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E-commerce Website Landing Page Design Feedback:

ecommerce logo design for cosmetic hair body skin wash
beauty supplement for skin hair nails body cosmetic landing page design ui ux

Hello Everyone,

We are covering for our feedback round. Here are a few suggestions to improve the current version of the landing page UI/UX:

  • Beautiful logo. Loved it.
  • The website layout that you have is very artsy. I am not sure if it is very much converting.
  • Change color of the “Cart” icon to Pink from the “Sign up” flap.
  • Not sure if the website should have the reviews in the hero section. It should be opened with your product.
  • Description above the product should have a bigger font size to make it more readable.
  • The features section should have a title.
  • Quotes should be together in one paragraph.
  • The current place of the second quote should have a title “How to use”
  • The icons in the “We are…” section should be bigger in size.
  • There should be a FAQ section after “We are…” section.
  • After the FAQ section, there should be the “Reviews” section and then the “Instagram tag” section should be placed.
  • The black color “Reviews” flap from the right side of the screen can be put next to the sign-up flap in the bottom right.

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