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Draftss vs Digifloat: A Comparative Analysis

Unlimited services in the domain of graphic designing and web development have been trending subscriptions in the industry. The service providers have increased a lot in the number and hence have increased the competition as well. In the previous few blogs, we have been reviewing a number of services from the different service providers against the services of Draftss in the domain of graphic designing and web development. This review will keep another service provider in the industry Digifloat against Draftss.

With the increase in the number of service providers in the industry, the services have definitely become much more accessible and affordable with quality and skills beings at a highly competitive level. However, it has also become very important to select the appropriate service provider at the same time. Thus, to choose a service provider suitable for the requirement, such reviews can help you get an insight into the quality of services. In this review, I will try to have an in-depth analysis of the features and the services of these two service providers. Also, the review will be based on the common features that the two service providers cater to.

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In this guide, we put the amazing Digifloat against the great Draftss to help you choose the better one for your requirement between either of the two unlimited graphic design services.

The evaluation in the given review article is based upon the factors like the variations and quality of the portfolio of the two service providers, ease of the process followed by the two agencies & the process of designing, the quality of the designs produced, the average turnaround time, as well as upon other add-on services offered by the two.

Draftss – Overview

Draftss is a graphic design and web development service provider which comes with some of the most lucrative and amazing deals for its clients to opt for and fulfill their requirements with perfection. It also offers you to have a complete designing team at your service without you hiring any graphic designer on the basis of subscription packages.

Thus, it serves to be a great option for founders, developers, startups, freelancers, and design & development agencies to get their projects worked out without making any efforts.

Drfatss is cost-effective, efficient, and an easy-to-subscribe option for the brands looking out for some amazing services and thus it makes up for the scarcity of good resources on the end of the brands. Further, the subscription package for graphic designing services starts at just $89 per week. In addition, Draftss is backed by a number of reviews, for its flexibility, consistency, & speedy services.

Digifloat – Overview

Digifloat is a service provider in the graphic design industry which offers unlimited graphic designing services and content writing services. the services are claimed by the provider to be executed by highly skilled professionals and experts in the domain. The portfolio of the service stands to be pretty qualitative. The clientele of the service provider also seems to be packed up with good names. However, the range of the services of the service provider seems to be a bit limited which makes the selection of Digifloat a limitation for the client to request more.

The service provider also flaunts its great testimonials received by a number of happy clients across the world. The services thus can be termed as reliable and trustworthy.


Pricing  – Draftss vs Digifloat

Draftss comes with a subscription-based pricing model – a model which is completely based on subscription lets the service provider, as well as the client, enjoy the freedom. The subscription model lets the clients enjoy the flexibility to downgrade, upgrade, or cancel the package at any moment.

Both the services charge a one-time fee, for different intervals at Draftss as it comes with weekly, monthly, as well as Quarterly subscription packages. Another major difference being in this factor analysis is how competitive the monthly fees for the services are.

Draftss Subscription Cost

Draftss has a great pricing model. It lets you enjoy the flexibility as well as the weekly plans which makes it easier for the client to get the short term projects worked upon. It offers its clients to subscribe for Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly & specially customized Annual Plans.

Do you know that Draftss just rolled out its free trial option for its monthly and quarterly plans!

Draftss also equips its clients with unlimited tasks & revisions in all of its packages. While every other competitor in the market equips the clients with just one designer, Draftss comes to rescue its clients from bad designs with a dedicated team of managers & designers. With a very wide range of services like human illustrations, web & app UI/UX, & much more at just $89/week, Draftss serves to be a one stop solution for the many needs of the clients.

Draftss caters to everyone and it clearly is visible over the pricing section which has a number of options for the packages to choose from. Draftss caters to established businesses of all sizes as well as startups. In comparison with all the other services, the subscription prices are fairly low and affordable which makes it easy for the clients to subscribe and get the projects worked out swiftly with a highly skilled team.

Designfloat’s Subscription Cost

Digifloat brings its services before the clients to be used based on the three differently categorized services. For the very first category of graphic designing, it offers three packages. The first and the cheapest package offered by Digifloat is priced at $399 per month, which makes it very competitive based on the pricing but sadly not based on the value. The package also offers two design tasks at once and a dedicated account manager. The second package comes at a price of $649 per month, which adds another design request at the same time, and HTML/CSS/JS/WordPress designing and development. The third package comes at a price of $999 per month adding another set of services to the offering like 4 design requests at a time and videos as well. However, the limitation of the range of the design categories and packages being only monthly stays.

Digifloat also offers its logo designing services at $99. You get to have a single logo at this price with unlimited revisions on the same concept, complete ownership, and a social media kit. Analyzing the pricing structure, the services are still priced higher according to the range of services being offered by the service provider.


Services Offered by Draftss & Digifloat

The range of the services and other add-on offerings make a long way for the clients and the service providers to work together. Let’s have a look at what do the two service providers have to offer to the respective clientele.

Offerings by Draftss Design Team

Draftss comes in a very simplified manner with all the services and management in place. Due to a number of support services it has got throughout the process, working with Draftss becomes very easy, compact, and a smooth structural workflow in making great designs. Smoothness and ease additionally add to the speed and quality of the designs being worked out.

With a complete design team comprising of designers who hold expertise in a number of domains, clients get to have great designs in multiple formats and options to choose from. With a very comfortable, open, and wide range of collaboration tools and platforms, the complete process becomes effortless for clients & assures nothing less than great designs! The on-boarding process at Draftss make it even more easier for the clients to quickly get on-board with the platform.

Offerings by Digifloat Team

Digifloat has got a very limited range to offer to its clients. One service which extends its service is the service of content writing which makes it a little unique. However, it does not impact and covers much for the loss of the services it doesn’t cater to.

Services OfferedDraftssDigifloat
Letterheads ✔️✔️
Branding With Brand Guide✔️✔️
Human Illustrations✔️✔️
T-Shirt Design✔️✔️
Book/E-book Cover Design✔️✔️
Banner Ads✔️✔️
Social Media✔️✔️
Pitch Deck✔️
Podcast Cover✔️✔️
Photo Retouching✔️✔️
Web UI/UX Design✔️✔️
App UI/UX Design✔️✔️
WordPress Development✔️✔️
White Labeling Services✔️
Album Covers✔️✔️
Amazon Graphics✔️
Background Removal✔️
Label Designs✔️✔️
Business Cards✔️✔️
Menu Cards✔️✔️
Post Cards✔️✔️
Powerpoint Templates✔️
Promotional Items✔️✔️
Hero Images✔️✔️
Gutenberg Builder✔️
Beaver Builder✔️
Divi Builder✔️
WP Bakery✔️
Visual Composer✔️
Oxygen Builder✔️
Landing Pages✔️✔️
Trade Show Graphics✔️✔️
Email Designs✔️✔️
Wireframe Template✔️✔️
Billboard Designs✔️✔️
Sticker Design✔️✔️
Google Display Ads✔️✔️
Blog Design✔️✔️
Photo Manipulation✔️✔️
Disk Cover✔️

Draftss acts as a one-stop solution for all the designing as well as coding needs for its clients with a vast range of services & offerings. It offers services like Graphic Designing, Logo, Web UI/UX, App UI/UX, Complex Illustrations, Pitchdecks, Podcast Covers, Banner Ads, etc.

Draftss also serves all the technological needs of the clients by supporting a wide variety of software programs like CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, Powerpoint, Keynote, WordPress & Page builders.

In other terms, Draftss can get anything done for you if it is possible to design it in the supported software programs.

In addition, Draftss has been in the industry for the last 10 years and has successfully served a number of leading businesses. The best quality of Draftss is:

  • Highly responsive
  • Fast in its services
  • Equipped with a very strong team of designers and coders

The service provider supports its clients with not just one designer or two but with a complete team of designers and a dedicated manager that works on the designs without any efforts from the client’s end. The client is presented with a number of design concepts before the team starts working on one and hence keeps up with the requirements of the client.


Portfolio  – Draftss vs Digifloat

The portfolio speaks much for the quality and work of the service provider. Clients should judge a service provider to a good extent by the portfolio of the service provider. It tells much about what to expect from the service and how well can a requirement be satisfied.

Portfolio of Draftss

Draftss has developed a portfolio that is highly extensive & versatile. With a very wide range of services Draftss works into, the portfolio itself becomes very rich and diverse with multiple types of designs as well as concepts to look upon. Some of the great designs on the portfolio of Draftss come from logos, packaging, branding, characters & illustrations, web & app UI/UX, merchandise, & merchandise.

Each of the presented artwork is a masterpiece. Also, some of the past clients and their testimonies are enough to know how well has Draftss been able to work on the project allotted to it and has enhanced the brand image for itself in the market with great designs and comfortable services with highly affordable cost. Not only the designing team at Draftss is highly reliable but the detailed development of the designs also adds to their value.

Portfolio Of Digifloat

The designs in the portfolio of Digifloat are cool but show similarities in appearance. The basic nature of the design is mostly the same. The quality, however, is good but the range is limited and hence the designs are not very diversified in nature. Digifloat offers a completely different service for the designing of logos. This tries to convey the superiority of the service provider in the domain of logo designing. However, the designs might not seem to be very attractive at first look at the portfolio and hence become a little less useful.


Quality – Draftss vs Digifloat

Quality at Draftss

Draftss believes in producing great designs & not just good designs. Draftss thus has got a team of designers with each one of the designers holding expertise over some aspect of designs and not all. This makes it easy for Draftss to transfer the request of the design to the designer who is an expert at it and not to the one who is just good at everything. This helps the clients to get every design worked at Draftss as a masterpiece and have the best of quality designs in the industry.

Draftss also serves its clients with amazing customer support. Draftss collaborates with the clients over a number of platforms which makes it easier for clients to collaborate, unlike other platforms. Keeping the clients updated and completely in the loop of the designing process makes it easy & reliable for clients to have the designers at their service. Draftss also lets the clients avail the facility to talk to the designer over the voice call for better understanding and to deliver the best experience for the customer support throughout the process.

Quality at Digifloat

Digifloat provides numerous services and some clients seem to be very happy to receive their services and enjoy working with them. From services like unlimited revisions, being responsive to the feedback, providing assistance and support services to designing multiple graphic design types, fair turnaround, and dedicated designer.

Although providing some add-on services in the packages can be useful at times, providing a dedicated designer is not a very good-looking feature for a service that is competing with service providers like Draftss who are well known to allocate specialized designers for specific tasks. Digifloat also provides 2 design requests at a time in the lowest of the packages which is quite a good feature. Digifloat also offers to provide a dedicated account manager as well. With all these services, there are no hidden costs, contracts, or commitments as per the claim made by the service provider.


Design – Draftss vs Digifloat

Designs that are given out to the clients are based on a number of factors. From the quality and skillset of the designers to the expertise of the service provider, everything matters throughout the process of designing. On one hand, where Draftss delivers highly qualitative graphic designs and quick services, Digifloat claims to have the best of the designers available worldwide to assist their clients.

Design at Draftss

Designers at Draftss are dedicated and very attentive to whatever they are working on. Attentiveness and sharpness are the two major skills the designers at Draftss possess. Designers from Draftss seem to pay more close attention to the details of the designs. All the details and expertise of the designers can be clearly judges by having a look at the portfolio with highly refined particulars where you can see how much attention has been put into all the designs by the designing team at Draftss.

Every subscription package of Draftss also comes with an entire creative design team working for the clients. Thus, it becomes easy for the clients to have only the best designer for the task working on it and not someone who possesses expertise in a different domain.

Design at Digifloat

Graphics and Logo Designing at Digifloat is fairly qualitative and has been able to satisfy the existing base of the customers. The designers are good and skilled while the process of the service provider seems to be sorted and smooth. Providing an option of multiple service requests at the same is a significant measure of the aligned structure of the service provider. Also, the separate service for logo designing is great but could have been better if there were more options for the concepts of the logos to be chosen from. The assistance and support service provided by Digifloat also helps to make the designing experience of the clients better adding value to the graphic designing.


Development – Draftss vs Digifloat

Development is one of the very rare services that not many of the service providers in the industry offer in addition to graphic designing. Draftss makes it easy for its clients to do more on the same platform. It helps the clients on both the fronts of design as well as web development of the design. On the other hand, Digifloat has got some capabilities in the domain of web development but hardly seems to hold a great level of expertise.

Development at Draftss

Draftss not only designs apps & web UI/UX for startups, founders, entrepreneurs, & businesses but also helps in the development of the designed particulars. This feature is very unique to Draftss and can be found rarely with any competitor agency. Draftss works well on the critical factors of designing, speed, mobile responsiveness, & overall health of the digital platforms of its clients. Further, the list of services of Draftss helps the clients build upon the software programs like HTML/CSS, WordPress, Page Builders, & Elementor, among many others. Thus, providing the solution for the development of the designs & web platforms, Draftss has a big edge here over other similar service providers in the industry. A business may avail both the facilities from Draftss and may not have to look for two different options to get a design from one and get the development done from another. 

Development at Digifloat

Digifloat has also got the web development capabilities but in a similar way like it has got other services – with limitations. Digifloat has however been able to manage to add web development service to their offering but without holding much expertise in the domain and thus not being able to cater to the diverse requirements and multiple complexities of the development and web platforms. The languages which Digifloat can work upon are only HTML, CSS, JS, and WordPress.

With this level of expertise and services, a client can expect the development to be simplistic and very minimalistic. Web platforms involving complex features and functionalities may not be able to be catered by the service provider and hence expecting much from the Digifloat become difficult at times.


Process  – Draftss vs Digifloat


Every business runs on hectic schedules and wasting time is no option for any businessman either. This is the major reason why the tasks of graphic designing and coding which requires extreme attention and carefulness needs to be outsourced.

The on-boarding process at Draftss is therefore very easy! One can go upon the website and fill up the on-boarding form with the subscription package of choice. Best thing here is that Draftss offers you a weekly plan which is rarely available with the competitors. Draftss will get back to you with your dedicated project manager and the design team. Further, do nothing else! Sit back, watch your ideas getting designed, & finalize whenever you think it’s what you want.

The process of onboarding at Digifloat is similarly easy too. One can go upon their website and choose a monthly plan. Sadly, Digifloat has no weekly plans available. Next is to fill up the on-boarding form and start requesting your designs.

Task Submission

Draftss believes in making things easier for the clients and thus it has a channel for all and operates on a number of platforms. Therefore, one can use E-mail, Trello, Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, and just about every other project management tool that you have been using OR the submission form by Draftss to submit your design tasks. Thus, Draftss makes the submission process very handy & easy for the clients.

However, Digfloat operates only through its dedicated platform. Thus, it accepts the design request only via this channel. This process of task submission makes it a little less handy and less easy for the clients to submit their requests and communicate more frequently.


The clients of Draftss are highly satisfied with the services and have been very positive about the graphic designs and development services they’ve been served with. It’s not necessary that the first design Draftss puts before you is the one you like. Therefore, Draftss has a policy to offer unlimited revisions. You don’t like it? No problem! Draftss will revise it.

Digifloat also offers to get as many revisions done as required. Although, the revision process takes additional time taking even longer to complete the task.


At Draftss, until the design is not satisfactory, the design is not finalized! The design is delivered in the most suitable format mentioned upon the platform through email, dropbox, or google drive.

Digifloat delivers all the designs as soon as they’re finalized. Clients can download the files once approved. They offer a fair choice of formats for the designs to be available in.


Communication – Draftss vs Digifloat

Communication is a very essential component of the service industry. What is to be conveyed and is understood becomes integral to the service that a client is going to receive. Thus, it is very important for the service providers to have communication channels that are reliable, handy, and effective enough to efficiently convey the information.

Communication at Draftss

Having one platform for collaboration with your team of designers plays a very important role in the smoothness of the design process and delivery of great designs. To provide ease and not confine the clients with limited options, Draftss offers its clients to communicate with the design team over a single chain of E-mails, Slack, WhatsApp, & a number of other project management tools.

This plays a major role in keeping up with the expectations of the clients going ahead in the right direction in close coordination with the clients. The design team is highly responsive & quick to provide the required assistance. Customer support never fails to satisfy and always tries to deliver the expected value out of each package you choose. The expertise of the design team also helps the clients have their specific design solutions delivered on time making their experience better.

Communication at Digifloat

Digifloat claims to offer complete human support and assistance for the services provided to the clients. The communication channels however are managed through Trello and email only which is a limitation. A limitation in the channels of communication is very difficult to have and base your conversations upon. With restricted modes of conversation, clients might feel not very comfortable in sharing the requirements which would further lead to poor output and performance by the design team. It also increases the chance of mistakes and errors which takes more time to be iterated decreasing the total output value of the subscription.


Turnaround Time Per Task 

When we talk about unlimited designing services packages, time has a very important role to play in the fulfillment of the services and customer experience. Turnaround time is inversely proportional to the number of designs worked as lesser is the turn-around time more is the number of the designs that can be expected by the service provider.

Turnaround at Draftss

Draftss provides a realistic turnaround time for the most common design tasks and for other specific tasks, it depends on the complexity of the design. Although Draftss does not take more than approximately 2-3 days on average to finish most of the graphic design tasks, smaller tasks may be delivered even earlier. Simpler tasks take lesser time, complex tasks take more time. You can checkout the turnaround time for all types of tasks here.

Turnaround at Digifloat

Although the service provider claims to have a turn-around time of 1 business day to 3 business days, many of the services are complex and hence take more time. Thus, a client can usually expect delays based on the complexity, iterations, and revisions. Also, by subscribing to a package that is priced higher, a client might get an option for multiple requests and thus be able to minimize or change the turnaround time as a whole regardless of the turnaround time per design.


Whitelabel – Draftss vs Digifloat

White Labeling Services at Draftss

White labeling services provided by Draftss is a big add-on service for its partners. New businesses are often dealing with strict budgets and shortages of resources. This may give the firms only two choices: first is to hire better designers and coders and bear extra costs or the second one which is to outsource the task to a firm that is already packed up with expert designers and coders.

Thus, Draftss lets the partner firms use its design & development services with the partners’ mark upon the services. The services to the partners are offered at a very affordable subscription price. The entire team at Draftss works as a team of the partner before the clients with full dedication. This helps the client to have the efficiency & quality assurance of Draftss to bring goodwill for the partner with no heavy budgets and no extra efforts. 

It is always a good idea to outsource while the partner firm gets ready to bring in the required resources and a team of designers. It helps to avoid the resources of the firm getting diluted by spending huge on the designers who possess absolute brilliance to design and work out the tasks without compromising on the quality of services like Draftss. Thus, partner firms need to make no upfront investment, need to go through no hiring process, and require no design team. The partner just needs to serve the clients with just a very quick & highly affordable subscription!

Draftss comes with an affiliate program also which is very easy to sign up and get enrolled into. Hence with the great services of Draftss and the skills of the affiliate, one can make plenty of profits through the program.

White Labeling Services at Digifloat

Digifloat does not offer any white labeling services or an affiliate program.


What to Choose? 

Draftss and Digifloat have been fairly good service providers and the review was definitely a competitive one at many levels. The service provided by Digifloat has been highly able to make up to the level of Draftss to some level however pricing and limitations it has got on its services make up a dilemma for the clients to choose Digifloat over Draftss.

Draftss seems to make the process of communication highly smooth and easy by allowing the clients to communicate through a number of channels. Clients always have an option to talk to the team over a call which is not available with Digifloat.

In addition, Draftss allocates a complete team of designers where specific designers can perform specific tasks while Digifloat may compromise on it by allocating just one designer for all the tasks to cater for a client. Thus, the close attention & specific details Draftss & the designers cater to gives it an extra edge over Digifloat. 

Also, the subscription packages of Draftss are highly attractive and affordable in comparison with Digifloat. Theplans are also only monthly at Digifloat and hence might not be a good option for smaller projects and requirements of shorter duration.

Weekly subscription packages can be used to get designs quickly without holding on to the long-term packages being left unused for the rest of the time and thus stay a burden on the budget. A number of clients tend to fail to be able to get complete value out of their monthly packages because of the less requirement they have for the designs to be worked out.

Therefore, the quick service and keeping up with the promises make Draftss a great choice for clients of diverse backgrounds and fields. Also, the wide range of services & very easy on-boarding with Draftss makes it a one-stop & easy solution for the business, startups, & entrepreneurs to go forth with their highly affordable & diversified subscription packages. 

Now that you are here, Draftss has got a present for you! Avail a discount of 25% OFF with Draftss & enjoy the amazing designing & development on any quarterly or monthly plans! Use the coupon code “BEST” to avail of this offer on your first subscription.

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