this royal font also adds to the aesthetics of the invite.

2. Festive invites:

Jingle and mingle Christmas party invitation #2

In the above Christmas party invitation, the theme of the festival has been beautifully captured by placing symbolic icons of the festival in the invite. The color choice is apt in accordance with the festival and the use of multiple fonts in the design shows the differing and unique aspects of it.

3. Theme parties and birthday invites:

Halloween Party Invites (With images) | Halloween birthday party ...

Girl Dinosaur birthday party invitation Template | PosterMyWall

The above party invitation for Halloween is the best example of graphic representation of symbols, designs and themes of the events. Here, the use of clear and spooky fonts has conveys the story of the Halloween festival. The color palette choice is intelligent and uses the 4 most popular colors- Orange, Black, Green and Purple.

The other example of a birthday party invitation of a little girl with the theme of ‘Dinosaur’, use of flower prints and pastel colors beautifully captures the idea of children and their imagination.

Wedding Invitations:

If you are getting hitched then you might be wondering how to approach the designs of your wedding invitations. There are two ways to go for it:

1. Conventional invites:Indian Wedding Invitations | Wedding Design Ideas

Indian Wedding Invitation Card Templates (Free) | Greetings Island

Although they look beautiful and elegant and are most common used among the majority population, they do not offer the new age quirkiness and design trends which are offered by modern age graphic designing companies. If these were to be converted into online wedding invites they will not be able to garner that level of attraction among the receiving audience.

2. Graphic design invites:

Quirky Indian Wedding Invitations

A Funny Take Indian Wedding Invitation Card (With images ...

Illustrated Wedding Invitations ** Deposit ** — Michaela Schuett

The new age graphic designing firms can offer much more than the conventional wedding invitation design. They offer a huge range of designs with beautiful font templates, choice of thousands of color palette combinations and an experience in making your wedding invites as unique as possible.

Official Events:

Graphic design services are being increasingly used for official purposes these day. Most of the companies outsource the aesthetic aspect of their business to graphic design companies who bring with them their expertise and experience on the creative table and also offer unlimited design services to them. Ranging from visiting cards design, logo design for the company to designing invites for online events and webinars, graphic designing adds to the creative quality and imbues importance to such events. Here are some examples:

Logo designs:

In the above logo design of Krasi wine brand, the graphic designing firm Draftss has captured the serenity and elegance of the bottled wine as well as designed a beautiful poster for the wine brand.

Visiting Cards design:

Here, the visiting card designed for the ‘managing partner’ for the firm Preid & Sidal by Draftss, depicts the professionalism of the firm by use of few colours and fading designs. The minimalist use of text here is also noteworthy.

Webinar  and online conference invites:

10 of the Best Webinar Invitation Email Examples You've Ever Seen

Conference Invitation Graphics, Designs & Templates

Official events with the names- ‘conference meeting’ and ‘webinars’ pack with them a boring and monotonous pitch of thoughts. Companies looking towards greater productivity from these events can bring in the graphically designed invites which can be floated among the colleagues. These invitations can bring in the motivation to attend these events for the clients and colleagues. These invites need to be created in such a way that they define the purpose, attending leaders or event conductors and time and date of the event quite clearly and many-a-times involves the making of an interactive icon of RSVP for the receiver.