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Graphic design in the era of AI

The term “artificial intelligence” is often linked with a mixture of thrill and horror. Perhaps all the excitement often stems from sci-Fi movies where AI is shown to be taking over the world and very soon there would be a war between the worlds of human and technium!

Leaving all the fictional stories apart, what exactly is AI, and what purpose would it serve in the graphic design industry? To answer the first question, artificial intelligence is machine intelligence that is very much unlike the perception or cognition of natural intelligence present in humans and animals. It uses algorithms and coding to perform tasks such as calculation, reasoning, problem-solving, data analyzing and other tasks that would make our lives easier. So now let us dive into what it means for the graphic design industry!

Will the AI replace the artists?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. People showing concern over whether the automation is going to take over the jobs or the works of artists. This is not a baseless question to ask either. However, that is not exactly how artificial intelligence works. The machine or software can only help the artists by proving the easy user interface and increasing speed and efficiency. In other words, the designs can be made cheaper and faster. Moreover, the machines would be having a large interface and data of information that can provide thousands of design suggestion from a vast database. A digital illustration would become far easier for the artists as now they can refer thousands of graphic designs and draw more inspiring ideas from them.

The idea of machines adopting human creativity is a far fetched one. It can only perform functions or make designs already encoded into it.

Would this alter the quality in designs?

While it is true that automation in art is likely to improve its quality as it would ensure less amount of errors, and also provide the best alternative suggestions. Moreover, it would also provide graphic design colour suggestions that would heighten the quality of the work. This would indeed be beneficial for the marketing sector of the industry as designs would be available faster and at a cheaper rate, since it cuts down labour cost to a great extent.

On that note, it would also be worthwhile to mention that artists no longer have to work hard to learn design techniques as they previously had to. There would be lesser interaction among artists themselves as newer artists would rely less on teachings and advice of older practitioners and more on the algorithms and suggestions of their artificial intelligence software.

The man tech conjugation is likely to improve designs, but would it lead to underrating of hard work and learning?

That day is not far when AI will be having an extensive role to play in the field of art and digital illustration. Until then, we can still rely on the artists to provide us with some best quality designs with all their hard work and persistence. There are companies that provide unlimited graphic design services for a very reasonable price that you may want to check out. Draftss is one of them. They will provide good opportunities to support startup plans as well. Make it a point to visit their website or blog.

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